5 thoughts on “I want@How to get a message in the WeChat group?”

  1. 1.@Single member: Enter WeChat Software-Open the group chat-long press a certain member’s avatar or click@key at the keyboard input box, and then select the members;
    2,@所有 人: Enter WeChat Group chat-click on the upper right corner of the interface “…”-Group Announcement-Edit Content-Completion-Published, you can@所有, you need to be the owner and administrator of the WeChat group to have the permissions.

  2. Press the opponent’s avatar or enter@symbols in the group.
    The premise of long pressing the opponent’s avatar is that the other party has to speak in the group. The operating method is as follows:
    It enter the group of the opponent
    Plas to hold the opponent’s avatar without moving
    about 1 second after about 1 second,@人 will appear in the chat input box.

    The method of input@symbol is better. Enter the box
    Enter a@symbol. At this time, the “person who selects the reply”
    In the person you need@输 in the list below.

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