What does Changchun Focus Media do?

Does anyone know the Focus Media? What do you do? I heard that the ads in the elevator can do it. What is the effect?

3 thoughts on “What does Changchun Focus Media do?”

  1. I know the advertisement you said is an outdoor advertisement that can make up for the lack of traditional advertisements. It seems to be called a framework advertisement. If you want to do this kind of advertisement, you can find a group. Their resources are very good.

  2. The price of the focus may be higher
    , the coverage rate is good
    If consider the price problem may be good
    mainly for commercial supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, etc.

  3. Hello, I came to work on the first day of Focus Media and the Video Production Department
    So I have a little bit of knowing the company
    The Focus Media is the first advertising network for China’s outdoor videos
    The large -scale outdoor LED and the major theaters of the apartment are the audience of Focus Media
    , the effect must be great
    , and the wages here are pretty good
    Don’t say it, otherwise you will think that I am their entrustment

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