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  1. Features of regional industrial cluster competitiveness

    In according to the understanding of Professor Potter, industrial clusters refer to enterprises and related support in a specific field (usually a leading industry), a large number of industries and related support The organization gathers in space and forms an organic whole of strong and continuous competitive advantages. Its competitiveness is to bring continuous competitive advantages to the cluster as a whole in the market competition through competition and cooperation mechanisms. Practice at home and abroad has proved that industrial clusters are effective regional development strategies, an effective way to improve regional economic competitiveness, and an inevitable trend for economic development to a certain stage. Therefore, the economic competitiveness of various regions has evolved into the competitiveness of industrial clusters in each region. Through research on the industrial clusters of the Shunde Home Appliances, Wenzhou Lillar, Lazhou Tie, Zhuji Datang socks, Shaoxing Textile Cluster, etc., and found that they have the following common features:
    The formula is long. These clusters are gathered and developed around a specific field, and the leading industry positioning is clear. Therefore, the development direction of the cluster has always been the vertical and horizontal expansion of the industrial chain. Enterprises will conduct effective division of labor, and the production division of labor is becoming more and more detailed, thereby driving the development of relevant departments. When the scale of the cluster area is further expanded, the market demand space in the region is opened. The potential needs of products and services have also increased accordingly, and the industrial chain has expanded.
    The industry chain is fully competitive, and enterprises can continue to innovate. These cluster industry chain nodes have many nodes, and dozens or even hundreds of enterprises are operated by each node. For example, 56,600 textile units in Shaoxing County, Zhejiang are distributed in different nodes. This is conducive to the specialty of the enterprise, it is conducive to improving efficiency, and it is conducive to technological innovation. Because the environment is the same. In order to make your products cost lower, better quality, and more distinctive quality than many local peers, you need to move more brains and have better creativity. And a good idea is difficult to exclusive for a long time. Through the flow of personnel and the connection between users, good creativity will soon be learned by local colleagues. In order to gain a long -term lead, companies need to continue to innovate. As a result, the pressure of innovation in the entire industrial cluster area continued to rise.
    The socialized cooperation in productive services within industrial clusters is high. The service industry has gradually transferred from the production enterprise to the outside of the enterprise, thereby derived a number of service -oriented enterprises, including packaging, transportation, warehousing, logistics, information, training, consulting, trade, design and development, intermediary services, financial insurance and other fields such as different fields such as financial insurance and other fields. Enterprises and enterprise ecological groups have been continuously improved, which has enhanced the competitiveness of industrial clusters.
    The overall planning for the park with a public service system. The development of industrial clusters is inseparable from the carrier of the park construction. The scientific planning of the park includes the development direction of the industry clearly: the basic environment of transportation, hydropower, and information is excellent; industrial development, regulations, finance, finance, human resources, sustainable development and other public policies support ; Park enterprises share low -cost public resources, and enhance the joint force and tension of the development of the industrial chain.
    has a strong brand influence. For example, Shaoxing Textile Industry, as a business card in China, has expanded from domestic to the world and has expanded from the industry to the entire society. With the further improvement of the brand’s influence, Shaoxing’s textile cluster will develop faster.

