Low -income families need to be guaranteed. Family income is very low. Do you still need insurance?

5 thoughts on “Low -income families need to be guaranteed. Family income is very low. Do you still need insurance?”

  1. According to the statistics of relevant units, the current insurance awareness of the people of our country will increase with the increase in income. High -income groups will often invest a lot of capital in terms of insurance, although many times their ability to resist risk is already very high. On the other hand, some families with lower income, they are not willing to insurance themselves. This idea is actually very incorrect, because when insurance is more, it is to ensure that a family can have things when they encounter their own abilities. Solution, low -income family’s ability to resist risks, because they need insurance to improve their ability to resist risk.
    For many low -income families, they think that buying insurance is a matter of rich people, and they can’t even care about eating. Where can I buy insurance? Whenever these people talk about insurance, they always avoid them in a joke, reject the insurance, and do not think about the importance of insurance at all. It is even more difficult to make them pay for them to buy it. The disaster is unpredictable. Each of us should develop a long -term consciousness. In this way, when the disaster comes, we can calmly cope.
    In fact, everyone’s heart is clear. Low -income groups need insurance to protect their future life than high -income groups. Although the disaster will not happen immediately, no one says that it will happen. Once a low -income family encounters such a thing, it is devastating for them. There are also money to treat diseases and anti -risk. But in this world, nothing is more important than life. At this time, if there is insurance support, it will save them in water and fire.
    . Although insurance is a consumer product, many people do not realize that it can not only add icing on the cake, but also send charcoal in the snow. For families with low income, insurance must be available, but on this basis, we must spend money on the blade. It is neither insured nor to insure. Generally speaking, it should be insured for the pillar of a family first, because they are the main economic sources of this family. Once they fall, the entire family will fall. Secondly, when choosing insurance, you must give priority to accident insurance and critical illness insurance. When you are economical, you should consider others.

  2. Low -income families are very low and they need insurance. Insurance is to prevent accidents. If you say that you have money at home, you can not buy insurance, but the family income is relatively low. You must buy a insurance to prevent accidents. Look.

  3. needs. Low -income families should especially allocate medical insurance for family members. If conditions permit, accident insurance and critical illness insurance can be allocated. Because if the cost of general hospitalization medical care is too high, medical insurance can be reimbursed according to the regulations after the deductible amount, which is necessary.

  4. You need to buy insurance, because insurance is a basic guarantee for yourself. Even if the family income is relatively low, you should buy the corresponding insurance to protect yourself or family.

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