How to find a account in the securities company how to find a account manager

In the end, this question is now: I have opened an account now, and there is no manager. Is there any solution?

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  1. There are two ways: one is to open an account to the nearby securities company outlets, and the securities company will arrange the customer manager for you. You will serve you with the customer manager!
    If you are a customer who goes to the business hall yourself, there is generally no customer manager, you can call the business department to assign you a customer manager for better services. If someone takes you to the Securities Business Hall to open an account and give you the whole process of opening an account, it is generally your customer manager.
    It online account opening usually arranges a customer manager to serve customers. Generally, in the securities APP, you can find your own customer manager contact information. If you can’t find the customer manager, you can call the official customer service telephone consultation. There are more and more online account opening at any time. In fact, many customers have been served by a customer manager, so it is recommended that you find the customer manager online before opening an account. Stock account opening can basically be directly opened online. There is no time and regional restrictions on online account opening. Investors can handle it online at any time.
    The customer manager is a middleman of the brokerage company and investors. That is to say, if the novice Xiaobai just enters the stock market, there is an unclear or what business needs to handle, you can contact the customer manager. The commission rate related to stock transactions can also contact the customer manager to see if it can be adjusted.
    can also make an appointment on the official website of the securities company you want to open. The system will match the appropriate customer manager for you. You can contact him to inquire about the details.
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    The process of opening an account online is mainly: 1) First contact the customer manager of the securities company, and then download the stock trading software application ; 2) Enter the trading software, there will be a “open account” button; 3) enter the input information after entering the immediately open page; 4) Next, you need to video verification. The system needs to confirm the account that I open; There will be a risk assessment. After the evaluation is completed, you can bind the bank card.

  2. 1. Households have been opened. Those who did not make an appointment for the client manager before are no clients with customer managers; securities companies will not arrange for you to arrange customer managers.
    2. Securities companies refer to a specialized securities business established by the State Council’s securities supervision and management agency in accordance with the provisions of the “Company Law” and “Securities Law”. Co., Ltd..
    3. The customer manager is both the representative of the relationship between banks and customers and the representative of banks’ foreign business. (Take the bank as an example) The responsibility of the customer manager is the opening, fully understanding the needs of customers and fighting for its marketing products and fighting for business. At the same time Under the premise of actively preventing financial risks, establish and maintain long -term close connection with customers.

  3. You are the households who have not been opened at the counter by the client manager’s appointment. This is the importance of accounting for accounting manager first.
    I answers to your supplementary question: It is unlikely to want them to re -arrange the customer manager. The general method is to transfer to other companies, and at the same time, it can reduce the cost of transaction.

  4. Did you run to the securities company by yourself? In this case, the investment consultant of the securities company will maintain you, which is the customer manager you said, but there are just a few investment consultants of a company, and there are many customers who come to open an account like you do not care about you! If you take you to open an account by the employee of the securities company, then that person is your client manager, you can find him any questions, and even he will often call you to ask for warmth. Should be his uncle. Essence Essence

  5. You are the households who have not been opened at the counter by the client manager’s appointment. This is the importance of accounting for accounting manager first. I suggest that you should find the customer manager to make an appointment on the Internet

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