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What products are generally suitable for AliExpress? What good suggestions? – europuppyblog

2 thoughts on “What products are generally suitable for AliExpress? What good suggestions?”

  1. What kind of products are suitable for selling? After the shop is opened, many sellers of fast -selling beginners are facing problems that do not know what products to sell. Sellers who ask this question always think that there are other people’s experience as a backing, and they will go smoothly by themselves. Unexpectedly, this idea is wrong. Next, let’s analyze the editor carefully.

    : Why do others do well, he tells you 100%? After telling you, his product adds competitors, and fools do this
    First of all, even if others seriously tell you which category sells well, it may not be possible to do this category. Others can do or sell well. Timing, products, operation strategies, and executors, when you do it, many factors are no longer the situation at that time. There may After entering, you may not be satisfied with
    What kind of category is good, not for yourself, nor is it recommended by others. More, we must consider future changes and your own situation.
    If needs, the product will be met and there is a market. There are many al -velocity categories, and there are reasonable existence, that is, all categories can be, different categories vary depending on the platform policy, and the difficulty of entering the license sales is different. All categories are fine, but what Xiaobian wants to pay attention is that instead of considering what categories are good, it is better to consider what categories are suitable
    Considering different categories, product consumption frequency and after -sales service costs are very different. You can consider it carefully. Are there any industries and products around the industry with a high correction rate? The dwarf string value. The dwarf string value.
    If you do n’t know what kind of good seller do,
    clothing, shoe products are related to size, the same size, even if people of the same weight are worn, there is a feeling of relaxation and nervousness. There is no way. There is no way. Everyone is different. The size of the shoe products is slightly larger or slightly smaller. It cannot tolerate it. It affects the walking experience. If the problem is too high, you cannot consider such an industry. please remember. What we are talking about compare other industries is not absolute.
    For example, if you do not want to be too damaged, the lighting industry and sensitive equipment cannot be done. This is not absolute, just relative suggestions. We cannot deny that even if the industry packaging is more detailed and the road is longer, the probability of product damage is higher than the fell -resistant product under the violent screening of the courier (the probability). The same is true of the toy industry.
    After listening to your own thoughts, the first point exclude a lot of categories, and the second point must be combined with your own situation. If you have any products, you can take your luggage or cooperate with the factory, which is lighter. In Shantou, bathrooms, hardware, and ceramic products must be very good. In Baigou, it has a lot of benefits of 3C digital. So, the above is the suggestion that Xiaobian gives you. If you are helpful to you, please pay attention. Essence

  2. What products are relatively profitable for AliExpress? What method is the method of selling?n00:00 / 03: 5770% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / pause ESC: Exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: decreases by 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds studio Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

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