Why is this industry so difficult to do in the industry?

Our company produces electronic tools and hardware handmade tools, but why is the price not expensive, and why do factories like to use foreign things? Is it much better than ours? I really don’t understand.

5 thoughts on “Why is this industry so difficult to do in the industry?”

  1. It is not necessary to all like to use imported things. Generally, large enterprises have engineering, quality inspection, etc. Choosing things are more strict. Unless your things are good, if it is a small factory, the most important thing is to depend on the price. Essence If you produce things yourself, the price will be more advantageous, you can develop customers in this regard.

  2. It may be that your company does not focus on online marketing. You need to know how to know how you produce these things through the Internet. Electronic tools and handmade tools are widely used. The market is very large depends on what you do.

  3. China’s ability to develop electronic tools and manual tools is generally not enough to copy others, so it is not done well and lacks innovative ability.

  4. The industry of electronic tools and handmade tools is saturated. It is not easy to do well, because many things do not have a technical content. Unless you have research and development capabilities, you do better than others and have more functions.

  5. The glory of this industry has passed, and there are too many people to do. Electronic tools and handmade tool stores are everywhere. Online sales are not easy to do. Unless the products are good, they are willing to spend money to promote.

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