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  1. The so -called high -end customers, that is, high -value customers, is government departments, and monopoly industries such as finance, telecommunications, railways, highways, tap water, electricity, as well Personnel

    Faced with fierce market competition, some of our companies, departments and employees still have the “official business” style of customers who come to the door. They have not fundamentally out of the company. The working status of the rice or “looking at the sky”. How to start with the key needs of customers, strengthen communication and management with high -value customers, provide them with differentiated and personalized services, and let customers identify the company, choose the company, and enter the company. Projects of various actions.

    The understanding of the general manager of Tiangong Company for reference
    General manager: Xie Xinhua

    On the marketing of high -end customers from the “owe love”

    The saying that there is a saying that “do not move, do not owe love.” Recently, the author sat at home and was watching the TV series quietly-“Do not move the relationship”, neither the driving of who worked nor to let anyone spend it, but it was inexplicable but really owed to others. A person.

    When my daughter went to elementary school, I went to Dike, and inadvertently let the waiter record the birth date of his daughter. Since then, five years have passed, and her daughter has been in junior high school. Every year on her birthday, Deks has always called for a greeting call to ask if she needs to book a birthday Parry. I know clearly that this is just a way of promoting the merchant. I often use “we have already reservations elsewhere” as a cricket, and the service lady always said enthusiastically: “Oh, it’s okay, we wish her a happy birthday!” When this indomitable phone call came for the fifth time, facing the enthusiasm of the service lady’s repeated push and was still as early as the beginning, I was finally moved by his persistence and sincerity. I was anxious, and as a result, I quickly went to Texes.

    It this is the effect of marketing! The result of marketing is to sell products, but the process of marketing is constantly broadcasting. When the emotions between you and the customer are thick enough, most people who have been trained by “the grace of the water to the spring” since ancient times will try to return you. The tradition of peace of mind, of course, will also bring you a generous return.

    Is do not need to be taboo. At present, some of our business marketing markets have not been fundamentally out of the state of “looking at the sky”. “”. In the face of some problems displayed by business marketing, some companies always like to be excluding and comfortable with fierce competition, tight costs, insufficient strength, etc. But he refused to collect customer information and establish customer files to understand the needs of customers so that on a special date, a call is given to customers, a few more greetings, and often provided customers with some economic information such as small things. Started, persevere, never give up. When our managers, when product development and human resources allocation, our attention to the needs of high -quality customers in enterprises is still not enough. Many of our high -quality customers have been submerged among many popular customers. Although these companies have contributed a lot to the company, they can only enjoy non -different standardized services. Forgotten (of course, you will forget you when you have any business). Unconsciously, the enterprise continued to “owe” the human feelings of high -quality customers, leaving them helpless and silently.

    So how to further strengthen the marketing of high -end customer business? Where is the breakthrough of high -end customer business marketing? The author believes that the top priority is to know the psychology of “whatever you owe”, deepen customer segmentation as soon as possible, effectively strengthen the connection with customers, effectively implement hierarchical services, use enthusiasm to provide high -end high -quality customers with more personalized personalization with enthusiasm for high -end high -quality customers. , More professional, more intimate services, make more high -quality customers feel your care, so that they have widely recognized the company that “grow up with you”, so as to continuously enhance its dependence on Tiangong, Loyalty, increasing the contribution of profits, and laid the most solid foundation for the development of the company’s business.

    respects employees, do you recognize my point? What do you think? For the management of high -value customers, what else do you have more effective management means, please tell me, the general manager sincerely welcomes employees to express his opinions from the perspective of the protagonist. For your criticism and suggestions, once the company adopts, I will use any general manager to arbitrarily use arbitrarily The reward fund will give you a certain reward. (Source: China Management Communication Network)

  2. You can be in some high -end clubs, fitness halls, golf courses and other places where wealthy and idle activities are concentrated, and then enter and exit in such places as members. Don’t rush to handle the business of such people. After a certain period of time, after mixing a face, I will contact such people as an insurance company manager and other people. After a long time, it will naturally talk about business. And if you do this, the effect will be particularly good. Now, it is no longer 10 years ago. There is no time for money and status every day. Now that the wealthy class has been formed, such people have been busy to leisure, and more attention to health and health care. It is not bad money, but it does not spoil your own money and time. It is the universal attitude of such successful people.

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