2 thoughts on “How to get the best title of kindergarten exchange group?”

  1. The title of the kindergarten exchange group, it is best to write the kindergarten name and class. For example, the small class exchange group entered the park in 2022 can be used:
    On a certain kindergarten 2022 small class exchange group

  2. The content is as follows:
    1, the beautiful gardener
    2, the guardian of the motherland flowers
    3, the light of hope
    4, the communication group of a certain kindergarten N6, Guardian Angel
    7, Tao Li Tianxia
    8, warm
    9, love children
    10, candle
    11, protector messenger n12, love flower man n13 , Enlightenment
    14, Baby House
    15, Angels who love to laugh
    16, Flower in childhood
    17, love in childhood
    18, love flying
    19, Childhood growth
    20, flying wings

    21, XX kindergarten XX class exchange group
    22, baby guardian
    23, advance, baby
    24, wanton youth
    25, wanton gentle

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