It is said that Putian people have money, so look at the several industries they monopolized. Cow

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  1. Why do Putian people call it the Jews of China because they are very proficient in doing business. Maybe you do n’t know what they are doing. Then we will discuss the industry monopolized by Putian people.

    1. High imitation shoes

    Speaking of high imitation shoes, everyone must be familiar with Putian. Nike, Adidas and other foundries in China are located in Putian. A widely circulated statement is that more than 90%of counterfeit sports shoes on the domestic market are from Putian, Fujian. The statistics of how data and its sources have been unsuccessful. Welcome, the degree of favor is comparable to genuine.

    The huge sports shoes production capacity is the origin of Putian wealth, and it is also the origin of this “e -commerce” industry chain.

    2. Jewelry jewelry

    Then in the jewelry industry in our country: 9 of the 10 people operating jewelry in the country are Fujian, 8 of which are Putian people, six are Bei Gao people, which can be seen from the proportion of Putian people.

    In the 1990s, my country’s golden “unified purchase” system began to loosen, the gold market gradually opened, and in accordance with market demand, Putian people have changed from craftsman to businessmen, and they have opened golden shops throughout the country. Essence

    In the description of the media, Putian has business cards such as “Chinese Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Featured Industrial Base” and “Hometown of Chinese Silver Jewelry”.

    3. Medical beauty

    In media disclosure, 80%of private hospitals are operated behind Putian, and most departments of the army hospital are also contracting when the hospital is restructured. Most of them fell into the hands of Putian.

    We we are familiar with gynecological or plastic surgery hospitals such as “dawn” and “benevolent love”. However, after the Wei Zexi incident, the qualifications, medical skills, and even moral ethics of these hospitals were difficult to make people trust.

    Nowadays, Putian people’s vision is no longer limited to Russia and Myanmar, but instead of crossing Asia and moving towards the world. In North America, Africa, Europe, South America and other regions, it is not difficult to find their figures.

    The friends know why Putian people have so many business? Comment below.

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