    The competitiveness of the industrial cluster of Xuzhou County

    . After years of development, Xuzhou has risen in many characteristic counties industrial clusters. The construction of the cluster economy occupies the leading position in the county and city’s industrial economy, and has become an important economic growth point for the county’s regional economic development. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 16 county industrial clusters in Xuzhou City and more than 1,000 cluster enterprises, involving wood processing, food processing, plastic editing, light industry and other industries; sales revenue achieved in 2007 exceeded 10 billion Yuan. The status of representative clusters in Xuzhou County is listed in Table 1.
    In general, the competitiveness of the industrial cluster in Xuzhou County presents the following characteristics:
    The leading industrial positioning is clear, but the industrial chain is short. Xuzhou industrial clusters are still basically in the initial development stage of “bottom -up”. Even if the scale of the wood processing industrial clusters in Guanhu Town, Shezhou City is larger, it is limited to simply processing and production of wood. Improper, lack of meticulous specialization division of labor in the group, and have not yet formed the advantages of networked division of labor. The “corporate tendency of the industrial chain” is more serious, that is, the entire process of production from raw materials to the factory leave the factory is in a corporate group in a corporate group. For completing, the business method of corporate habits and “small and complete” operations has caused a poor awareness of division of labor collaboration. The phenomenon is not conducive to the expansion of the overall scale of the industrial cluster.
    The industrial chain has inadequate competition and weak corporate innovation capabilities. For example, in the garlic cluster area of ​​Yangshan Town, Luzhou, the same product is produced by one or a few companies. The insufficient competition makes it insufficiently innovative. It is also difficult to provide companies that provide professional and technical services. As a result, most of the city’s industrial agglomeration has not yet formed an innovation mechanism, imitation is more than innovation. The products stay at low -grade, old varieties, and rough processing stages for a long time. Most products are at the end of the industrial chain, with low added value.
    The socialized cooperation in productive services within industrial clusters is low. For example, Jiawang Furniture Cluster lacks training, consulting, trade, design and development, information, information, intermediary services, financial insurance and other supporting companies in the park to reduce the efficiency of enterprises. Professional market construction lags, the degree of socialization of intermediary services is not high, and the self -discipline organization mechanism of clusters is difficult to form or play a role.

    The public service system is not sound. The public service system that is closely linked to industrial agglomeration and development is relatively weak, especially the construction of public technology services and public information service industry is relatively lagging behind; some cluster parks lack clear functional positioning and unified planning, cluster product research and development system, testing and quality certification system, and quality certification system, and quality certification system,, and quality certification systems, and quality authentication systems. The education and training system, the informatization service system, the e -commerce and modern logistics distribution system are incomplete, the regional supporting functions are incomplete, in an disorderly state, the teeth of different industries are inconsistent, and the characteristics are not obvious.
    The brand’s influence is not strong, and the ability to innovate independent innovation needs to be strengthened. Existing industrial clusters have a prominent problem in brand building is the popularity and influence of the cluster’s own brand, low influence, and the lack of brand awareness in the cluster. Except for the woodworking boards of Guanhu Town, the brand -level brand is a national brand. With less, the cluster lacks strong brand support. In addition, the scale of most companies in the cluster, weak scientific research innovation forces, lack of talent support, and lack of scientific and technological service companies have made most of the industrial agglomerations of Xuzhou not yet formed innovation mechanisms, imitations are more than innovation, and products stay in low -grade and old varieties for a long time. , Coarse machining stage.

    The strategy of improving the competitiveness of the industrial cluster of Xuzhou County

    (1) Scientific planning to promote the sustainable development of industrial cluster
    It helps to systematically analyze the conditions and prospects of cluster development, and propose practical goals and measures. At present, the Xuzhou County Cluster is in the early stage of great development. Some are forming the prototype of the cluster. If the plan is in place, it will achieve more effort. The plan content includes:
    The leading industrial planning. According to Xuzhou’s “Eleventh Five -Year Plan” development plan, in accordance with the characteristics of the resource endowment, the current status of industrial development, and the formation of the industrial chain, the construction of the small town, the revitalization of Jiangsu Province, and the key development of the Xu Lian economic industry belt and the Yangtze River Delta industrial structure adjustment Opportunity, choose the most local comparative industries or products, focus on cultivating one or two characteristic leading industries, and scientifically compile a number of development planning for characteristic industrial clusters. Relying on the rich resource advantages and location advantages, the cluster -leading industry is formed, and the cultivation and growth of the cluster industry will be the breakthrough of economic development. There are targets to attract those projects that have the advantages of industrial driving and have industrial association effects, and supporting collaborative functions to enter the industrial clus The localization of the project, strive to form a network system that is closely cooperated, professional partitions and cooperation is complete.

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