1 thought on “Where can I add a carton glue group”

  1. Taobao glue Taobao.
    The packaging quality on Taobao.com has a good combination with wet objects and strong penetration. It also plays a physics and chemistry bonding effect between corrugated paper and lining. The intensity is enhanced, and the carton is not easy to deform and crack. The low temperature resistance high-thermal melting glue is resistant to low temperature and low temperature, which can resist -40 ℃ low temperature. And the storage period of the hot melting glue is up to 2 years, and the storage is small and has no special requirements for storage. The anti -theft performance of the anti -theft also provides a good anti -theft function. Since the adhesive penetrates into the corrugated, any attempt to open the carton will tear fiber. The tape can be cut with a knife, removed the contents unknowingly and sealed it again.

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