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Don’t you know how to choose lithium batteries? – europuppyblog

Don’t you know how to choose lithium batteries?

With the increase of market demand, the lithium battery industry continues to expand. There are many brands of lithium batteries on the market, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad.

  1. Look at the appearance

The appearance refers to the appearance, workmanship, size and process of the lithium battery. Check whether the seam width of the shell is not wide, whether there are burrs, whether there are oil stains, and whether the handle is good. The advanced technology feels very comfortable to the touch. The rubber oil polishing material after grinding has good hand feeling and strong insulation function. .

  1. Compare weight

The weight of a lithium battery is directly proportional to its capacity. If it is a polymer lithium battery, if the weight difference is too large, the capacity will definitely be insufficient, but some batteries have different capacities. In addition, you can also perceive whether the weight of the battery is relatively heavy from the outer packaging. If it is heavy, it is biased towards high-quality lithium batteries.

  1. Check whether the capacity is clearly marked

Lithium batteries that do not have a clearly marked capacity are likely to be reassembled waste batteries or recycled batteries using inferior batteries. There are many cheap lithium batteries on the market, all made from recycled or disassembled cells. Although the price is cheap, it has a short lifespan and unstable quality. Careless use may damage the device or even explode.see more:can you put out a lithium battery fire with water

  1. Look at the battery

Most of the batteries used in lithium batteries are soft-pack batteries and 18650 batteries, which are also relatively common materials for lithium battery pack batteries. First check whether the battery is brand new, because there are some unscrupulous small workshops in the market to use waste batteries to make lithium batteries. Soft-pack lithium battery, also known as polymer battery, is a battery with soft-pack electrolyte in the form of gel. It can be made into various shapes, and the battery has high safety and will not explode.

  1. Look at the brand

There are many brands of lithium batteries, but it is difficult to see the quality from the appearance. In this case, you need to do more homework before you choose, and check the manufacturer’s information online. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers are more reliable than small workshops, and manufacturers who have been in this industry for a long time are more trustworthy than those who have just entered the industry. If consumers don’t know which brand of battery is good when purchasing, they will directly ask for a big brand of battery, because under the influence of the brand’s practicality, the reliability and quality of the battery will be well guaranteed.

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