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  1. Grain and oil belongs to the food processing industry; real estate belongs to the real estate or real estate industry.
    This refers to the grain and feed processing industry, the vegetable oil processing industry, the sugar industry, the slaughtering and meat egg processing industry, the aquatic product processing industry, the edible salt processing industry and other food processing industries.

    The raw materials for food are mainly animals and plants, and they are agricultural and sideline products. Therefore, the food industry has a close relationship with agriculture (including agriculture, forestry, pastoral, vice, and fishing). To develop the food industry, we must first develop agriculture. Agriculture is the basic guarantee for the development of the food industry. The production period of tomato products in my country’s canned factories is only about one month. Romanian agricultural breedingists carefully cultivated tomato varieties of early, middle and evening mature periods. The increase in tomato varieties extended the production period of tomato products of canned factories to about three months or so Essence Most of the agricultural and sideline products are easy to rot products. If they can be processed or reduced in time after harvesting or fishing, they can greatly reduce raw materials loss, increase food supply, and extend the supply time; Essence Some by -products and scooters of the food industry can also support agriculture for feed or fertilizer.

    The real estate industry mainly refers to the comprehensive development industry of the land. The main role of this industry is the government’s development management agency, real estate development company, bank and real estate development service agency. (Preliminary development) and old district development (re -development).
    The distinction between the real estate, real estate, and real estate industry
    The real estate industry refers to an industry engaged in real estate development, operation, management and service, and is an integral part of the real estate industry.
    The real estate industry refers to an industry engaged in real estate development, operation, management and service, and is an integral part of the real estate industry.
    The real estate industry refers to an industry engaged in real estate development, operation, management and service. It consists of the real estate industry and the real estate industry.

  2. Hi!

    1. Commodity houses
    It refers to houses developed and constructed after obtaining land use rights under the market economy conditions, all sold at the market price. According to the different sales targets, commercial housing can be divided into two types: exported commercial housing and domestic commercial housing.

    2, export housing
    The export commercial housing was built by real estate development enterprises. Australia, Taiwan) enterprises, other organizations and individuals.

    3, domestic sales
    The domestic -selling commercial housing was built by real estate development enterprises. Houses that have obtained commercial housing sales permits can be sold to local enterprises and residents.

    5, duplex residential
    duplex residential is a economical residence created by leap -up dwellings. This type of house still has two upper and lower floors on the construction. In fact, a 1.2 -meter mezzanine is added in the high floor of the high floor. It is 3.3 meters, and the general jump is 5.6 meters). The lower levels of the duplex residence are used for dwelling, cooking, meals, bathing, etc., the upper layer is used for rest, sleep and storage. The floor is also the upper floor. Therefore, duplex residences have the characteristics of provincial, provincial work, provincial and practical, and are particularly suitable for the living of the three generations and four generations of the same hall. They not only meet the relative independence of the generations, but also achieve the purpose of interdependence.

    6, jumping residential house
    The jump -layer residence is a novel residential building form that has been promoted in recent years. The characteristics of this type of house are that the internal space draws on the design technique of the unique house of the second floor of the small small and second floor of the European and American small. The housing possesses two floors of the upper and lower floors. The bedroom, living room, living room, bathroom, kitchen and other auxiliary houses can be layered layered, up and down, and up and down The traffic between floors does not use small staircases in the household through public stairs. The advantage of the jumping housing is that each household has a two -layer or two -layer lighting surface. Even if it is not good, it can be made up by increasing the lighting area. The ventilation is better. The layout is compact, the functions are clear, and the interference is smaller.

    7, residential area
    The residential area refers to the sum of the net area of ​​the residential living room directly for residents’ living room. The so -called net area is to remove the horizontal area occupied by building components such as walls and columns.

