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  1. At present, the most profitable industries are: finance and investment, advanced manufacturing, information transmission, pharmaceutical/health service industry, software and information technology services, scientific research and technical service industries, medical beauty plastic surgery industry, live e -commerce, new media, new media, new media, new media, new media Industry, construction decoration industry, etc.

    1 New media industry
    In the era of the developed Internet, it is difficult to imagine how to spend without smart machines. It is calling messages, but more content consumption, which is why the new media platform can get angry. In short, this field is a trend and wind outlet in recent years. If you can seize the opportunity and seize the traffic password, the future can be described as a piece excellent.

    2 High -tech industry
    At present, China’s neck link is some high -tech industries, such as chips. Because high -tech is not available. In the chip field, China’s annual import cost is as high as 2.1 trillion yuan, and the self -sufficiency rate has just reached about 15%. If we can achieve the self -sufficient rate of 70%chip, we can reduce import costs 1.5 trillion yuan each year. Similar to the optical carvings, biopharmaceuticals, high -end CNC machine tools, operating system, etc.

    3 Live e -commerce
    In recent years, live e -commerce has been an explosive industry. The output value in 2017 was 19 billion, and it will be close to 1 trillion in 2020. In just three years, the scale of live e -commerce has soared by 50 times.

    The a few years ago is the stage of brutal growth in live e -commerce. Everyone can bring goods, all kinds of chaos. Weeds such as hidden rules, data fraud, and live broadcast fraud. Since the era of card washing in 2021, it has begun. After entering the market, many brands have hatched their IP and form a matrix on the live broadcast platform.

    In future, three major changes will occur in the live broadcast industry. 1. Supervision tends to be strict. 2. Increase the head concentration, 3. Industrial base will become winners.

    4 The pharmaceutical industry/health service industry
    The sudden epidemic situation, 1.4 billion people are waiting for vaccination, and 7.5 billion people around the world are waiting for vaccine. The pharmaceutical industry must be the first good industry. However, the prospect of the pharmaceutical industry does not mean that you are advised to become a doctor or selling medicines. For example, providing supporting services for the pharmaceutical industry, there are many industries to choose from, such as the health service industry.

    With the improvement of Chinese knowledge level and income level, everyone pays more and more attention to the concept of health. Therefore, pharmacies and health food stores that are closely related to people are the most profitable industries today.

    The future living conditions must be better and better, pay more and more attention to health. Everyone is looking forward to longevity. Therefore, strategic guarantee industrial medicine will also have a lot of room for development.

  2. Essence

    Whether it is work or entrepreneurial! You need to choose your own interest, find your own advantages, and find your specialties.

    1: Consider your interests and do what you like to do the most, only letting work becomes fun. You can develop better in this industry.

    2: Analyze your experience and be your best. The identity of the inside will make you handy in many things.

    3: Emphasize the relationship channel here, this accumulation in social life. One more channel is equal to one more opportunity. Often wealth depends on relationships. This is not unreasonable. .

    . My opinion and my approach are:
    1, compound profit earning money. That is the profit, the profit is profitable. It is equivalent to putting the money high and profit.
    2, earning money in duration. One person has three heads and six arms, and he does not earn much. Many people work for you. Many roads make money for you, and many places give you money for you.
    3. Use others to make money for you, liberate yourself, and have time to learn how to make money quickly.
    4. The power of capital will be used.
    5, the power of human connections will be used.
    6. The power of the pole and bar: For example, borrowing the power of others, the power of the capital … partners, jointly start a business …
    7, open source throwing!
    8, parasitic method, that is, borrowing large enterprises, can also be a joint stock!
    9. Payment more effort than others!

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  4. Now the development of the Internet is very fast, and the country also values ​​and supports the Internet’s high -tech talents, and this high -tech talent is still relatively lacking. If you learn the software’s professional ability is strong and the professional knowledge is strong, there is a strong professional knowledge. A very good prospect.

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