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  1. 1. Holding international exhibitions
    Since 1986, the China Foundry Association has hosted the “China International Casting, Forging and Industrial Furnace Exhibition Exhibition in order to meet the needs of the founding of casting companies to develop the international casting market. “After 22 years of hard work, it has successfully held nine sessions. More than 6,000 foundry from more than 30 countries and regions around the world participated in the exhibition. The total area of ​​260,000 square meters was exhibited. More than 200,000 people are well -known as the flagship exhibition of Chinese casting. They are one of the three major international casting exhibitions with high specifications, high -quality, and high standards.
    During the development of 22 years, the China Casting Association has also successively created two international professional casting exhibitions of independent brands: “China International Casting Expo” and “China International Colors and Special Casting Exhibition”. , Strive for an international platform for more professional communication and transactions in the industry.
    2. International exchanges and cooperation
    The China Founding Association, as a medium of Chinese and foreign casting enterprises, has established and maintained it with more than 800 industry organizations and enterprises in 38 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, India Long -term and stable friendly cooperation relationships. Provide technology and business consulting services, organize international technical exchanges and trade conferences, organize international business investigations, coordinate international import and export trade, receive international visits, and play an important role in promoting the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign casting enterprises.
    3. Holding international conferences
    “China International Casting Factory Director (Manager) Conference”, has been successfully held for eight sessions since 1994. Since 2008, it has officially named the “Annual Meeting of the China Casting Association”. It has played an important role in leading the healthy development of the Chinese casting industry; at the same time, a large international international internationally internationally held a large international international international Meeting. Nearly 10,000 foundry workers in more than 30 countries and regions attended the meeting, which promoted the cooperation and exchanges of the casting industry in the world, and promoted the technological progress of my country’s casting industry.
    4. Information, consultation, website and other services
    The commissioned by the government to conduct industry research; provide timely, accurate and comprehensive industry information, statistical data, analysis reports and related policy recommendations for the macro decisions of government departments; The monthly magazine of “Founding Technology”, “Casting the Poisturizer”; “Chinese Founding Yearbook” (Chinese and English), “Casting Purchase Guide” (English), “Chinese Casting Industry Enterprise Infrastructure List”, “Compilation of Forest Purchase Information of Foreign Purchases”, “Chinese and Forest Casting Standards” and other series of books;
    The evaluation, appraisal and declaration of industry -related qualifications and qualifications; providing trade information and website promotion of policies, technology, and products.
    5. Carry out education and training
    This facing casting enterprises, carry out casting professional education and training, use Tsinghua University’s mechanical department as a school -run base, relying on Tsinghua University’s excellent teachers and strong scientific research strength to carry out various forms and different levels of different levels Special education and training. Write and publish professional textbooks for casting, improve the grass -roots education system, establish a national casting professional education network, and cultivate more middle and senior professional talents for the casting industry.

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