    8, second -hand house,
    second -hand house is the old house. The first trading of the new commercial house was “first -hand”, and the second transaction was “second -hand”.
    This policies for the listing of public housing and economically affordable housing in Beijing have achieved the second -hand housing market. Some people without houses can buy an extra house of others; and some of the other hands have a savings and small houses live, and they can sell old houses to buy new houses; and those housing houses can also sell their excess. Housing in exchange for income.

    9. Property replacement
    is a kind of business replaced by residents with its own original property houses. Generally under the matching of the intermediary, the intermediary can be replaced by the intermediary.

    10, real estate property rights
    Real estate property rights refer to the right to use the ownership of the house and the house occupying state -owned land, and the real estate owner has the right to occupy, use, benefit and punish all its real estate.

    11, mortgage
    mortgage is the transliteration of the English “mortgage”, which means that the mortgage person transferred the property rights of the property to the bank provided by the loan as the repayment guarantee. After the loan, the beneficiary of the mortgage immediately transferred the property rights involved to the mortgiers.

    12, housing provident fund
    is a voluntary housing long -term deposit. The housing provident fund system is a kind of housing reform policy implemented in accordance with the actual situation of my country’s urban housing system reform, referring to the entire operating mechanism and management system formed by the collection, management, use, and repayment of the housing provident fund. There are three main aspects of the specific content: (1) “personal storage, the unit funded the” housing provident fund, specially used for housing expenditure, and its principal and interest of the provident fund levied personal income tax. (2) Manage the housing provident fund according to the principle of “unified management”. (3) Use the housing provident fund according to the principle of “special use”.

    13, stamp duty
    The passenger tax target is a variety of vouchers in real estate transactions, including the property rights written by the transfer of property rights due to the transfer of property rights due to the transfer of the house The tax rate is transferred to 5 ten thousandths.

    14, deed tax
    The deed tax refers to the one -time tax levied by the new owner (property rights) to the new owner (property rights) when the ownership of the house is changed. It is a special tax levied on the change of real estate property rights. It mainly levies the deed tax of houses purchased, afforded or exchanged for individuals and private units, with a tax rate of 3%-5%.

    15, housing mortgage loan
    is a borrower purchased, built, or repaired by a borrower or a third party can dominate the real estate as a mortgage, and apply for a certain amount of borrowing from the bank to the bank. A loan method. If the borrower fails to return the principal and interest of the loan, the loan bank has the right to dispose of its mortgage real estate in accordance with the law to obtain settlement.

    16, housing guarantee loan
    refers to the borrower or third party as a mortgage or quality material for the purchase of the house and other rights, or the third party provides them for the loan of their loans Guarantee, and be undertaken a loan with liability. If the borrower fails to repay the principal and interest of the loan, the loan bank has the right to deal with its mortgage or mass in accordance with the law, or requires the guarantor to bear the liability for the principal and interest.

    17, house
    generally refers to the roof and the surrounding walls, which can prevent wind and rain, cold insulation, for people to work, live, study, entertainment and storage of supplies, and have fixed fixed Basic, layer height is generally permanent places with more than 2.2 meters.

    18, commercial housing
    refers to a house developed and sold and sold by real estate development enterprises.

    19, housing reform housing
    The purchase of public housing refers to urban employees in accordance with national and county -level local people’s governments on the reform of urban housing system reform policies. Building public housing. If you purchase it at the cost price, the ownership of the house belongs to the individual of the employee, and if it is purchased at the standard price, the employee owns some of the ownership of the house. Generally, it is owned by the employee after 5 years.

    20, the stock house
    refers to a house that has been purchased or built and obtained.

    21 fundraising house
    generally organized and provided its own state -owned land allocation land for construction land for construction. The state will reduce some taxes and fees. Investment and construction, the house is owned by the employee after the completion of the house, and it is not sold. Property rights can also be owned by the unit and employees, and after a period of time, they can transition to individual employees. It is a kind of affordable house.

