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  1. The fastest and most stable industry:

    1, dry cleaning shop. With the improvement of living standards, everyone is more and more particular about dressing, and the corresponding markets are getting bigger and bigger, especially now that the social division of labor is upgraded and upgraded, and there are more and more “lazy people”.

    It before the clothes that need to be dry will be delivered to the dry cleaning shop. Now many people have no time to do the housework of washing clothes. It is also gradually enhanced, especially the white -collar workers in modern cities, and they are unwilling to waste time on laundry and cooking.

    2, barbecue restaurant. As we all know, the barbecue franchise stores are mainly vegetarian, amaranth and other products. Generally, the cost of vegetarian vegetables is only a few cents, priced at 1-2 yuan, and gross profit is about 90%; the cost of amaranth is 1-2 yuan, the price is about 3-4 yuan, and the gross profit is profitable. At about 50%. The gross profit of rice cakes, steamed buns, sausages and other products like other products is about 90%. According to statistics, the gross profit of barbecue restaurants is around 60%.

    3, fruit shop. Modern people attach great importance to health, and they will not be too embarrassed to spend money on themselves.

    4, small restaurant. This investment is also relatively small, and as long as the location is good, it is not a problem. To open a place where there are more workers.

    In summary, dry cleaning shops are more worthy of operation. Regarding whether the dry cleaning store is joined or self -employed. In fact, according to different people, there are different choices. If you have experienced people who have experienced drying shops, you can self -employment. If you are still a novice, it is recommended to choose a suitable joining. The company, which is equivalent to a one -to -one service help from the early to late period, to maximize the advantage. You can go to Taijie dry cleaning.

    Taijie dry cleaning was established in Shanghai. Its predecessor was the Institute of Macros of Applied Chemistry, Anhui, which was established in 1992. In the early days of its establishment So far, Tai Jie has become a three -dimensional comprehensive service platform for technical training and modern services to provide regularized, professional dry cleaning, water washing, leather maintenance, clothing woven, dyeing, shoe, shoe washing, family cleaning maintenance and other technical training and modern services.

