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  1. You can buy it at a regular car dealer.
    The mortgage vehicle, to go to the car management office to go through the transfer procedures, it is safe to relieve mortgage.
    Ilva and used cars to lift the information required for mortgage
    1. The identity certificate of the owner of the motor vehicle and the mortgagee.
    2. If the agent is agent, the agent’s identity certificate is also required (if the agent is the unit, the identity certificate of the person who is handled) and the written commission of the motor vehicle owner.
    3, motor vehicle registration certificate.
    4. The main contract and mortgage contract of the mortal vehicle owner and the mortgagee in accordance with the law.
    . The following circumstances do not apply for mortgage / lifting mortgage registration
    1. The certificate and voucher submitted by the motor vehicle owner are invalid.
    2. Motor vehicles meet the mandatory scrap standards stipulated by the state (except for lifting mortgage registration).
    3, motor vehicles were seized and seized by the people’s courts, the People’s Procuratorate, and the administrative law enforcement department in accordance with the law.
    4, motor vehicles are stolen.
    5. The motor vehicle supervised by the customs has not been lifted by customs supervision or has not been approved by the customs.
    6. Other circumstances that do not comply with laws and administrative regulations.

    1. The source of the mortgage vehicle
    before buying a mortgage car, you must find out the source of the mortgage. , Then you must not buy it. Because even after purchasing, the public security organs will be seized, and buyers will suffer a lot of benefits.
    2, the corresponding documents
    First of all, the loan institution is required to provide a clear mortgage agreement, in addition, it also provides the identity information of the borrower, which mainly includes a copy of the ID card.
    3. Inspection of the condition of mortgage cars
    The many mortgaged vehicles will have certain problems, either a large repair situation, or the number of kilometers is relatively long. There are a lot of problems. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the condition of the mortgaged car before buying to ensure its own interests.
    The above content reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Automobile Mortgage Loan
    The above content Reference: As long as the market price is 60%, the mortgage vehicle is so cheap to buy

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