What paper should be selected for customized high-grade packaging box

Coated paper, craft paper, tea plate paper, box board paper… There are numerous kinds of paper, you can make a variety of custom boxes. But a high-end packaging box will improve the overall positioning of the product, improve the grade, the price can be relatively steep. ​Therefore, a customized high-grade packaging box should choose what paper.

For high-end packaging box manufacturers, paper is extremely valuable to us. The quality of a packaging box is not only in the production process, but also in the packaging paper. So, how to properly purchase the ideal paper we need, custom logo paper boxes factory will introduce to you.

If the box is divided by material, the most common three types of paper are: craft paper, box board paper, tea board paper. They differ mainly in that:

1. Color: the color of kraft paper is the most natural, box board paper is yellow, tea board paper is gray and rough.

2. Soft and tough: kraft paper is abundant in fiber, toughness, hardness, stiffness are the best, box board paper is really mixed with aged kraft paper, fiber composition is inferior, general quality, tea board paper is the layer of paper in the middle of the carton corrugated, extremely soft. The easiest way to identify hardness is to pinch the paper with your fingernail. The easier it is to pinch, the worse the paper is.

3. Weight: Due to sufficient materials, craft paper is considerably heavier than tea board paper per square meter. According to the comparison, for a carton of No. 12 post specification, kraft paper is greater than 45 grams, while tea board paper is less than 35 grams.

4. Price: Because of material selection and materials, the price of tea board paper has the most advantages.

After the above introduction, we all understand the difference of packaging box materials, should choose the appropriate paper according to the product positioning, suggestions, customize top-grade gift boxes, choose gray board or fiberboard mounting paper, grade will be improved.

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