    22 Micro -profit housing
    also known as Weili commercial housing, which refers to the construction and management of real estate management departments at all levels, which is lower than the market price and rent, higher than welfare housing prices and rent, and for it for it. Solve housing difficulties in some enterprise employees and houses of social housing specialty households.

    23 Solving the trapped house
    refers to the housing specially built by local governments at all levels to solve special difficulties, difficult households and crowded households in local urban residents.

    24 Re -listing house
    refers to the first listing of public housing or economic affordable housing purchased by employees in accordance with the housing reform policy.

    25 low -rent housing
    refers to ordinary housing with relatively low rents provided by the government and units to implement social security functions in the housing field, and the rents provided by the minimum income households with resident residents in cities and towns.

    26 garden -style house
    also called western -style houses or small ocean buildings, also known as garden villas. The unique bungalow or two or three -story buildings with garden lawns and garage has low building density, complete internal residential functions, luxurious decoration, and changes. Generally, it is purchased for high -income people.

    27 apartment -style house
    compared to Western -style villa houses with independent houses. Generally built in large cities, most of them are high -rise and high standards. There are several unique suite in each floor, including bedrooms, living rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, balconies, etc. Chinese and foreign merchants and their families are short -term rental.

    28 Housing project housing
    refers to the housing sold directly to the low -income households of urban residents at a cost price at a cost price. Preferential sale to housing difficulties among retired employees and teachers, they are not sold to high -income families. The cost price is required by land acquisition and demolition compensation fee, survey design and preliminary engineering expenses, construction of construction engineering fees, and the infrastructure construction fee of residential communities (community -level non -business supporting public construction expenses, half of which is borne by the city people’s government 1%-3%of management fees, loan interest and taxes, including 7 factors, etc., and other factors.

    29 Economic and affordable housing
    is a residential house arranged according to the national economic housing construction plan. The state is uniformly issued by the state, and the land use generally implements administrative allocation methods, exempted land transfer fees, and implemented a half -levying levy for various approved charges.

    30 House
    This refers to the houses for residential, including villas, apartments, family members’ dormitory and collective dormitory (including single dormitory and student dormitory). However, the basement of the residential building is used as an anti -use and unsuitable people, nor does it include a deed, ward, nursing home, hotel, etc.

    31 complete sets of houses
    refers to a house for one household, living room, kitchen, bathroom, indoor aisle or living room.

    32 non -complete house
    is a but not set of houses for people to live.

    33 Public facilities for public facilities
    refers to houses from municipal public facilities such as tap Essence

    34 commercial houses
    refers to various stores, stores, food shops, grain and oil shops, vegetable markets, barber shops, photography halls, bathrooms, hostels, hostels, etc. Houses used in service.

    35 State -owned real estate
    refers to all real estate in the country. Including real estate that is taken over by the government, the state’s lease, acquisition, new construction, and self -raised funds for state -owned units. State -owned real estate is divided into three types: direct management, self -management, and military property.

    36 Self -pipeline Real Estate
    refers to the ownership of the state allocated to the national ownership units and the self -raised funds of the national ownership units.

    37 All real estate in collective
    refers to all real estate in the collective ownership unit of the city. That is, the real estate invested by the collective ownership unit.

    38 Private (owned) property
    refers to all private real estate, including Chinese citizens, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese, foreign diasporas, foreigners, and purchased real estate And houses invested by private enterprises (private enterprises, private partnerships, and private limited liability companies) invested by Chinese citizen investment.

    39 Housing
    It refers to the development of the developer from the pre -sale permit of the commercial housing to obtaining the real estate right certificate (large production certificate). The pre -sale contract should be signed when purchasing a commercial house in the first stage.

    40 Limited property house
    is the government or enterprise subsidy in the house or corporate house in accordance with the standard price of the housing reform policy at the purchase of the public house in accordance with the housing reform policy. Possession of rights, right to use, and limited punishment, income rights.

    41 Steel structure
    The main component of load -bearing is built with steel materials, including suspension structures.

