4 thoughts on “Do you think the parent group is necessary to exist?”

  1. I don’t think the parent group does, because many parents do something in the parent group, which completely violates the meaning of the parent group. I believe that everyone has seen a lot of news on the Internet. Some parents are beautiful. They must prepare some small surprises for teachers. But under the premise of these small surprises, they asked other parents to make the money. So under this performance, everyone feels something wrong, and more importantly, I don’t think what parents can bring to their children.
    If the front parent group can exist, but if it is given gifts or to please the teacher, then this behavior is not necessary. Because of this expression, it will affect the child. Some parent groups discuss what Teacher’s Day will be given to the teacher every day, what to send to the teacher after this festival, and what to give the teacher what to give the teacher. It is such a comparison and discussion, so it makes people feel unnecessary.
    The purpose of educating children and many parents in it is not for the purpose of educating their children’s learning. They want other parents to pay for various comparisons. Therefore, the parent group does not make much sense. What’s more important is that if the educational role is not played, then these groups should be dissolved in time. And many parents do not have a restraint when doing things. More importantly, they do not know how to improve this phenomenon while doing these things. And for many parents, they always ignore their children when they do something.
    The shortcomings of children because they will share some children’s shortcomings in the parent group, so for children, they cannot better express themselves. In fact, the main significance of the parent group is to allow children to learn better in school and grasp some of the children’s news for the first time. It is hoped that parents and teachers can determine whether the parent group is necessary after discussing. Because while improving this phenomenon, it is necessary to correctly understand the meaning of such a group of existence, so that it will not affect it.

  2. It is necessary to exist. He asked parents to have a clear understanding, and let parents know what happened to their children in their lives, and they would care about their children in this way.

  3. I think that parent groups still need to exist. If you have any problems, you can also actively communicate in the group, so I think this group can play a certain positive role.

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