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  1. The grain and oil business is still easy to make money. Grain and oil can be sold online, but the objects of the service will change. It is not for families, but for some private enterprises, factories, etc. We are doing 360 lines. The most important thing is the method of running grain and oil. Think more for customers, and the same is true for food and oil business. You have to pay attention to your needs. Operating positioning: Do the community as a community. Don’t think that you can do it outside. Step step by step to operate grain and oil business in order to grow business. Recently, grain and oil has become a popular. Supermarket, this may be a direction in the future, and the small grain and oil stores will slowly get out of people’s attention. Store selection: mainly to choose a place where the residential area is relatively concentrated. Business method: The model of agency sales is still better, joining some grain and oil brands. On the one hand, it can ensure the rationality of funds and maintain the reputation of the grain and oil business. Choosing good products is always good business means to operate integrity, and wealth and wealth, and gradually win the customers around. You also need to rent a shop for 20-50 square meters. It is recommended that you run non-staple food and other non-staple foods such as soy sauce, vinegar and salt, eggs, instant noodles. You can also handle telephone and water and electricity bills at the same time. The food opening store must be clean, understand the quality of grain and oil quality, and do not enter the goods with large moisture and ensure the quality. Operating with integrity and wealth, and gradually win the customers around. Health first, let customers rest assured. The goods are really good and do not care about the price. Full varieties, complete packaging, and thoughtful service. It is best to go to the door near the community.
    News pay attention to the following points 1. The facade must be clean and tidy. This is important. This is an important factor in improving consumers’ attraction to your facade. 2. If the facade area is large, you can get as many varieties as much as possible in the early stage to obtain the variety preferences of the operators in your sales area and focus on the preferences of the surrounding people in the next work. 4. Be sure to operate honestly and not fraudulent consumer grain and oil store industries. This industry depends on the return. To reduce costs, it is necessary to consider logistics factors. If the same product, such as the same product, a family is very cheaper than very cheap, even if the freight is cheap, it is necessary to waste a little time.

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