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  1. After the Spring Festival, many courier outlets in Shanghai were exploded by the media, and express companies such as Yuantong and Shentong appeared to varying degrees of parcels. Yuantong customer service also said that there are currently 38 Yuantong stations in Shanghai to stop receiving the collection. Some citizens ran to the express delivery point to pick up.
    Tongtong Bangcia Mia felt early at the end of the Spring Festival holiday, because I wanted to mail the Turkish letter to fans, but no one answered the call on many times, and the customer service phone calls in the past in the past were a few minutes. You can get the order by phone, and there must be monsters if you are abnormal.
    Yesterday, JD.com CEO Liu Qiangdong publicly exposed the express delivery industry scars: This is a tumor hidden in high -speed growth and hidden in e -commerce for more than ten years. The employees did not have five insurances, one gold or five insurances and one gold. Geng Zhidong pointed out that some courier companies were deducted from distributor benefits.
    The express delivery industry is immortal, and mountain rain is full of wind.
    The past life of express delivery
    The express company has been available since ancient times, but it was called a dart bureau in ancient times.
    but ancient transportation is underdeveloped. It takes a few months to transport cargo, ox and carts across provinces, and prevent bandits and robbers and robbers. Come to dart. Cecilia Cheung can fight in “Hedong Lion Roar” because of the darts.
    When e -commerce has not developed, there is only one courier company, which is the post office.
    The rise of express delivery
    With the rise of a large number of e -commerce companies such as Taobao and JD.com, private express companies have begun to sprung up like mushrooms. Even the distribution department of the newspaper will receive the courier package of the e -commerce company when it is sent.
    How is the cake in the express delivery industry? Our newspaper originally had a colleague who resigned to open the courier company. At first, his wife was not optimistic, saying that the industry was not promising, and it was a dirty and bad job.
    Due to catching up with the e -commerce dividend period, colleagues’ courier companies have grown rapidly, and his wife simply resign to help. The monthly salary is said to be packed with sacks to the company.
    But the development of the Internet has changed from barbaric growth to deep cultivation. The dividends in the express industry are getting thinner.
    The vicious competition
    It, I like to use Yuantong, because it is cheap, SF will be closed from 12 yuan in the city of SF. The courier companies that are followed only have low -cost receipts. According to data released by CICC, express gross profit dropped from 30%to about 5%-10%.
    mades to the survival status of the courier brother. They generally do not read much, and they can only do a lot of work. When I was in the newspaper, there was a rainstorm. Even with a tent, a row of express mail at the door was soaked. Compensation must be compensated.
    The hot sun in the summer, and it is easy to heatstroke in outdoor collection for a long time.
    Last time, a younger brother accidentally scratched the car in the community. He was beaten, abused, and slapped.
    This is so angry that SF Boss Wang Wei publicly made a voice: Without investigating it, I would not be worthy of being the president of SF.
    The wind and rain, the sun exposure, and the cold wind in winter, I have seen the courier frozen to the nose red, and the nose is still there.
    The long working time is also a common problem in the express industry. I remember when the newspaper worked overtime until seven or eight o’clock in the evening, I would still see that the courier brother was still organizing the package. His dinner is a box lunch.
    The work intensity is not respected, and the staff of this industry is also very liquid. It is not unusual in a few days.
    The stoppage company’s shutdown and after the Spring Festival, many people choose to stay in my hometown. It has a lot to do.
    Net, there is more money to send outlets now than sending emails, because major takeaway companies usually have venture capital subsidies, and the profit of express delivery can only earn 1-2 yuan per order. In contrast Can earn 5-8 yuan. Many courier brothers switch to takeaway.
    The rise and fall of any industry will go through the process of peak to shuffling, but there is a market if there is a demand. Perhaps this shuffle will drive the improvement of the courier’s treatment. After all, there are so many loser girls waiting to chop their hands.
    Baijia number: Internet about the interview

