6 thoughts on “Yuantong Express is a group of pigs”

  1. Eliminate the breath. Essence Essence Their company is like this ~~~ Don’t use it in the future
    I I use their express delivery. Essence Essence Call the customer service and say it will be arranged immediately. Essence Essence No one came to collect the time after N N days. Essence Essence
    This call them for the second time. Essence Essence Call at 8:30 in the morning and only come at 6 pm. Essence Essence It’s all urgent.
    Mi -calling for no less than 5 calls in the middle. Essence Essence
    The more ridiculous is that their customer service lady gave me a call from their courier, asking me to call myself ….
    The finally waited for the collection. Essence Essence
    . As soon as I came, I asked me where I sent it. Essence Essence I said that Zhejiang
    The he said that he didn’t say that he had to charge 15 yuan. Essence Essence Khan ~~~~~~
    I call him weight
    The weight of more than 1 kg 0.01 The total freight is 8 yuan. He even received my 10 yuan
    I also need to charge it, my god, the second time 0.01 I dizzy
    I said that even if it is 8 yuan. Essence Essence
    He even said, “If you send it 10 yuan, you will send it if you send it anymore.”
    TMD will not be in a hurry to kill them.

  2. Different places are probably different. It mainly depends on the local management. Like us, it is pretty good. It can only be said that the professional quality of your round express delivery is too low.

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