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    In 1994, Wang Chuanfu resisted and took more than 2 million yuan borrowed from his cousin Lu Xiangyang. Called Audi Electronics). In the early days of entrepreneurship, in order to promote products, Wang Chuanfu personally led the sales team and ran around the world’s major batteries and electronic exhibitions. And foreign exhibitions do not look like domestic, who gives more money, who has a good booth, and has a large amount of people. In this way, the AD Electronics starts with Y, which is often ranked at the deepest part of the exhibition hall, which seriously affects promotion. There was no way to force it. Wang Chuanfu decided to rename the company to BYD. In this way, the beginning of B. The booth of participating in the exhibition was very high. The product promotion was smooth. R n
    Bulid you dreme,,, beyond you Dreme IT industry group: Bring Your Dollars
    Auto industry group: Build your dreams
    nit industry group this The slogan mainly considers that the customers of the IT industry group are manufacturers such as Nokia and Motorola, so using the slogan Bring Your Dollars can make foreign customers understand and recognize.
    Magic slogan of the automotive industry group: Realizing your dream is to take into account the target customer group-most of the working families in China-hoping to own the reality of their own cars, so it is very vivid and appropriate.

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