  2. Come to the bottom comment area at the bottom, and interact with Hao Hao ~ “Wulin Supreme, Four Tongsong and One Da Da. The number is ordered to do it. The order is the world’s five private enterprises that are described as the five private enterprises who go out of Tonglu from Zhejiang, and it does occupy half of the Chinese express industry in the Chinese express industry. Among them, Yuantong led by Yu Weizheng to log in to A shares first and become China Express to become China Express. The first listed company in the industry surpassed the founder of SF, Wang Wei, and became the richest man in China’s private express delivery industry!
    . However, just before and after the Spring Festival, the rumors of “turning down” continuously appeared on social networking sites. What happened? ? Let’s climb the process of combing the whole thing together. “Beijing Yuantong’s multiple sites were paralyzed, tens of thousands of express delivery was stagnant, no one was delivered, and no one answered the phone.” “; Tangshan Yuantong has been paralyzed after the year, and it has accumulated like a mountain”; “My 8 express delivery stopped at the Garden Bridge Station for more than half a month, and I couldn’t receive it.” ;
    C media reports, the people broke the news, the wind rose last night, and Yuetong all sides of Chu! Netizens roared collectively, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hebei, Hubei and other places were all over. , Outside of the backlog “, and said that the hands of the generations after the years are temporarily insufficient, and they are still undergoing internal rectification, which will be re -operation in the short term. Yes, how can the listed company be reversed, but how can it be on their own? Visiting, there is a site backlog of over 3,000 pieces. Cereating the crying of the contractor: Yuantong owed the money, and the outlet was forced by the landlord. Directly, many outlets are franchisees. These franchisees are politics, but because they are not pro -sons, the policy is not very good.
    because the headquarters is strict in charge of the contractor, and the customer’s complaint or the performance will be fined. , I make less money. In order to fill the blank, these contractors will deduct the salary of the courier, and the courier feels that there is no prospect and resign. , The user will continue to complain, the vicious cycle. It is the peak season for changing jobs after the year. The courier resigned. The situation of “people supervision”. You asked what the courier had to resign? It was gone to take the takeaway!!
    Although the salary of 6 to 7,000 in the courier was not low, the transfer of takeaway can enter the monthly and enter the monthly entry. Wan … then why do you make money so much? Without 600 meters, it takes 9 yuan for distribution fees, do you send takeaway? Is it the takeaway platform?
    The legendary takeaway giants. Do you plan to memorize this pot?
    This. Public account of the incident: bad review, its company intern The girl of Xiaoguo Sauce was therefore received a threat from an agent from Yuantong. (The original link in the lower left corner is the bad review of the bad review yesterday, “Yuantong, can you let the interns college student go?”) The phone said, “I can easily find you”, “I know where you are”. Essence Essence
    Is the name, mobile phone number, work and school address of the internship female college student who did not hang the recruitment website? How could it be easily found by Yuantong? It turned out that the intern was a customer service of the company, and the return location was the company of the bad review. He had left his real name and telephone number. Maybe the information of the internship college student is exposed. Essence Essence The internal query business of the online transmission of the online courier
    (derived from Baidu Post Bar: tieba./p/0) Express is slow and harmless, just wait a few days, but users can completely associate with their sensitive data to their sensitive data to their sensitive data to Express company is a trust in express companies. This kind of trust is not to let you take this information as capital, and say confidently: We already know your address and school! The downtown, I hope you don’t become this way:
    The is my greatest motivation to browse this article.

