Changzhou Textile and Clothing Vocational College of Academic Affairs Office of Academic Affairs Office of the Academic Affairs Office and other contact information

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  1. 1. The contact number and contact information of the Academic Affairs Office of Changzhou Textile and Clothing Vocational and Technical College
    The contact number of the Academic Affairs Office of Changzhou Textile and Clothing Vocational and Technical College is 0519-86336083. No. 53 Middle Road and the postcode of 213164, contacting the mailbox 326475525@qq.
    . Introduction to Changzhou Textiles and Clothing Vocational and Technical College Yangtze River is long, Taihu is wide;
    Here, Wu Changmei, a national model of labor, Ying Berlin, a well -known Chinese suit craftsman, Tang Wei, Hu Jihua, Cao Yang, Jiangsu Top Ten Fashion Designers to Wen Jun and Bian Jiawei, Chinese ceramics, Chinese ceramics. Master Wang Yaping, youth sculptor, Chinese arts and crafts “Hundred Flowers Awards” gold medal winners Yang Zhan, provincial intangible cultural heritage -Changzhou Liqingzhuke inheritor Xu Feng …
    , The school is a provincial -owned public full -time general college with a multi -disciplinary discipline of Rong science and technology. District Changzhou Science and Education City.
    The school was founded in 1958. It is a school that rely on the textile industry, conforms to local economic development, cultivates technical skills talents, serves the country’s modernization, and has distinctive characteristics. For higher vocational and technical colleges. In 2006 and 2011, they were evaluated through the training of higher vocational college talents in the Ministry of Education with excellent results.
    The school with “promoting the full development of students” as its core values, to cultivate technical and skillful talents with a high sense of social responsibility and meet the requirements of modern economic development. For more than sixty years, the talents have been widely set in the north and south of the river. In recent years, the school has accumulated a lot of accumulation and has been running out of school results. School innovation and entrepreneurial education work, advanced units of textile and clothing education in the country, outstanding achievement award of campus culture construction of the Ministry of Education, the university student KAB Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration Base, the first batch of “College Student Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School” in Jiangsu Province, and the first batch of “college students in Jiangsu Province” “Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base”, Advanced Schools of International Cooperation and Exchange in Jiangsu Province, Demonstration University of Ping An Campus Construction in Jiangsu Province, Special Contribution Award for Jiangsu International Costume Festival, Advanced Unit of Social Education Training in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou Civilized Unit (Model) Many honorary titles such as labor prize units. Graduates are widely praised by society, and the employment rate of students has been maintained at more than 98%in a row.
    The school covers an area of ​​825 acres, the construction area is 306,000 square meters, the fixed assets are 835 million yuan, and the total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 159 million yuan. There are currently more than 9,100 full -time students and more than 600 faculty members, including more than 450 full -time teachers; more than 170 senior professional titles; nearly 40 talents in various types of talents in Jiangsu Province; more than 30 industrial professors in Jiangsu Province. More than 40 senior visiting scholars and senior visiting engineers in China and provinces. 2 provincial excellent professional teaching teams. At the same time, a number of outstanding teachers who have influential influential teachers in the industry have been trained for “Advanced Individuals in Jiangsu Province Education Work”, “Jiangsu Brand Professional Leaders”, and “Asia -Pacific Bamboo Craftsman”.
    The school adheres to the school motto of “entering Germany, establishing industry, sensitivity, and deeds”. Accelerate the construction of high -level vocational colleges with “distinctive characteristics, first -class in the province, and well -known domestic”, and continuously explore the training of outstanding technical and technical talents.
    The school has teaching units such as creative colleges, textile colleges, schools, schools, schools of electromechanical and electrical and electrical and electrical and electrical and electrical and electrical and electrical and electrical and electrical and electrical, the School of Entrepreneurship, International College, Continuing Education College, Marxism College, Sports Department and other teaching units. There are 45 majors Essence It has 3 major financial support for funding development majors, 8 provincial characteristics, 1 provincial brand majors, 3 provincial key majors (groups), and 5 provincial high -level backbone majors. There are 38 pilot projects in the modern vocational education system in Jiangsu Province; 1 national high -quality online opening course, 3 national boutique courses, 23 provincial -level courses; 2 national teaching achievements, and 69 provincial and ministerial teaching achievements awards. Participate in three national vocational education professional teaching resource libraries. 10 national planning textbooks, 16 boutique textbooks in Jiangsu Province, and 11 key textbooks in Jiangsu Province. There are 6 first prizes for the National Vocational College Skills Competition, 8 first prizes of the provincial higher vocational college skills contest, 1 first prize of the National Vocational College Skills Competition Teaching Capability Competition, the first prize of the Provincial Information Technology Contest 1, provincial micro -class competition 3 first prizes.
    The major committees such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance jointly targeted the construction and the only national animation paperless public technology education service platform in the region, 2 national training bases, and 6 provincial and ministerial levels , 1 provincial innovation training base, 1 provincial talent training model innovation experimental base, 2 provincial engineering technology centers, 1 provincial -level skill master studio, provincial virtual simulation training center, municipal -level level Two key laboratories, 2 provincial -level higher vocational education production and education training platforms, and one national vocational skills appraisal. The school is also a training base for Chinese textile and clothing high -skilled talent talents, and a demonstration base for the production and research and research on the production of textiles and clothing in Jiangsu. Carry out the reform of the modern apprenticeship system, and implement 42 projects including the “Modern Apprentice System for the Changzhou Science and Education City of the Ministry of Education”. Carry out joint talent training with vocational colleges such as Ningxia and other western regions, and successfully achieve cross -regional docking for talent training.
    The school actively explores the linkage of political schools and enterprises, deep integration of production and education, and multi -party collaborative education, and leads to the establishment of the “Jiangsu Textile and Clothing Industry and Education Alliance”. Focusing on regional economic and social development, in terms of digital creative design, ecological textile technology research, fashion clothing design research, energy -saving and environmentally friendly dyeing agent development, intelligent textile equipment research and development, and modern service industry development, it has formed strong external service capabilities and markets Competitiveness. There are more than 200 closely relying on R

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