5 thoughts on “I studied the cost of the engineering project, should I change careers?”

  1. I have been working for two years, and I do n’t even understand the axis at the beginning. I can slowly understand the map.
    It the next year I also wanted to turn the cost. Like your situation, I cast n resumes, and the stone sinks the sea. Half a year later, I ran every day, found three cities, and finally found one. I did n’t make money. I had to pay for it by myself. Fortunately, my girlfriend had been silently supported, and then did not learn much for a few months. After the year, I went to the construction unit again, a large -scale engineering and civilian project, and the technical leader. All technical issues and calculation problems are me. Then many construction units now have to be, and the salary is very high. Then the cost of the cost also knows a lot and wants me to go.
    said this, just want to tell you not to give up, the opportunity is to prepare for perseverance, hard -working people, have a good mentality, learn more, and work hard to succeed.
    as you can learn more, or go to construction first, wait for the opportunity, because you will have some advantages if you do the cost first. You can also draw more drawings while doing construction.
    Remember to learn more about the knowledge of the certificate, you can verify and increase your knowledge.
    In hard, classmates, you have more people who are worse than the situation, depending on who worked hard, who persist, who is victory.

  2. I also did a cost. I just graduated 10 years ago. I will be like you. I have invested N and many resumes on the Internet. Later, I found a construction unit for construction. After half a year, the construction site was too busy, so I transferred me. In the past, I assisted in the budget, and later I moved to the owner unit for a few years. In recent years, I have been tired outside. Now I have returned home to take a civil servant and work in government agencies, but I still manage the project and have not left our bank.
    do you say you don’t want to do construction, or you want to interfere with the calculation. I suggest you still want to calm down and find relatives and friends around you to see if you are familiar with the construction unit. For a while, familiarity with the scene is good for your future budget, and make a budget while construction. Even if you do n’t want to make a budget at the construction site, you can also get drawing your hands after get off work, and take the cost of the cost as soon as possible. If you have a certificate, you will be easier to find a related work. Essence Then prepare a cost -effective exam. Essence Essence Go to the test as soon as you arrive. Essence Essence It is the last word to have evidence. Essence Essence Now the unit recruiting people is experience and the second is certificate. Essence Essence come on! Everything will get better, and the cost is still very rich, that is, it is difficult to start at first. Essence

  3. The working surface of the engineering cost is still wide. The construction, construction, consultation, and the audit bureau and design institutes need to be a cost staff. As for the cost of the price officer, each province has the standards of each province. For the quota of the set, everyone thinks that as long as the drawings understand it, it is not difficult, but if you want to be a good cost staff, you must be relatively familiar with the construction site. There is a certain understanding, so as to save costs, make efficiency, and report a good price. If you know about the engineering economy, cash flow, capital turnover, project costs and planning, then you can try the cost engineer, and the cost of cost engineers is still very high in the country.

  4. Instead of panic, I also did the cost industry. At first I was born in the supervision. Later, I happened to go to the construction unit to be an engineer. The cost was unknown. After taking the good master for half a year, it should be the same as you. But I don’t like the cost industry. I can understand your confused mood, but do n’t give up if you think about what you persist. You should also look at your quota after your spare time. I have been there, it ’s a repetitive post. The post published 2 months ago. He published it today and strongly suggested that you go to the job fair. The little cubs in society must continue to work hard to learn, improve yourself, come on to see the job fair, I hope you can succeed

  5. Take a look at the work of less than a year of experience. Although the salary may be low, it is generally three or four thousand. You see to judge based on your own experience. If you really have a few years of experience, you still can’t find a job? It can be seen that your experience is really too small, learn more, and learn every day. In addition, the cost is still the boys. You can go to consulting the company, Party A, and construction units to participate in several job fairs. At that time, the contract may be signed for several years. Words.

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