  2. Occupation of high comprehensive treatment in the 21st century in China:
    Computer software developers, real estate developers, building contractors, futures vendors, advertisers, producers, fashion designers, insurance agents, securities brokers Point master, program host, training expert, public relations person, singer, film and television star, sports star, lawyer, director, fashion model, modern direct seller, freelance writer, doctor, registered accountant, cookingian, hairdressing beauty master, beauty and beauty master, beauty and beauty master, beauty and beauty master, hairdressing cosmetic master, beauty gobinologist, beauty and cosmetic master, hairdressing cosmetic master, beauty and beauty master, hairdressing cosmetic master, beauty and beauty master, hairdressing cosmetic master, beauty and beauty master, hairdressing cosmetic master, beauty master, hairdressing cosmetic master, beauty and beauty master, hairdressing cosmetic master, beauty and beauty master, hairdressing beauty master, hairdressing cosmetic master, beauty goser Flower merchants, special breeding owners, tour guide, stewardess, taxi driver. (Guangzhou Daily)
    The most profitable occupation in China today:
    C computer software developers
    The prosperity of personal computers created the “Gates myth”, one by one, the world’s wealth was born from the computer industry Essence With the rapid development of the computer industry, the computer software industry has also risen straight. In my country, the output value of personal computer in 1995 was as high as 40 billion yuan, of which about 25 % of the software, this year, it has continued to increase. According to data, based on my country’s current hardware equipment, the total PC has a total of 2 million units, so the total demand for the software market is at least 10 billion yuan. In fact, the output value of my country’s software industry is only about 400 million yuan. In my country, there are currently about 1.98 million software designers, and the annual salary income is more than 50,000 yuan. Computer software developers have become one of the most popular occupations today.
    The construction contractor
    According to the United Nations statistics, since the 1970s, the investment that countries around the world used to build houses each year generally account for 1 % -12 % of the GDP, and some have reached about 30 %; The fixed assets formed accounted for 30 % of the total value of fixed assets that year. These two indicators in my country are greatly lower than the world average. It is predicted that the real estate industry in my country will reach more than 10 % of the GDP, and it will take at least more than ten years. It can be expected that construction contractors will be promising in the next few decades. The income of the building contractor is considerable. Its personal commission accounts for about 7 % of the entire project investment, and the high ones can even reach 10 %. Yuan.
    The lawyer
    The lawyer’s income is rising. A lawyer who graduated from Harvard University can earn at least 1 million yuan a year. Of the more than 200 law firms in Beijing, the annual income of more than 100,000 yuan in lawyers accounted for more than 90 %. According to the budget of relevant departments, by the beginning of the 21st century, our lawyers will reach 300,000 to 400,000. “Understanding the law, the economy, and the foreign language” will be a standard for choosing a lawyer in the 21st century.
    This stars
    In the process of transitioning from the planned economy to the market economy, football, tennis, basketball, etc. are the first to enter the market and set up clubs and management centers. The average monthly salary of a football club team member is between 3,000 and 7,000 yuan, and the monthly salary of the master is as high as 10,000 yuan. Sometimes, the winning prize of the championship can be as high as 1 million yuan. The profession of sports stars will be even more hot.
    registered accountants
    In 1993, a Beijing accounting firm, which was founded by 6 people only raised 100,000 yuan, has developed more than 30 people in just one year later, with an annual income of nearly 4 million yuan. At the end of 1996, the institute had 100 employees, and the business income was up to 3 million yuan a month. According to the State Council’s plan, in 2010, China’s Certified Public Accountants will develop to 300,000, and employees will reach 1 million.
    If securities agent
    “If you want to be rich, first trap your stock”, the mantra of the Shenzhen people has already achieved consensus among tens of millions of shareholders across the country, and it is also seductive as stocks. It is the agents who are wearing red vests and yellow vests in the securities trading hall. With the continuous improvement of the market economy, my country’s stock market will become more and more standardized and popular. Therefore, the opportunities of securities brokers will also become more and more and higher and higher.
    Im advertisers
    The 21st century Chinese advertising creative master is not ordinary high -paying class. According to relevant information, the average monthly income of ordinary domestic advertising employees is about 2500 yuan, while in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, the income has exceeded 3,000 yuan, and there are more than 6 million advertising practitioners in the country. It can be expected that the Chinese advertising industry in the 21st century will truly form a large industry with intensive knowledge, technology dense, and intelligent, and the prospects of advertisers will be brilliant.
    Special breeding (planting) Master
    “Turtle crabs climbing on stage”, a phrase of the folk’s smooth and slippery image vividly depicts the Chinese dining table is quietly changing. In fact, not only the dining table, the clothing market is real, the wool is big, and the mink, fox fur, rabbit skin clothing is colorful; colorful cashmere sweater, yak shirts are dizzying; And this is closely related to the development of special breeding. In recent years, only 230 million US dollars have been exported to foreign exchange in my country. Many farmers are rich in raising, snakes, beekeeping, and mink. With the improvement of people’s economic conditions, pets and flowers have begun to enter modern families more and more.
    Dathetic doctors and beauty artists
    Data show that the average monthly income of a small hairdressing hall Chinese and American hair scholars is more than 3,000 yuan. At present, there are more than 16 million cosmetic institutions registered in the country and 8 million employees. China’s beauty industry has not started in the early 1980s, and has no unified industry standard. As an emerging industry, everything is just in the initial stage, but with the further standardization of the market and the gradual improvement of the legal system, the industry’s career choice space will be very broad.
    The public relations person
    The public relations have been misunderstood in China as an exclusive woman. In fact, real public relations are a modern business management model. There are more than half of today’s public relations, and they can be divided into autumn. Communication is an important part of modern society. Public relations, as a profession engaged in communication, no occupation can truly contact the essence of the times as public relations.

  3. First you have to analyze yourself. Then you have to analyze the business itself. In addition, you have to understand the market. For the time being, you can not want to make the most money. It depends on what business you are. What you are good at, naturally you are easy to harvest. Entrepreneurship must first position yourself and the market. Choose the road of getting rich according to your characteristics, the reason is the same, diligent and monograph! If it will succeed. That must contain your hard work in the value of the promotion. To grasp your social relationship, of course, use the above relationship. Without much relationship, it is generally an industry with high loyalty consumers, and it is difficult to get involved in the impact of the relationship. Including catering, entertainment, production and other industries.

  4. I don’t know how you think the pet industry is? Because I personally think that this market is very large, potential business opportunities are very large. Pets now treat it as a member of the family, and take care of even more carefully and willing to spend money on pets. Hehe, I just fancy these business opportunities, joined the pet shop to open a pet shop, and now It’s four months. From the first month, I can be said to be the capital, and I started profitable (limited profit) in the second month, and I have been on the pet beauty project at the end of the second month. Now it seems to be very good. Their headquarters provided me with many services and support, such as the effects of the decoration design scheme, publicity, unified VI, etc. of the storefront. This is also a factor of stable development. After all, people have also done it for many years. There are also many members who are always in the society. This brand is also very convinced.

  5. What is the purpose of opening a store? I hope that the stores you open for can truly operate, there is business every day to make money. You can compare the surrounding industries, like clothing stores, jewelry shops, catering … almost all the streets have shops, and the market is almost saturated. If you have not done business before, it is best not to open it. Come to operate stores, the chance of making money is not high. So you have to observe this market, seize business opportunities, do special creative projects, and do business with market development potential. Like the anime peripheral store of the animation industry is a good choice
    , the most creative in the animation shop is the anime DIY
    of the AA international animation store, the anime cosplay
    n These are the unique
    now young people are particularly keen on these things
    About details you can consult the staff of AA international animation

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