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  1. This is the answer to how I choose the SMT processing factory. I think it is also applicable to
    It, when the time of delivery and the price is similar, I can look at the machinery and equipment of the factory, the status of the production line workers, the number of engineers, the number of engineers There are also some details, such as the treatment of tin paste, dustproof and anti -electricity ……

    1, professional coordination (Concept of)
    smt processing as the entire electronic product In a link in the process, under the circumstance where the equipment is highly developed and management tends to be perfect, the professional cooperation of the SMT processing plant seems to determine whether your PCB board can be delivered as scheduled, controlled by quality, and whether it can be repaired in time. These added values ​​are far higher than the unit price gap between 9 % and 1 hair. How to examine the cooperation of the SMT processing factory? Start from people. By talking with the management of the SMT processing plant and even the boss, you can observe whether it has a sincere attitude and belief. In addition, you can understand the reputation of the processing plant and the customer cases that have been served through a third party.
    2, Quality Control (Quality Control)
    This SMT processing plants to reduce the risk of sacrificing quality in order to reduce the unit price, reduce QC personnel or not equipped with AOI for detection, and so on. In the process of evaluating the SMT processing plant, you need to observe and understand whether the IQC, the furnace post -mid -check, QC and other series of positions are set in detail, whether the equipment is reasonable for the AOI detection equipment, whether it is turned on, and the quality management method of engineering personnel on quality management methods Introduction and documents, etc. Only by understanding in all directions can we ensure that your products can be perfectly processed.
    3, the spiritual appearance of management and employees
    The spiritual appearance of the front -line employees and managers determines whether your product can maintain a high yield and consistency, because the products are all the products are all People or operating equipment are made. Whether the communication between the same manager is smooth, whether it is passionate, and whether the employees are meticulous when they work, each performs their duties.
    4. Give up these useless reviews (GIVE Up the Audits)
    . Seeing the factory scale: Unless your order is 100K, any SMT processing plant can do
    · Look at it SMT device: Unless the PCB board has very small materials (such as 0201 and below) or complex process (POP, etc.), the general factory SMT device can be performed
    . To deny that a SMT processing factory may not be sure that one is very good. Those who dare to speak are capable and have the requirements for quality. The initial quotation can only be referred to. Do not refer to
    · Look at the chest: Just use the SMT processing plant to shoot the chest, or have a happy chat, then Sensitiously chose this supplier, which is very risky.
    Gead companies have long -term stable SMT processing plants, but poor companies are always looking for, repeating yesterday’s story. It’s time to reflect on your procurement behavior. Grasp the above methods of selecting SMT processing plants, which can be disadvantaged in the choice of suppliers.

  2. SMT’s entire industrial business network is not so easy to develop,
    1, friends who make the SMT industry may have the opportunity,
    2. Prices,
    3. You must know that the SMT industry order is not good and you can receive the order. It mainly depends on public relations.
    4. Develop existing customer orders. Generally R n5. To do the corporate information network in the entire area, know who is your customer. And to know the general culture and operating status of the enterprise.

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