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Is there a future development in the construction industry? – europuppyblog

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  1. China’s construction industry is currently in a plagiarism, focusing on construction rather than design
    , so more designers can only be said to be a describer, knowing how to build, not how to design
    The lack of artistic heritage, the future development will take this step. Of course, this is also subject to many aspects of the
    Generally speaking, the prospects are still very good. After all, many construction facilities need to be improved!

  2. 1. From the long -term perspective of the construction industry, the industry will never be eliminated, because the update and construction of houses, the improvement of people’s requirements for supporting facilities, all promote the continuation and development of the construction industry; 2. The technology in the construction industry in the construction industry The application is also faster than other industries. There is no inventory in the building. The improvement of any construction quality and speed, and the reduction of costs of cost can be quickly popularized.

  3. The main listed companies in the industry: At present, my country’s construction enterprises mainly include China Construction (601668), China Railway Construction (601186), Shanghai Construction Industry (600170) and other
    Core data of this article: the number of Chinese construction enterprises, China Engineering Survey Survey The number of design enterprises, the changes in the number of national engineering bidding agencies, the number of Chinese construction engineering supervision enterprises is distributed according to the qualification distribution, and the main M

  4. The “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” is here, and the construction industry has grasped these efforts! -The key points of the Industry Insurance Network
    The principles of economic and social development during the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” period must be followed
    The new progress in the construction of ecological civilization. Optimization of land and space development protection pattern, the green transformation of the production and lifestyle has achieved remarkable results, the energy resource allocation is more reasonable, the utilization efficiency has been greatly improved, the total amount of major pollutants discharge continues to decrease, the ecological environment continues to improve, the ecological safety barrier is stronger, the urban and rural residential residential residences The environment has improved significantly.
    The implementation of rural construction operations
    This construction of rural construction in an important position in socialist modernization. Strengthen the comprehensive service capabilities of the county, and build the township into the regional center of serving farmers. Coordinate the planning and construction of counties and towns and villages in the county to protect traditional villages and rural style. Improve the infrastructure of rural water, electricity, roads, gas, communication, radio and television, logistics, and improve the quality of farmhouse construction. Promote rural toilet reform, domestic garbage treatment and sewage treatment according to local conditions, and implement comprehensive remediation of the river and lake system to improve the rural living environment. Improve the scientific and cultural quality of farmers and promote the revitalization of rural talents.
    The new pattern of land and space development and protection
    Ben based on resource and environmental carrying capacity, give full play to the comparative advantages of various places, and gradually form three major space patterns of urbanization areas, main products of agricultural products, and ecological functional areas to optimize major infrastructure, and optimize major infrastructure, and Major productivity and public resources layout. Support the high -efficiency agglomeration of economic and population, protect basic farmland and ecological space, support the main production area of ​​agricultural products to enhance agricultural production capacity, support ecological function areas to focus on the development of ecological environment, provide ecological products, and support ecological functional areas The population is gradually shifted in an orderly manner, forming a new pattern of land and space development and protection with obvious main functions, complementary advantages, and high -quality development.
    The coordinated development of the region
    The new pattern of promoting the development of western regions, promoting new breakthroughs in the revitalization of the Northeast, accelerating the rise of the central region, and encouraging modernization in the eastern region. Support the accelerated development of the revolutionary and ethnic areas, strengthen the construction of the frontier regions, and promote the prosperity of the people and the stable edge. Promote the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta to create an innovative platform and a new growth pole. Promote the ecological protection and high -quality development of the Yellow River Basin. High standards and high -quality construction of Xiong’an New District. Adhere to the coordination of land and sea, develop marine economy, and build a marine power. We will improve mechanisms such as regional strategic overall planning, market integration, regional cooperation and mutual assistance, and inter -regional interest compensation, and better promote the common development of developed regions and underdeveloped areas, east and central and western regions, and northeast regions. Improve the transfer payment system, increase financial support for underdeveloped regions, and gradually realize equalization of basic public services.
    The new urbanization with human -artistic core
    The implementation of urban renewal operations, promoting urban ecological restoration and function improvement projects, coordinating urban planning, construction, and management, reasonably determining urban scale, population density, spatial structure, promoting to promote The coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and small towns. Strengthen historical and cultural protection, shape the city’s style, strengthen the transformation of old districts and community construction, strengthen urban flood prevention and drainage capabilities, and build sponge cities and tough cities. Improve the level of urban governance and strengthen risk prevention and control in the governance of large cities. Adhere to the positioning of the house for living, not for speculation, rent and purchase, and make policies for the city to promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market. Effectively increase the supply of affordable housing, improve the distribution mechanism of land transfer income, explore and support the use of collective construction land to build rental housing in accordance with the plan, improve the long rental policy, and expand the supply of affordable rental housing. Deepen the reform of the household registration system, improve the policy of fiscal transfer payment and urban new construction land, and the civic linkage policy of agricultural transfer population, strengthen the guarantee of basic public services, and accelerate the civicization of agricultural transfer population. Optimize the setting of administrative divisions, give play to the role of central cities and urban agglomerations, and build a modern urban circle. Promote the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu. Promote the urbanization construction with county seats as an important carrier.
