5 thoughts on “Should the class of the student be established? Why?”

  1. I think the parent group should be established, because if the parent group is not built, then the teacher is not convenient to communicate with parents, and it is not convenient to send messages.

  2. I think it is necessary. First of all, education is not just a teacher’s business. It also has a lot to do with parents’ education methods. The parent group also provides such a platform for parental teachers to communicate with each other. Secondly, the teacher can easily convey some news of the school through the parent group, so that parents can also understand the school -related news notice for the first time.

  3. It is not necessary, too much information communication is not good. Is it not good to send a notice directly? Is it okay to communicate directly to call? Add so many WeChat and WeChat groups to both teachers and parents.

  4. The class should establish a student group. Because it is convenient for teachers to manage, what notifications of the class teacher say in the group that parents can see that they can reply in time, save time, and facilitate statistics.

  5. The class should establish a student group. After Jian Qun, the teacher notified the school’s news, vacation, etc., and could have a better understanding of their children’s children. However, the class group should not send some unrelated things. Generally speaking, the teacher just sends a notice. Parents should not send things well. It can avoid some unnecessary troubles.

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