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  1. Summary of the personal year -end work of agricultural technicians
    The law back to Chunhui, Vientiane has begun to update, we are about to usher in a new year full of hope. After a year of hard work, we can finally say that we can get in the continuous growth After more progress, you must not be making a year -end summary now, or you are preparing to make a year -end summary. I believe that everyone is worried about writing the year -end summary. The following is a summary of the personal year -end work of agricultural technicians I collected for everyone. Welcome everyone to learn from and reference. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

    Agricultural technicians personal year -end work summary 1 I am a agricultural technician who fights on the front line of rural areas. On the front line, it has played a role in increasing the income and income of farmers. As a grass -roots agricultural worker, I have the following experience:
    . Theoretical connection practice
    As a grass -roots agricultural technology promotion worker, first of all, you must have to promote agricultural technology knowledge and master agricultural production technology Understand the technical operation process. Over the years, we have ordered rural scientific experiments and plant protection materials to adhere to the issues of pests and insect pests in different stages and different stages of the year, and accurately and timely transmit agricultural information to millions of households. , Floster covering cultivation technology, farmland weed anti -removal technology, etc. Organized various types of test demonstrations, such as we carried out the “3414” fertilizer efficiency test in Laotu Village and Biantang Village and the output value demonstration comparison of 22 excellent rice varieties. Welcome to farmers and recognition of leaders.
    . There must be a spirit of hard work
    The grass -roots agricultural technical promoters are facing agriculture, rural areas, and farmers. Face -to -face contact with the people, deeply penetrate the farmers, penetrate the fields, and tell the farmers to the farmers and demonstrate the farmers. The fields are our “office”. There must be a spirit of no mistakes, no fear of wind and rain, not afraid of scorching, and not afraid of suffering. I insisted on studying, diligent entry, diligent test demonstration, and reporting. In 2012, it was rated as “the province’s advanced township agricultural technology promotion stations” by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Agriculture in 2012.
    . Improvement of economic benefits is the purpose of agricultural technology promotion
    In guidance of the party and government’s policy of benefiting agriculture, such as technology entry projects, so that some advanced technologies and new varieties are directly entered to the field. Let farmers increase yields and income, and get higher benefits.
    In short, grass -roots agricultural technicians must not be afraid of suffering with the spirit of hardships and farmers, and the truth and pragmatic attitude. There must be a test demonstration of theoretical connection and the practice of fine cultivation. Promotion staff.
    The since the country’s implementation of science and technology households in 2005, it has been eight years. In the winter of 2012, it has enriched its own scientific knowledge through training. He was hired as a technical instructor in science and technology in 2013. I am deeply honored. And feel the major responsibility and the arduous task.
    The demonstration households in charge are 10 households in Xing Village and Zhongxing Village in Xiu Town. The guidance industry is hybrid rice. According to the characteristics of rural and farmers, I formulated my own household approach. The first is scientific and technological training. In addition to the uniform training of 113 nourishment experts in the town, it also entered the village to enter the group for centralized training. It was distributed and instructed to fill in the demonstration household manual in the training. At the same time, fill in the technician manual. Secondly, the guidance of the households in time allows the demonstration households to understand the purpose of technology entry and the role in agricultural production. I arranged the entry time in the morning, noon, and evening. This will not delay demonstration households to do farm work, and can also guide in advance. From spring to autumn harvests, do a good job of entry arrangements according to the specific situation, and connect with demonstration households. Not only should we guide the science farm of demonstration households, but also drive the surrounding farmers. Change the previous extensive operations. Through the guidance of households, farmers know that in order to have high yield and efficient, first of all, there must be excellent hybrid seeds, and then we must pay close attention to the prevention and treatment of pests and fields.