    42 steel and steel concrete structure
    refers to the main components of load -bearing.

    43 reinforced concrete structure
    The main components of load -bearing are built with reinforced concrete. Including buildings with steel structures such as thin -shell structure, large templates, and steel concrete structures built by sliding molds and lifts.

    44 mixed structure
    The main components of load -bearing are built with reinforced concrete and brick and wood. For example, the beam of a house is made of reinforced concrete, the brick wall is the load -bearing wall, or the beam is built with wood, and the column is built with reinforced concrete.

    45 brick and wood structure
    The main components of load -bearing are built with bricks and wood. For example, a house was built by wooden houses, brick walls, and wooden columns.

    46 The number of house layers
    The number of house layers refers to the number of houses of the house, which is generally calculated according to the indoor floor of the room; For more than 2.20m (excluding 2.20m), the number of natural layers is calculated. The total number of housing layers is the sum of the number of upper layers of the house and the number of underground layers. The fake layer, the attachment (mezzanine), the plug, the attic (the dark building), the decorative tower, and the stairwell and the water tank of the staircase and the water tank that highlight the roof.

    47 basement
    The means that the house is all or part of the outdoor floor (including semi -basement with a layer height below 2.2m). 1/2 of the net height.

    48 half basement
    The height of the room floor of the room lower than the outdoor plane exceeds 1/3 of the net height, and it does not exceed 1/2.

    49 fake floor
    is built when built, and generally low floors. The height of the front and back edge is greater than 1.7m, and the area of ​​less than the bottom layer. The attached layer (mezzanine) is the local level of the space inside the house.

    50 Stove the floor (dark building)
    Generally after the house is completed, the floor built on the upper part of the room in the room is used for various needs.

    51 low -rise residence
    This refers to one -to -three residential houses.

    52 Multi -layer residences
    The houses from four to six floors.

    53 Small high -rise residences
    It refers to the seven to twelve floors.

    54 High -rise residences
    The houses with ten floors and twelve floors.

    55 tower -type high -rise residences
    The high -rise residences with a common staircase and elevator as the core.

    56 unit high -rise residence
    is composed of multiple residential units. Each unit has high -rise housing with stairs and elevators.

    57 high -rise residential houses
    The high -rise residences from the shared stairs, elevators through the inner and outer corridors.

    58 (residential) House use area
    refers to the space area available in the house (set) of households (sets) in the house. Including bedrooms, living rooms and living rooms (halls), pavilions, kitchens, bathrooms, indoor aisters, stairs, closets, balconies, basements, fake layers, attachments, attic buildings, attic buildings, attic buildings, attic buildings, lofts) Essence The residential area is calculated according to the inner wall of the house.

    59 complete sets of residential building area
    is the sum of the construction area of ​​a complete set of houses.

    60 House’s property rights area
    The property rights area of ​​the house refers to the building area of ​​the house owned by the ownership of the house in accordance with the law. The area of ​​housing property rights shall be determined by the registration of municipalities, municipalities, and county real estate administrative departments.

    61 House prediction area
    The predictive area refers to the sales of a commercial housing (legal sales project with a pre -sale sales permit), according to national regulations, the real estate authority identified a house with surveying and mapping qualifications. The measurement agency mainly conducts a pre -measurement and calculation behavior based on construction drawings, field inspections, and national measurement specifications. R n The actual measurement area refers to the completion and acceptance of the commercial housing, and the relevant competent authorities of the engineering planning are qualified. The developer entrusted the reference drawings, prediction data and national surveying and mapping specifications in accordance with national regulations. The area obtained from survey, drawing, and calculation. It is the legal basis for developers and owners, and the ultimate basis for the owner to handle property rights, settlement property and related expenses.

    63 Houses have the same building area
    The building area of ​​the house refers to the construction area of ​​the owners of each property rights.