  3. “Express” is a transmission bond that takes up to e -commerce and users. Express has packaged a lot of things that people need daily life. In the past year, the express delivery industry has quickly developed a national express company for listing, covering the country in 2016 At the end of the year, most rural areas have been covered in the country, which can be described as an unlimited future
    . As soon as the lunar year, our express delivery was wrong. In the warehouse, it cannot be shipped in time. At the same time, the customer service cannot reply to the customer’s question in time, resulting in the high complaints of customers.
    The media today said that Shanghai Shentong Shanghai “Luwan Company” closed down and a large number of express delivery backlogs. The media reported that the reason for the closure was the shortage of manpower. NWATE, why is there something wrong? Is it high to send takeaway salary?
    The year after the year, all bosses will set a topic with a shortage of labor. This year, it is tall. It is better to send delivery to delivery. The guys who are going to send the courier will secretly send the takeaway.
    The express delivery and takeaway industry are typical human -intensive industries and have considerable income. The survey found that the income of delivery of takeaway is still considerable than express delivery. Takeaway takes a single mode to compete in the industry. The income is not low, so our courier brother jumped like this,
    . A senior courier who has been engaged in the courier industry for many years said that there are some courier who have worked around The business that has worked hard for many years has been transferred to career. “They can’t continue.” The salesman said, “Our salary has not changed for 3 years. On the surface, the salary is unchanged, but in fact, the amount of labor we pay is greatly increased.”
    So what causes this situation what is the cause of this situation? Let’s take a look at the development of the express delivery industry
    In 2016, the courier industry market has unlimited scenery. Zhongtong, Shentong, Yuantong, SF, Yunda and other express delivery companies are intensively planned to be listed, setting off a wave of listing in the industry.
    It, the listing of the three links to explain, shows that the competitiveness of the same industry is getting bigger and bigger, the competition is large and low, and the market share of various brands has also become lower.
    mades to join
    The rapid rise of the express delivery industry and the growth of coverage area, which is inseparable from the favor of franchisees in various places, attracting the joining of a large number of individual households. At the beginning of the beginning, the franchise conditions were harsh, and the threshold was relatively high. A service of the overall franchisee can still meet the acceptance of the express mail. With the increase in market competitiveness and the reduction of single -room profits, in order to maintain the growth of benefits, the conditions of the franchisee also decreased. At this time The merchants that have reached the standard successfully joined the express industry. We can usually see some express points around us, and some courier vehicles still rent others. The courier practitioners have not undergone systematic training. In addition, because this industry is because it is Insufficient supervision of distribution work, leading to a higher complaint rate and a decline in brand influence. Liu Qiangdong said through Weibo, ” Stop! Otherwise, the last damage is the interests of consumers and social interests! “
    only in the direction of competition continuously changes can we continuously reduce the total cost of Chinese social logistics and improve the consumer experience. Realize stable development. I hope our express industry is getting healthier.

  4. I have never seen such a garbage courier company. After a day of circular express delivery for 7 days, I still did not send it. I posted an important document from Beijing to Langfang, Hebei. Today is September 30th. sky.
    I talked about my experience first, Yuantong reminded me what I sent was received. As a result, I opened it and sent me to Heilongjiang. Because things were urgent, I stepped up to inquire, but found that they sent it. That cargo is not mine, but the order number that Yuantong courier gave me was indeed the same as the single number in Heilongjiang. I repeatedly called to communicate with the courier brother. Finally, I sent me a single number, showing that my stuff had arrived. Langfang, Hebei, is not delivery. I remind them to step up the delivery, but there seems to be no news over there, but I have been prompting my outlet failure. I now seriously doubt that my documents have been lost by them. I will never find Yuantong if I send the expressware next time. Never.

  5. Is Yuantong closed down? Recently, it has been rumored. The masses were onlookers around, and Shanghai Yuantong Express Co., Ltd. recently responded that media reports have been seriously false and have started legal procedures.
    The domestic express delivery companies have brought convenience to people. Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Huitong, Yunda and Tiantian express companies are familiar, but what is their relationship?
    New some netizens made the relationship between their founders, and my brother, Tonglu!
    News some netizens teased that the ingredients of the domestic express delivery industry;
    The postal is a national team, SF is Gao Fushuai, Sitong and One Da are silk, and the federal house is a foreign devil or a fake foreign devil.
    The domestic Jingdong has begun to deploy the express delivery industry and receive non -BOE products. With the development of express delivery, domestic logistics technology and level will be more stepped.

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