    This through several technical instructor training and home entry work, I understand the truth. The responsibility of the scientific and technological demonstration household instructor is to spread scientific planting and breeding technologies. And put the problems in production and the problem that farmers need to solve. The timely solution that can be solved within your own ability scope, it cannot be resolved to the expert group to solve it. Do a good job of communicating with the demonstration households. With my full understanding of the work of science and technology, my future work direction is to benefit farmers and focus on farmers, so that farmers are truly wealthy. Make the work of science and technology better and give full play to the role that technical instructor should have. Agricultural work is a relatively hard work. For decades, as an ordinary agricultural technician, he has a deep understanding of the “Xin, sour, bitter, and spicy”. So how can you be a qualified agricultural technician? The following talks should be the basic quality that a qualified technician should have:
    The attitude of first and first -class: attitude is to determine your thoughts, affect your habits, and act on your behavior. Those who are convinced that we must achieve a career in agricultural promotion and serve the people wholeheartedly. Otherwise, please don’t easily enter the field of agricultural work. The attitude includes the following aspects: 1. Responsibility: Responsibility is the basic quality that every animal with senior thoughts should have. Since this work is engaged in this work, we have a responsibility to promote a new technology, new variety, and new experience. Making farmers can accept and apply it. This is the responsibility that we should be responsible for us as an ordinary agricultural technician. 2. Self -confidence: The most beautiful person with confidence can help you go up in the predicament. Confidence will make your life full of vitality, passion, and confidence to enhance a person’s personality charm and make your every move full of “gravity” The eyes of the masses and the importance of self -confidence in agricultural work can be imagined. It is difficult for people who lack confidence to make agricultural work well. 3. Diligence: It is said that diligence can make up for it. No matter which industry is established, the agricultural work itself is a bitter difference. Do n’t think about doing anything every day. 4. Thinking: Thinking is the instinct of human beings. Agricultural technicians must learn to think, know how to think, and summarize experience in thinking. Agricultural technology promotion must encounter various problems every day. Self -reflection can continue to improve and increase self -worth.
    . The first -class technology: As a technician, if you want to do your job well and carefully, we must continuously learn and accept new things every day, improve our business knowledge in all aspects, and the promotion of agricultural technology is simple and simple in terms of intuitively. What is the purpose? Of course, it is to promote new technologies, new varieties, and new experiences to accept farmers. Agricultural knowledge is the degree of understanding of the new technologies and new varieties you want to promote. If you do not know the new technologies and new varieties you want to promote, the farmers ask you to talk about the advantages of new technologies and new varieties. I do n’t know how to accept your new technology and accept your new varieties.
    three, first -class personal cultivation: The process of agricultural promotion is the process of personally showing personality charm and self -promotion. For the application of new technologies and new varieties, farmers need to go through a process. One year of crops, for a one of the crops, for a one of the crops, for a one of the crops. Farmers are everything, and they dare not take risks, and why do you accept new technologies and new varieties you promoted? It depends on how you do it and how to say, that is because he believes in you, accepts you, and accepts the new technologies and new varieties you promoted. Therefore, a qualified agricultural technician must have good personal cultivation.
    The personal annual work summary of agricultural technicians 2 is to reform and innovate and build a grass -roots agricultural technology promotion system, improve the transformation rate of agricultural science and technology achievements, enhance farmers’ ability to absorb applied technology, and according to the unified deployment of higher -level business departments and the specific arrangements of the unit in the unit Over the years, in strict accordance with the guiding ideology of “first -class work standards, work systems, work effects, and work experience”, early planning, arrangement, early implementation, effective work measures, agricultural science and technology guidance work has achieved certain results. The work summarizes as follows:
    . The basic situation of work
    The innovation and efficient agricultural technology promotion and training model, and explore the new mechanism of high -efficiency agricultural promotion. Relying on farmers’ practical knowledge and practical technology training projects, the combination of traditional methods and modern means is used to carry out training on science and technology demonstration households. At the same time, I directly face the display households, conduct practical technical guidance for the actual situation, and enhance the practicality and operability of demonstration households.
    Coloning the core test field, demonstration field, demonstration households, and demonstration bases, so that the new technologies and new varieties are displayed, and the radiation driving effect of combining point, dot, and face is used. In the change, technology is the fundamental way for farmers to take the road of wealth.
    The technical services for full and comprehensive technical services have improved the technological capabilities of demonstration households. I communicated with the demonstration households, and the demonstration households encountered technical and life problems. I went deep into the fields many times.