    64 The sales area of ​​commercial houses
    The commercial houses are sold according to “set” or “unit”. Building area) with the sum of the public building area that should be shaped. Sales area of ​​commercial housing = public building area with construction area allocation in the set.

    65 has a building area
    The content of the total area includes: elevator wells, pipeline wells, stairwells, garbage aisters, transformer rooms, equipment rooms, public entrance halls, aisles, basements, duty guard rooms Wait, and the construction area of ​​public houses and management houses for the entire building, calculate the horizontal projection area. The construction area also includes a separatist wall between the set and the public building, as well as the construction area of ​​half of the surrounding area of ​​the outer wall (including the gable). Independent basement, car sheds, garage, and multiple service guard rooms, managed houses, as the basement as a civil air defense project, are not included in the co -construction area.

    66 House construction area
    is the construction area of ​​the house construction during the reporting period, including the new construction area of ​​this period and the house area that continues to be constructed in the previous year, and the last period has stopped. The area built in the re -work in this period. After the completion of this period and the construction of the suspension of construction after the construction period, the construction area is still included in the construction area, and the multi -story building should fill in the sum of the building area of ​​each floor.

    67 The new start area of ​​the house
    refers to the construction area of ​​the newly constructed house during the reporting period. Settle the area of ​​construction houses. The start of the house shall be based on the dates of the house formal starting soil and creating trough (foundation treatment or permanent pile).

    68 The total area of ​​the house
    refers to the completion of the house in accordance with the design requirements, meet the conditions of staying and used, qualify for experience and appraisal (or meet the completion acceptance criteria). The total area.

    69 Floor Flower
    The first word originated from Hong Kong, which refers to the unprecedented building. Generally, “building flowers” are called pre -sale houses, and “building flowers” are used as pre -order houses.

    70 The actual sales area
    refers to the area that has been officially delivered to the buyer or signed (formal) sales contract area in the house area that has been completed in the reporting period. It does not include the area of ​​commercial houses under construction that has been signed by the pre -sale contract, but it includes the pre -sale contract before the reporting period or before the reporting period, which is completed in the reporting period.

    71 pre -sale area
    refers to the construction area of ​​the commercial houses that have not been sold or rented in the construction area of ​​the commercial house that can be sold or leased at the end of the reporting period, including the completion of the previous year and this year. The completion of the housing area, but does not include the completion of the demolition of the reporting period, the unified construction, public supporting buildings, real estate companies, and turnover housing, which have been completed, unified construction, public supporting buildings, real estate companies, and real estate companies.

    72 Unit residential
    refers to a residential building form in multi -storey and high -rise buildings. Usually there is only one staircase on each floor, and the residents are directly entering the port door by the staircase platform. Generally, 24 to 28 households can be arranged for each staircase of multiple floors. Therefore, the control area of ​​each stairs is also called a residential unit.

    73 Housing
    It refers to the real estate developer from the start of the pre -sale permit of the commercial housing to the obtaining real estate right certificate. Consumers should sign a pre -sale contract for commercial housing when purchasing a housing.

    74 The current house
    refers to the commercial house that consumers can check in when they buy, that is, the developer’s commercial houses that have been sold for the commercial house they have sold, and signed with consumers After the commodity housing contract, you can immediately check in and obtain the property right certificate.

    75 The starting price of commercial housing
    refers to the minimum price of the sales price of each floor during the sales of commercial houses.

    76 The average price of commercial housing
    This refers to the sum of the unit building area after the sales price of the commercial house added, that is, the price per square meter is obtained.

    78 duplex commercial house
    is an economical house. A layer is added to the high floor of the floor, thereby forming a building on the upper and lower floors.

    79 jumping layer commercial houses
    Connected houses.

    80 water scenic commercial house
    refers to the house built according to water.

    81 townhouse
    also called town villas. The correct translation should be in urban houses, which are imported from Europe. houses.