    This development of green and low -carbon
    It strengthen the planning and control of land and space, implement ecological protection, basic farmland, urban development and other spatial management and control boundaries, and reduce the occupation of natural space for human activities. Strengthen the legal and policy guarantee for green development, develop green finance, support green technology innovation, promote clean production, develop environmental protection industries, and promote green transformation of key industries and important areas. Promote energy cleaning and low -carbon safe and efficient utilization. Develop green buildings. Carry out green life creation activities. Reduce carbon emissions intensity, support conditions for conditions to reach the peak of carbon emissions, and formulate carbon emissions peak operations before 2030.
    This improvement of the quality and stability of the ecosystem
    Culed the governance of landscapes, forests, lake and grass systems, and constructed a natural protection land system with national parks. Implementation of major projects for biological diversity. Strengthen the control of foreign species. Strengthen the river and lake system, strengthen the ecological protection and management of the Dajiang River and important lakes and wetland, and implement the 10 -year ban on the Yangtze River. Scientifically promote the comprehensive management of desertification, stone desertification, and soil loss, carry out large -scale greening actions of land, and promote the forest system. Promote the rest of the grassland forest and rivers, strengthen the protection of black land, and improve the cultivation system of cultivated land. Strengthen the observation of global warming on the influence of vulnerable areas of my country, improve the regulatory system of natural protection, ecological protection red line supervision systems, and carry out the monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of ecosystem protection.
    The “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” period is the first to fully build a well -off society in my country and achieve the first century -old struggle, and start the first to start a new national journey of building a socialist modernization country and enter the second centennial goal. Five years. Let’s take a look at the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” planning opinions on the field of housing construction in various provinces and cities.
    It Tianjin
    Recently, the Tianjin Housing and Construction Commission released the collection of opinions on the “14th Five -Year Plan” of the field of housing construction and the main outline of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” plan, saying:
    Institute of promotion, green building and prefabricated buildings, etc., promote the preparation of key directions for the development of high -quality development, increase the proportion of assembly decoration, and promote BIM and intelligent construction and development.
    On September 23, the Fujian Provincial Department of Housing and Construction issued a notice on soliciting the opinions of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan for the” Fourteenth Five -Year Plan “of Fujian Province (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)”. During the period of the development of the construction industry, the following four analysis:
    The urban agglomeration and central city construction are the largest carrying carrying in the development of the construction industry
    urbanization, full renovation housing, green building, prefabricated buildings and old communities reconstruction transformation It is the strong support of the development of the construction industry
    Im construction is the new direction of the development of the construction industry
    The new infrastructure is the new kinetic energy of the construction industry
    On April 29th, the Qingdao Housing Construction Bureau released the “Qingdao Municipal green building and ultra-low energy consumption building development special plan (2021-2025) “, which proposes Future Five in the future from green buildings, ultra-low energy buildings and near-zero energy consumption buildings, prefabricated buildings, green ecological urban areas and green ecological towns Annual construction goals, important tasks and guarantee measures:
    During the planning period, Qingdao will continue to increase the promotion of ultra -low energy consumption buildings, build a total of 3.8 million square meters of ultra -low energy consumption buildings, and carry out a demonstration demonstration of near -zero energy consumption buildings. 200,000 square meters;
    The comprehensive promotion of prefabricated construction methods in engineering, focusing on the development of prefabricated concrete structures, steel structure and other structural systems, and cultivating prefabricated construction industrial clusters.
    By 2025, the city’s prefabricated buildings accounted for 50%of new buildings.
    I Zhejiang
    On July 15th, the Zhejiang Construction Department held a special meeting of the “14th Five -Year Plan” planning and preparation of the development of the construction industry. The meeting requirements:
    The problem is short, clarify the focus of work, and strives to further conspire the industrialization of construction, transforming development models, technological innovation capabilities, standard technology systems, industrial workers, and integrity system construction , Innovative development, quality development, and safe development.
    On June 22, Anhui Province held a seminar for the preparation of the “14th Five -Year Plan” Plan of Anhui Prefabricated Development. The meeting emphasized:

    The current status of the development of prefabricated buildings in the province, find the bottleneck of development, find out countermeasures, promote the steady and healthy development of prefabricated buildings; combined with planning and compilation, coordinate and coordinate the resources of the leading building leading enterprises and off -campus experts, carry out key common technical research, improve The ability to transform the achievement of prefabricated building.
    Is looking back on the “13th Five -Year Plan”. In the context of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes in “Made in China 2025”, the construction industry has initially transformed into the era of new construction industrialization. Various new technologies and new models have emerged. Intelligent construction, BIM, and prefabricated have broken the traditional construction model with their green and efficient features, bringing strong thrust to the development of the entire construction industry, and once became a hot word in the industry.
    looking forward to the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan”. Today’s World Science and Technology Revolution is still developing and evolving. Reform and innovation is still the key to industrial transformation and upgrading. For the field of construction, new construction concepts such as green intensive, cost -reducing efficiency, and smart construction are still an inevitable choice for industry transformation and development. It is conceivable that new industrialized construction methods such as prefabricated, BIM, and intelligent construction must become the strongest air outlet in the construction field during the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” period!

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