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  1. If you are now engaged in online and even offline products to promote sales, whether you are a manufacturer or a merchant, you should know what the “second type of e -commerce” is, so that our products can accurately position users who match the product, Spending small money to do major events. Today, Erlang Cha for the operation team to explain the meaning of second -class e -commerce.

    First of all, in fact, e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, JD.com can only be regarded as traditional e -commerce, and they are also called “one type of e -commerce”. Users of urban areas and consumption levels at all stages. However, most small and medium -sized manufacturers or businesses are relatively single, and the scope of consumer groups is limited. In order to spend small money as much as possible, in recent years, a new concept is called “second -class e -commerce”.

    “Two -class e -commerce” is mainly facing consumer groups that are relatively old and mainly distributed in third -tier and even fourth -tier cities, which are the so -called “sinking market”. The way of information flow advertising push the short video ads that these consumers accept, introduce product conditions and guide orders. Manufacturers or merchants will pass the product to consumers in the form of free shipping or goods to pay. This method of publicity and sales is called “second -class e -commerce”.

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