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What routine is the stock exchange group – europuppyblog

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  1. 1. Luck you to buy lessons
    It some communication groups have just started recommending stocks for users for free. It will not wait a few days before I will buy them to buy their exclusive strategies. Someone may question here. The ability, freely recommended stocks every day, who will buy lessons? Gao Ming is here. He may have 100 such stock exchange groups in his hand. On the first day, 50 groups issued a certain stock fell, and 50 groups would open this stock to rise. Two days in these 50 guessing groups the correct group one, another one, half of the group, half of the group, half of the group fell. In the past week, at least one group of daily predictions will be correct. People in the group will be the right. It will be convinced that you will start buying strategies, and these strategies may be just some information that the website is intercepted casually. After the owner is harvested, the group will be withdrawn and there is no after -sales.

    . Lie you to register
    The routine is that the people in the exchange group have a certain ability. Most of the judgment of the stock market is more reasonable. People who obtain information in the group are also happy, but as the saying goes, ” There is no free lunch in the world. “No one will not make money from others to make money every day for benefits. The reason for their free early in the early stage is to win your trust, and then recommend you to use the platform you recommend to trade. For example, you will tell you this platform. Fees for discounts, better products on this platform, etc., and then there will be various group friends to send screenshots. How much money they saves and how much money they earn on this new platform, all kinds of thanks How can you stand the temptation and register it directly, but in fact, those who work hard in these groups may be a nursery. There are hundreds of people in the group. There may be only dozens of people. The platforms they recommend may not be compliant. After a while, the platform runs directly, and investors’ money has been rolled away.

    three. Three to lie to you
    The last one is relatively clever. The communication group has the strength and free of charge. It is not recommended for the platform. We need to be more careful in the exchange group, maybe everyone is just the leeks they raise. Some time ago, the news broke out that the master in a stock exchange group induced investors in the group to buy a stock, and then the stock continued to fall. The cumulative decline in 4 trading days fell more than 30%. Many netizens suspected that this was induced investment investment. Pick up. In this case, how to communicate the group has legal procedures, which is not directly related to the involved party, and some of them are free obligations. Investors in the group are flickered to take over, it is difficult to defend their rights. This is it that it is it. In fact, we only need to remember that there is no free lunch in the world. If there is a pie falling on your mouth, it is either a trap or a trap.

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