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Is social marketing suitable for everyone? – europuppyblog

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  1. Looking at the field of your belonging, if it is a service or product for B -end, social marketing is more difficult to play, because the decision -making chain and decision -making conditions of the B -side are more complicated; It may not be completely applicable. The premise of doing social marketing is that your product or the services provided are different, so that target users are willing to buy or introduce more people to buy through your community. user.

    The difference can be given:

    In the channel you make a fruit sales community, there is a channel for a special fruit in your hometown, the difference here may include: with: possessor Geographical products are easy to be trusted because of their own hometown (authentic product, price discount), etc.;

    It you open a convenience store, you are a surrounding resident community, the difference here may be possible here. Including: because the delivery speed is fast in the same community, the intimacy between acquaintances, etc.;

    make in community marketing is that the product or service you provide High frequency “, assuming that you sell air conditioners, no matter how good your community marketing is, it is useless when customers do not need.

    Limatically all businesses need to do social marketing, because as long as your business behavior is dealt with with people, social marketing has its value, and you can understand from the following aspects:

    1. The community is the concentration of traffic

    The essence of the community is the gathering of the crowd, and the place where the crowd gather is where the flow and attention are highly concentrated. Traffic, this is also the advantage of social marketing.

    2. Users have stickiness and attractiveness

    often the more popular community value, especially the community with high user aggregation and interactiveness, more Attraction and viscosity, users are willing to pay more time, attention and funds for their products.

    3. stronger links to users

    often the community emphasizes topics and content, naturally the distance between users and products will be closer, and the existence of the community will exist in the community. The essence is also a sense of trust and stickiness of users, and users have a more real sense of trust. This is the third advantage of social marketing.

    4. Caixy the rise of new consumption

    , such as the content type app led by Zhihu, Douyin, Kuaishou, etc., it also includes products such as QQ Highlights, all of which Through the construction of the community community, more and more young users who are pursuing and personalized, and the post -95s and post -00 young users are the fourth advantage of community marketing.

    As long as your client is a person, there is a certain number of groups, it is suitable.

    First of all, you have to understand what is community marketing. He is a marketing method for customer fans to improve trust and make customers a marketing way to become your loyal fans.

    The short term is suitable for everyone, because the starting stage is at a level, and the long -term view of those who only belong to those who are talented and capable of standing out

    Is suitable for everyone

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