What should I do if I have a qualified community marketing? Can I better operate the community with each domain?

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  1. First, how to build a community

    is easy to build a group, but it is difficult to operate a group. Remember, the establishment of a community is definitely not just pulling people into the group. If you do this, the group will easily become a dead group.

    The basic traffic of the community and where is seed users. The traffic here includes external flow and internal traffic.

    1, external traffic: such as Douban, Xiaohongshu, Baidu Tieba, Zhihu, etc., make passive traffic through these channels, and transfer traffic to WeChat, but this method will be slow, not suitable for projects, not suitable for projects Quick Start. If our community is to be established the day after tomorrow, then I go to these platforms to get some traffic today, which is impossible!

    2, internal traffic: mainly reached users through three ports: WeChat group, WeChat friend, and circle of friends.

    . Community marketing steps

    1. Establishing community value

    each community usually has specific existence value. The first step is to find out what specific value our community can provide. In fact, these are our virtual products. Only when you really know what value you can provide can you know where you find the person you need, the first step belongs to the positioning stage.

    2. Increase user stickiness

    Caris can often rise suddenly. The key reason is that the Internet community can better stick to users, treat customers as loved ones, and go through in -depth. Interactive communication can be upgraded by product payment, generating secondary sales, three sales, or even more, not only maintains the return of economic development, but also customers can also promote the development of the brand. Unlike most traditional marketing environments, product sales are basically one -time sales. Customers happen to find you. When not in use, the mud is entering the sea and cannot find anyone. Even if there is communication later, it may be issues such as exchanges, returns, and after -sales; therefore, when the value of social community is established, we should consciously maintain customers, such as providing free services to keep customers retain.

    3, digging value pain points

    It digging pain points is an indispensable part of any marketing stage, and it is the prerequisite for order transactions. The partners who know a little about sales are very clear, so I won’t explain much.

    4. Sales products

    In the work of the previous work, especially after the pain points are well excavated, the order can be sold for course. Looking for you to trade, as long as the pain points are well excavated, you can boldly promote the products and sell it. Don’t worry about customers refusing or even scaring away.

    above is the entire content of community marketing. Today’s commodity marketing has shifted from operating goods to operating communities and operators. How to manage your own community and build your own private flow circle have become the key to winning the next era.

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