3 thoughts on “How to develop new customers for SMT processing”

  1. There are many ways to develop new customers. You can choose to find customers directly in some e -malls, go to those places with offices to ask if there is a need, and hand in your own business card. , Wait, there are many solutions companies on it, which can be contacted by them, or some books that do electronic products, which are named by the company, and another way is to use the Internet, on the Internet, on the Internet, on some large business platforms such as Alibaba, HC.com Looking for their own potential customers, there are many methods, and expensive insistence

  2. Haha, this question is esoteric.
    smt’s entire industrial business network is not so easy to develop,
    1, friends who make the SMT industry may have the opportunity,
    2. Go to the factory to walk around or find a way to meet some executives,
    3. You must know that the SMT industry order is not good quality, you can receive the order, mainly by public relations.
    4. Develop existing customer orders. Generally More than one foundry developed by yourself,
    5. To do the corporate information network in the entire area, know who is your customer. And you need to know the general culture and operating status of the enterprise.

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