    . Work effectiveness
    In the direct delivery of technology to the household, which increases my direct into the field and entering the front line of production, so that I can better understand the current high -efficiency agricultural production status and farmers. Demand for better work. At the same time, you can also investigate and study the work of “agriculture, rural areas”, find problems, study countermeasures, and be a good staff for leadership decisions.
    Texing households are close to the distance between our agricultural technicians and farmers. The comrade -style agricultural technology promotion makes farmers easier to accept and accept. Through the development of propaganda, training, field guidance, scientific and technological consulting, etc., it not only established the production and operation concept of green agricultural products for the majority of farmers, but also solves the practical problems and difficulties encountered in production for farmers.
    The employment has promoted the development of agricultural science and technology. While the agricultural technicians enter the household, I also bring the test demonstration work of new agricultural technologies directly to the farmers. The experiment and application are combined to allow farmers to directly participate in new agricultural technology tests, listen to the opinions of farmers, adopt farmers ‘suggestions for admission to farmers’ suggestions , Make new agricultural technology more practical.
    In future work, I will continue to effectively carry out scientific and technological guidance work, and at the same time make a good work summary, obtain valuable first -hand information, and work hard to improve the utilization rate of scientific and technological knowledge through hard work. Farmers’ increase in yields and income make their own contributions.
    The personal year -end work summary of agricultural technicians. 3 This year, I am responsible for agricultural technology guidance. A certain cultural level, farmers with a high level of planting, based on the survey statistics of households: 32 people, 14 people, 156 acres of farmland, each household radiation drives 20 surrounding farmers, a total of 200 farmers; 10 households technology Demonstration households have 5 households planted rice and 5 households planting greenhouse vegetables and fruits. As a technical instructor, in accordance with the requirements of the superior, actively go to the countryside and carefully guide the scientific and technological demonstration households and the technology test demonstration base. The work of the year has been summarized as follows:
    . Cultivate agricultural science and technology demonstration households
    The 10 demonstration households guided by myself are farmers who have a certain cultural level and have a strong ability to accept and learn. Demonstration households mainly conduct centralized training, household guidance, and solving production technology on the planting of vegetables and greenhouse vegetables, guide the application of agricultural science and technology demonstration households, promote new varieties, new technologies Essence
    . Promote new varieties and technologies.
    The main push varieties include T Odo 2155, Quanyou 2689, Special You 716, Yiyou 673. The main promotion technology includes drought seedling, machine insertion seedlings, soil measuring formula fertilizer, pests and insect comprehensive defense; Mustard, pepper, sweet beans, etc., the main push technology includes no harm, anti -season cultivation technology, and protection of land cultivation technology. In order to allow farmers to better understand these new technologies and new varieties, I have introduced the characteristics, output performance, and cultivation technology of each new variety and new technologies into a book, and distributed them to each farmer.
    three, field technical guidance to prevent diseases and insect pests.
    In free time, I will go to the farmers’ fields to conduct handlers and face -to -face technical guidance, find problems in time, and teach farmers to the main diseases and insect pests.
    . Communicate in time to understand the planting situation
    Plip in the initial stage of demonstration households to investigate, and disclose your phone to the technology demonstration households to facilitate the demonstration households to consult with all kinds of various kinds of encountered in production at any time in production. Difficulties, through telephone contact, the hidden dangers that may occur in production can be solved in the buds, and timely to solve problems for science and technology demonstration households in production; they will also regularly contact the demonstration households to ask the planting situation.
    5. Time to measure production in time, statistical harvest
    When farmers harvest, actively organize production and measurement. According to statistics, rice planting demonstration households and its radiation farmers ‘rice yield per mu is 1362 catties/mu. Compared with the same period last year, it increased by 12 percentage points. Compared with ordinary farmers’ rice, more than two hundred pounds were produced. The annual output of vegetable growers also increased by 16 percentage points from the same period last year.
