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  1. Community group purchases inherit the fission characteristics of Weishang, but abandon the “illegal” and “crushing goods” model. At the same time, community group purchases have maintained the IP and temperature of the agent agents in new retail. Essence

    The real and effective operation is: the community e -commerce platform formulates the division mechanism. Platform registration, then small program products display, live broadcast guide transactions, WeChat settlement online payment.

    The start -up community purchase project requires four core elements:

    1, high -quality, stable group product supply chain and supporting service

    2,, Seed head leader and a platform with fission mode

    3, the organization and training of the head of the regiment

    4, operation plan The group purchase system can be emphasized. The master Xiong is actually a matrix of a solution, which is a overall logic we give to the community group.

  2. 50 students are from all over the world, north to Harbin, and different industries in Hainan in the south. Different circumstances, different identities gathered in the sixth phase of the Shenzhen community group purchase president class, but the same is eager to change, learn new models, new thinking, and new methods! study hard, improve every day! Intersection Intersection

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  3. At present, there are three main methods for community purchase: self -employment, that is, depending on itself, the pressure is relatively large, and the demand for capital and human investment is relatively high; joining, directly joining a big brand, becoming the head of the group, agent, and even shareholders. In this way, just sell the goods, make your own money; alliances, use other people’s supply chain, other people provide products and sell them by themselves.
    Is self -employed, you need to go through several stages:
    1. Build a platform, select software service providers, do WeChat malls, applets or APPs to determine the positioning of your platform and the audience.
    2. For the supply chain selection, you can choose to set up a supply chain team or find outsourcing companies. Outsourcing will generally directly recommend counterpart products based on platform positioning, including drainage/welfare models, explosive models, brand models, profits Model, time -saving and labor -saving.
    3. The head of the regiment recruits training. The head of the regiment directly faces the window of C -side users. The ability is very important. You can use social resources to find the head of the platform positioning. Forum and offline search. Uniform training is required after recruitment.
    4. Operation management, including team management, order management, profit management, event planning, etc., is the key point to determine the retention rate of the regiment, platform profit and fission speed. It is recommended to learn this part of knowledge.

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