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  1. 1. The telephone number and contact information of the Academic Affairs Office of Changzhou Electromechanical and Electrical Vocational and Technical College of Mechanical and Electrical and Electrical and Electrical and Electrical and Electrical and Electrical, Changzhou Electrical and Electrical Vocational and Technical College ’s contact telephone number is 0519-86331111. The school’s contact address is 26 Mingxin Middle Road, Wujinxin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and the postcode is 213164, the contact is connected, the contact is connected The mailbox is jwc@czmec.
    . Introduction to the Changzhou Vocational and Technical College of Electromechanical and Electrical and Electrical, Changzhou Vocational and Technical College, is a provincial public full -time high -vocational college. It was founded in 1963. It was formerly known as Changzhou Machinery Vocational School and is now located in Changzhou Science and Education City. In 2002, the school was independently upgraded to a higher vocational college and belonged to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. In 2010, the school became a national demonstration (backbone) higher vocational college; in 2018, the school became the construction unit of high -level vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province. The school covers an area of ​​942 acres and has a construction area of ​​more than 300,000 square meters. It has more than 10,000 full -time students (scale 12,000) and more than 700 faculty members.
    The school motto of the school adheres to the school motto of “knowledge and practice”, adheres to the school’s school concept of running “people -oriented, advocating technology, opening up, and pursuing excellence” The quality of school running, boldly innovate the institutional mechanism of running the school, and deepen the reform of education and teaching.
    The school innovation “Quartet, three floors, inner parks and outer stations, co -construction and win -win” school -enterprise cooperative school mode, forming a school -enterprise cooperation council composed of members of the political and enterprise schools, to create a “inner park and outer station” School -enterprise cooperation platforms, establish a close -up school -enterprise cooperation mechanism for “cross -border interaction and cooperation development”, and form a “southern southern” model for integration of production and education. In 2014, the “National Modern Agricultural Machinery Equipment Talent Training Alliance”, “National Industrial Robot and Smart Equipment Vocational Education Group”, etc. brand.
    The professional pattern of “focusing on equipment manufacturing industry and supporting the manufacturing service majors” is formed to open 45 majors. The school has 9 secondary colleges (School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Mold Technology, School of Vehicle Engineering, School of Traffic Transport, School of Information Engineering, School of Economics Management, School of Creative Design, School of Education), and 3 departments ( 14 teaching departments including the Department of Cultural Basic, Professional Basic, Sports) and Marxist Academy, and Academy of Continuing Education.
    The school actively connects the development needs of the regional industrial, and has six major professional groups including industrial design, advanced machinery manufacturing technology, intelligent equipment technology, the Internet of Things and manufacturing information, automotive technology and services, and supply chain services. The school deepen the reform of the “three -in -one, the whole process” in combination with the talent training model, implement the teaching model of “doing middle schools” and “doing Chinese education”, and build a “diverse subject, dual -line parallel, three -time management” teaching quality guarantee system, and build There are 2 demonstration majors of the National Vocational College Equipment Manufacturing of the Ministry of Education, 2 major majors majors in Jiangsu Province, 3 specialty majors in provincial colleges, 5 national key colleges and universities, and 5 key construction majors in high vocational colleges, and support construction There are 2 majors, provincial demonstration higher vocational colleges, 3 key construction majors, 4 national professional majors in the country, 4 provincial key professional groups, 2 provincial and university brand professional projects, 2 provincial high -level vocational education high -level backbone 5 professional. At present, the school has 33 professional information resource libraries and 59 course teaching resource libraries. Among them, the “Vocational Education Industry Robotics Technology Professional Teaching Resource Library” is “National Vocational Education Professional Teaching Resources Library” and has passed the acceptance. Education professional teaching resource database courses 5 sub -projects.
    The school has always attached importance to the construction of teachers, and insisted on building a reasonable structure, rigorous academic, excellent quality, and dynamic teachers as an important task. There are more than 700 faculty members in the school, including 499 full -time teachers, and more than 350 part -time teachers are hired from industry companies. Among the full -time teachers, there are 201 people with senior titles, nearly 50 doctoral teachers, 372 teachers with a master’s degree or above, 441 teachers with dual teachers, accounting for 88.38%of full -time teachers. Among the teachers, there are 3 teaching teachers in Jiangsu Province. Jiangsu Province has 1 prominent contribution of young and middle -aged experts, 13 targets of “333 Project” in Jiangsu Province, 2 people in six major talents in Jiangsu Province, 2 people in Changzhou 831 high -level innovation Two entrepreneurial talents, 1 national teaching team, 3 excellent teaching teams in Jiangsu Province, 3 excellent teaching teams in Jiangsu Province “Green and Blue Project”, 6 young and younger academic leaders in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province “Blue and Blue Project” 28 outstanding young and middle -aged teachers in Jiangsu Province “Blue and Blue Project”.
    The school takes each student as its responsibility, and has carried out the ISO9000 quality management consumption certification since 2005. As an important training base for intelligent equipment technical talents in Changzhou and Jiangsu Province, nearly 4,000 graduates are delivered to the region each year. The first employment rate of graduates remains above 98%, and the professional counterpart rate of employment positions is more than 85%. The satisfaction of life is more than 96%. In recent years, students have won 16 first prizes in the National Vocational College Skills Contest, and a number of typical students such as Xu Hui, the “Jiangsu Provincial College Student Annual Person”, and He Ruijie, the champion of the Occupational Planning Contest of the Provincial College Student Professional Planning Competition.
    The school to build a public technical service platform, create a “multi -directional, three -dimensional” social service system, and build a national -level, such as robotics and intelligent equipment application technology research centers, the Internet of Things and manufacturing information technology research and development centers There are 20 provincial and municipal science and technology platforms, and won the title of “Advanced Universities in Jiangsu Province”. The school vigorously promotes continuing education, and nearly 20,000 people have been trained in the year, and have won the title of “Demonstration Base in Jiangsu Province Highly Skills Talent Training Base”. The school’s “Changzhou Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Application Technology Research Center” was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, becoming the only higher vocational college in the host unit of the National Innovation Fund project. The school’s “Digital Classics Equipment and Intelligence Management System” project has won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce.
    The school expands Chinese -foreign cooperative schooling projects, establishes international teachers training institutions, interviews and exchanges, and hires outstanding foreign teachers to improve the level of international school running. In recent years, the school has carried out cooperation orders and internationally renowned enterprises, opened the “dual system” classes in the integration of electromechanical technology, and carried out the “Sino-German Cooperation Machinery Manufacturing Professional Introduction of Hu Ge Teaching Model” project, establishing “Mechanical and Electrical-Aolong-Aolong International Teachers Training Center, developing international cooperation training programs.
    The school network network flattening and wireless network reconstruction have been completed, forming the campus network architecture of the IPV4/IPv6 dual stack of the trunk and gigabit desktop of the thousands of dimensions. Essence Campus wired and wireless networks cover all areas of teaching, office, life and other areas. Virtual simulation teaching software has been widely used in professional teaching, and teachers’ information teaching ability is generally improved. In recent years, the school has won 1 national second prize, 3 third prizes, 7 provincial first prizes, and 16 second prizes.

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