Prawn, who knows what factors or parameters can be used as CPK in painting or vacuum coating? Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Prawn, who knows what factors or parameters can be used as CPK in painting or vacuum coating? Thanks!”

  1. Quantitative CPK can be found. CPK can be sampled for key parameters. But in practical applications, it is not very useful. This is the biggest thing for the quality personnel of the coating industry. Because even if CPK meets the requirements, the quality of the product is still a problem. Ha ha. Experience. Maybe someone does better. I didn’t do it as well.
    1, key parameters of the assembly line. Such as: IR temperature (or oven temperature), paint film thickness, UV energy, dust test, color. These five are the most basic parameters to ensure product quality. If you are thin, stress, pressure, etc. If the product has the color of the paint or the color of the NCVM, it is necessary to use a better color difference test. However, if you encounter pearly, sub -light, high -lit (gold, silver), the color difference will be deviated or cannot be measured.
    2, in addition to monitoring key parameters, vacuum coating is also a color control. If the company is rich, you can buy the Guangpu tester to test the thickness of the coating layer. Rich Kang has it, and the general company cannot afford it. I just met at their company.
    3, direct sampling products, but not in the form of CPK, because it must not even reach 1. Poor Lipu, the adverse rate of the industry is placed here, this is not suitable.
    4, the control of the finished product on the assembly line can be used. Controlling the fluctuations between the actual adverse rate and the standard adverse rate can intuitively reflect the quality and ability of the assembly line.
    5, opinion. To control the quality with SPC techniques, we must first figure out what statistics are and what are SPCs. Don’t understand the principle of raw set formula, so it doesn’t mean. For example, how much do you need to take with P Figure? How much is controlled? Suitable for the status quo of the company? I can’t tell you directly, going to study by yourself.
    6. The quality control of the coating industry is more subjective compared to other industries. It cannot directly cut the key to the key, and can only be controlled indirectly. So all the points are pursuing a suitable company. If I write, I can write this book. Ha ha.
    7, in the end, ask for extra points.

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