5 thoughts on “Some people say that how can I choose the industry for three years?”

  1. There is risk switching, but there is no absolute thing, and it is also possible: not to switch to poor life. Proper job -jump is a shortcut for rising wages, and frequent job -jump will be unfavorable to personal career. Not everyone can clearly know what they are suitable for doing, and it is common to enter the wrong line. Entering the wrong line, maybe you may not have accumulated for a lifetime. If you find yourself in the wrong line, and then find a career that can really be like fish, instead of tangling for three years, it is better to come down hard, while you are young, don’t pay too much attention to the income, decisively change your career, set the plan for three or five years, come again and again, come again and come back again. , Dongshan Restarts!

  2. Skills talents, such as you are a Java, front end, PHP, you see financial investment to make money, you want to do financial management and sell products, things that can’t be hit by eight poles are still less. If you are forcibly opened, then the knowledge you have accumulated before, connections, is difficult to use the industry you want to work, which is why it is for three years to switch to the poor for three years. But if you still want to go to the financial industry and do the work that can be carried out around your skills, such as the development of financial company apps. Although it is also switching, the previous knowledge can be used by people, and naturally there will be no saying for three years.

  3. I have changed a lot of jobs before. This depends on your dream. If you love this job, don’t change your job easily and change the industry! If you are uncomfortable for this job, you can change a company, but don’t change the industry easily. Because if you change a new industry, you still need to study again, and the entry learning of any industry will take more than three years. Therefore, it makes sense for three years to change the poor.

  4. As the saying goes, “separated like mountains”, if you have been doing in a certain industry for a long time and re -selection of the industry to change careers, it is not easy. You are equivalent to restarting and starting from zero. Because the market and customer group corresponding to each industry are different. In addition, some industries may need some professional knowledge and technologies, which require you to study hard. Therefore, it is impossible to enter the industry without two or three years. Be cautious when you switch. If you have done it in a certain industry for a long time, and it is not too bad, it is best not to switch!

  5. Before you switch career, you must learn the basic knowledge. It is best to learn the corresponding technology. Each industry is the most important technology. Then prepare your own resume and try to be close to the new industry as much as possible. In this way, you can have a better start.

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