    82 gray space
    was first proposed by Japanese architect Kurokawa. Its intention refers to the transition space between the building and its external environment to achieve the purpose of indoor and outdoor merging, such as the colonnade and under the eaves of the building entrance. It can also be understood as a square and green space around the building group

    83 Commercial and residential houses
    are an extension of the concept of SOHO (home office) residence. It belongs to the house, but at the same time, it is incorporated into the many hardware facilities of office buildings, especially the development of network functions, so that residents can also engage in commercial activities while living.

    84 clubs
    The comprehensive advanced recreational entertainment service facilities with the property owner of the property as the main service object. Software and hardware conditions possessed by the club: Kangto facilities should include swimming pools, tennis or badminton courts, golf exercise halls, bowling staspeuts, gym and other entertainment places; Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, cafes and other social venues It has other service facilities such as Internet cafes and reading rooms. The above are generally open for the owners for free or a small amount.

    85 outer bay windows
    The refers to the housing window raised to the outdoor, the window is glass on three sides, so that people have a wider field of vision, feel natural, close to nature, Usually its window sill is lower or even floor -to -ceiling windows.

    86 hollow glass
    A large glass is a new glass processing technology in modern doors and windows. , But the most important thing is that the two -layer glass must form a state of vacuum or gas (such as an inert gas), so it is called “hollow glass”. improve.

    87 base price
    The basic price per square meter commercial house determined after accounting. The sales price of commercial housing is generally increased or decreased at the base price, and it is obtained by the difference.

    88 the average price
    The and the number of and numbers of the sales price of each unit is added at the harmony of the unit building area, that is, the average price per square meter is obtained. The average price is generally not a sales price, but there are exceptions. During the previous period, a high -rise property was launched by a high -rise property. Strategy.

    89 Qi Tong Yiping
    refers to the land (raw land) after the first level of development, so that it can reach the water, rain and sewage, electricity, heating, telecommunications, roads, and flat venues Conditions allow secondary developers to develop and build quickly after entering the field.

    90 three links and one flat
    refers to the conditions of land with water, electricity and roads, and flat venue.

    91 Five certificates
    Is that real estate developers should have the “Construction Land Planning License”, “Construction Project Planning License”, “Construction Project Construction Certificate”, “State -owned Land Use of State -owned Land” Certificate and “Pre -sale of commercial housing”, referred to as “five certificates”. Among them, the first two certificates were issued by the planning department, and the “Construction Certificate” was issued by the construction department.

    93 hotel service apartment
    is an apartment that provides hotel management services. Beginning in 1994, it means “hotel -style service, apartment management”, and the market positioning is high.
    It is a multi -functional integration of residential, hotels, and clubs, and has the two major effects of “self -use” and “investment”. In addition to providing various services of traditional hotels, it is more important to provide guests with a family -style living layout and home -style service, which makes people feel at home.

    94 RUN smart home wiring system
    is a kind of physical network system based on international standards. Application with all weak power (telephone, computer, video, BA) in the community, consists of twisted wiring, coaxial cables, optical fibers, and connecting accessories. All connections are connected to the communication sockets and panels distributed in each room. And can simply automatically connect related equipment, such as computers, television, fax, anti -theft alarm systems, etc., to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for each member of the household.

    95 Real estate deed tax
    refers to a taxation that real estate rights are subject to property rights due to the transfer of land use rights, transfer, house sale, exchange, or gift.

    96 Business tax
    This refers to a tax levied by the unit and individual of real estate, which is levied on its turnover.

    97 Real Estate Tax
    The taxes based on the tax collection object, according to the original value of the house or the property rent to the property owner.

    98 business tax additional
    refers to the units and individuals who pay the business tax, and the urban maintenance construction tax and educational costs levied on the basis of tax calculation of their real -time business tax are calculated.

    99 stamp duty
    The taxes levied on the real estate voucher that are written or received in economic activities or economic exchanges.

    100 Personal income tax
    The means that individuals who have legal property rights transfer, rent or other activities and obtain income, are taxed for their income.

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