Talk about how to use modern agricultural technology and promote the construction of new rural areas

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  1. The development of modern agriculture is the primary task of new socialist rural construction, and it is an inevitable requirement for leading rural work with the concept of scientific development. It is a systematic project to develop modern agriculture and promote the construction of new rural areas.n1. Scientifically formulate plans and build a modern agricultural industry system. The formulation of scientific and feasible modern agricultural development plans is essential to promote farmers’ income, agricultural efficiency, and rural prosperity. The plan must fully consider the reality of rural areas with scientific vision and thinking, seek truth from facts in the scale and development progress, and establish a “coordinate system” suitable for local economic development. Planning guidance, policy support, and demonstration drive, bigger in scale, growing in the chain, and sounding in the brand, promoting the development of new rural agricultural industries in the direction of regionalization, professionalization, and industrialization. The higher -level departments should make detailed figures on the resources of the township and township and the current status of development, and focus on the leading industry, and plan the industrial development planning to the town and villages according to local conditions. Professional village. At the same time, in the process of implementing the planning process, we must strive for random and short -term behavior.n2. Grasp the development of scale and promote industrial development. Through a series of measures such as policy guidance and production support, we guide agriculture to transform from scattered business models to large -scale operations, forming an advantageous agricultural and sideline product industry belt based on leading industries to enhance competitiveness. The first is to grasp the construction of the base. The second is to set goals for pilot villages. Third, policy tilt and support, integrate forestry, poverty alleviation, comprehensive agricultural development, agricultural industrialization funds, and subsidize the scale of pilot villages and professional households in terms of funding.n3. Strengthen the construction of agricultural infrastructure and improve sustainable development capabilities. Give full play to the role of special funds such as comprehensive agricultural development, modern agricultural construction, and disease reinforcement reinforcement of the diseased reservoir, accelerate the construction of high -standard farmland water conservancy infrastructure that adapts to the development of leading industries, and strengthen the comprehensive of channels, roads, fields, forests, wells, and electricity. On the basis of this, actively guide and standardize the transfer of rural land contract management rights, promote the large -scale operation of the leading industry, and improve the land utilization rate and farmers’ production enthusiasm. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the construction and protection of the agricultural ecological environment, accelerate the governance of agricultural pollution sources, promote clean energy such as biogas, implement afforestation and greening projects, and comprehensively improve the capacity for sustainable agricultural development.n4. Increase training, improve the quality of farmers, and provide talent guarantee for modern agriculture and new rural construction. Modern agricultural construction needs to cultivate new types of farmers with culture, technology, and operation. We must strive to combine the construction project of “Million Farmers Science and Technology Training Project”, “Rural Labor Transfer Training Project”, and “Small Farmers Science and Technology Park”. Actively guide farmers to establish modern agricultural concepts, enhance development awareness and competition, cultivate their creative ability, and improve the ability of farmers to obtain various knowledge and information. Combined with the development of leading industries and actual needs, we carry out a targeted, pragmatic, effective and easy -to -understand agricultural practical technical training to improve the technological quality of the majority of farmers. Increase the training of the instructors of the new rural construction village to make them the spreaders of modern agricultural knowledge.n5. Increase investment and establish a funding guarantee mechanism for modern agricultural development. The first is to increase financial investment. Actively strive to invest in financial investment, and form a stable source of funds for modern agriculture and new rural areas as soon as possible; the second is to increase agricultural investment and project construction. Innovate the idea of ​​agricultural development, completely jump out of the backward thinking of agriculture to grasp agriculture, grasp agriculture with the concept of industrialization, accelerate the pace of agricultural investment, and go to large projects and good projects; Wait for opportunities, strive to strive for more funds, improve rural production and living conditions, and accelerate the construction of modern agriculture; fourth, actively absorb the investment of farmers and social forces. Give full play to the wisdom of working returning staff, and guide them to participate in the construction of modern agriculture and new rural areas, increase investment, and improve the level of scientific management. Encourage private funds to invest in modern agriculture and inject vitality into modern agricultural construction.n6. Strengthen the role of scientific and technological support. Technology is one of the decisive factors of modern agriculture development. It should vigorously develop and popularize agricultural technology and transform traditional agriculture. First, we must strive to popularize new technologies with the goal of developing green agriculture and animal husbandry.

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