    6. Existing problems, next plan.
    The traditional planting concept of demonstration households is difficult to change for a while. It is not high enough to learn production and production, and to do not have enough new production technologies; because I am the first time I have been an agricultural instructor, and I have no experience in many aspects. In the future, I must continue to work in the future. Learn new knowledge, master new technologies, and participate in more training in order to improve your work level, and use more business knowledge to serve farmers. Continue to do a good job in the work of science and technology next year, promote more, and guide, so that farmers can better understand the importance of science and technology promotion.
    The personal year -end work summary of agricultural technicians 4 20xx is nearing the end. In this year, with the help of the leaders of the branch and production area, I comply with the company’s various rules and regulations to assist in the production area leaders. Unite each other’s accounting points, carefully grasp the production management of various fields, earnestly implement the tasks arranged by the company and leadership, and obtain certain results and lessons. Below, I made a simple report on the work of one year:
    . The study of political theory
    In the past year, I have armed myself with the experience and theoretical weapons that have been summarized to strengthen my world outlook, life outlook and life outlook. The transformation of values ​​improves its own political and ideological awareness, and controls his work and life behavior. Maintain consistent with the company in ideology and action.
    . Agricultural production management
    In this year, I assisted the director of the production area to jointly organize the production of field production with the coordinator of each accounting point, and planted a total of barley XX acres, wheat XX mu, rice XX XX The main gains of acres are the following points:
    1. Assisting the director of the production area and the technical director to reasonably arrange the layout of the crops, actively plan the formulation of agricultural production measures, and supervise the implementation of the production technical measures.
    2. Do a good job of plant protection in production areas. Tayada understands the growth of the field crops, follows the survey records to feedback the situation of the prevention and treatment of diseases and grass pests, ensure the efficacy and timely replenishment, and organize the old diseased fields, weeds, etc.
    3. Do a good job of measurement of wheat and rice in time, summarize the data, and provide output information early as the basis for formulating plans such as harvesting and warehousing.
    4. The coordinated production area should do a good job in the promotion of high -yield cultivation technologies arranged by the competent department of the Agricultural Center, and regularly investigate, do a good job of testing data survey, and complete the test report.
    5. Careful schools are paid to each accounting point agricultural material collection document, and strictly manage the material management of warehouses in the production area. The truth is to record the Uta archives and report the competent department of the company’s agricultural center in a timely manner.
    6. In accordance with the requirements of the company’s work union’s key points, carefully perform various functions, strengthen the construction of its own management system, actively promote the work system of the union cadre service staff established by the union of the union of the branch, and do a good job of three autumn and Sanxia straw straw The “double ban” publicity and supervision work, giving full play to the cooperation of the union’s cooperation in the production and operation of the production area, have received good results, and achieved the various work goals proposed by the company’s unions.
    7. The coordinated production areas do a good job of sorting out the current situation of infrastructure such as farmland water conservancy, road and bridge warehouses in the jurisdiction, and investing in designated new projects for new projects.
    8. Consider the establishment of relevant information in the production area at the end of the year -end year -end information, and the booking and archives.
    9. Do other tasks in the production area.
    . Experience lessons
    In the continuous work and study of this year, both business level and ideological realm have been greatly improved. At the same time :
    1. There is a counterpart in political learning. When needed, assault learning will be performed, and you do not develop the habit of doing your homework.
    2. Professional basic knowledge is still not sound. As a cultivation major, I am responsible for the plant protection work in the production area. Although the majors are different, they also belong to the major agricultural major. In this year’s work, I found that I did not pay attention to some insect pests and diseases as I imagined, and did not pay attention to it, which brought a lot of difficulties to the prevention and control of plant protection.
    3. The summary of the work is still not strong, and it is easy to make the same mistakes. We must strengthen communication with leaders, solidly implement the work to complete your work at high efficiency.
    The shortcomings and disadvantages may still have a lot. I hope that leaders and colleagues will give criticism and help. I will improve and make up for it as soon as possible to make myself better into the team, and to do everything for the development of the company and the production area. Your own efforts. On the basis of this year’s work, I must clarify my goal, correct work attitude, and learn from my colleagues to learn, ask for consultation, strengthen teamwork, and strive to make greater progress in 20xx. The above is my work summary of this year. If there is a leak, I hope the leaders are requested to criticize and correct them.

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