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  1. The premise of choosing a cash register system is to clarify what functions are needed when using the cash register system and how to facilitate cash register.
    1. The system operating process needs to be simple and convenient, and multiple payment methods are aggregated
    It some merchants believe that the more functions of the cashier system, the better. In terms of efficiency, if the cash register system is too complicated, the cashier is not easy to get started quickly. And with the advent of the mobile Internet era, only the payment method of cash and bank cards can no longer meet the needs of most people. It also needs to support UnionPay QR codes, Alipay, and WeChat platform scan payment to quickly calculate customer consumption of customers’ consumption quickly A amount, thereby improving work efficiency.
    2. It can access a variety of hardware equipment
    The cashier system requires a variety of hardware devices in order to change the data when replacing the cashier equipment later. The main equipment is cashier, scanning guns, small ticket printers, etc.
    3. Mature sales management
    The products in small supermarkets are a lot of complicated. They must quickly enter and manage product information through the cashier system. This will greatly reduce labor costs. Investment data, knowing the sales of the store at any time, can also avoid unnecessary loss of various types of goods.
    4. Powerful membership management function
    member management is to allow customers’ stored value cards to recharge, consumption, and balance inquiry for online or online stores, and also help merchants to quickly obtain members.

  2. Now, almost every restaurant store has a cashier system, but there are still many businesses seeking a better cash register system. There may be new merchants who are puzzled. Why do you pay attention to the cash register system? That’s because the cashier system is of great significance for merchant membership marketing.
    member marketing is not only for the development of new customers, but also the maintenance and management of customer base, establish an emotional bond between enterprises and members, thereby improving members’ loyalty, stabilizing customer sources, and increasing membership repurchase rates , Improve membership quality, customer unit price. For many small and medium -sized enterprises, increasing customer traffic is the main purpose of member marketing. However, from the perspective of the development of the store, providing membership privileges, maintaining accurate marketing depth and management loyalty is the basis for sustainable membership marketing.
    IV’s cash register system
    stable customers, cultivate loyal customers
    In the current information explosion, consumers’ choices are more diverse. Most customers are random when they face shopping choices, and they rarely have long -term loyalty to store products or services. At the same time, it also highlights the actual application significance of member marketing. Through marketing activities, companies can stabilize customers with high -quality products and services, and win the trust of customers, thereby promoting the increase in consumption frequency, and gradually cultivating loyal customers with high consumption viscosity.
    It improves competitiveness and reduce marketing costs
    Is know that the cost of developing new customers is 3-10 times that of old customers. Maintaining old customers and increasing their consumption frequency and customer unit price is an effective way to increase corporate profits. Do a good job of member marketing for old customers can effectively manage old customers, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and reducing the marketing costs of the enterprise.
    IV’s cash register system
    more accurate and efficient marketing
    traditional marketing is mainly discounts and promotion. Although a large number of customers can be attracted in a short time, the enthusiasm of customers has decreased with the end of the event. Most of these customers only consume during the event and rarely contribute to the daily operating performance of the store. This marketing method is difficult to achieve the expected results. With the development of membership management and membership marketing, merchants can use the management system to better locate the target customer base, analyze membership according to the membership database, and add membership labels according to membership, so as to more accurately and effectively cut into the user market, carry out targeted personality personality Hua marketing.
    member marketing is not a simple promotion or discount. To realize real member marketing, merchants should pay attention to the personal needs of customers, do a good job of membership care, and cultivate members’ consumption dependence and trust. Good membership marketing will definitely have a positive and active impact on store operations, help store performance growth from various aspects, and achieve the transformation and development of traditional stores.

  3. Hello, the cash register system is good or not, how to choose, you can use the following points:
    1. You can refer to the market reputation. After all, consumers are a mirror, whether the product is good, the opinions they give are more reasonable; r; n2. Looking at the architecture of the cash collection system, whether he is a traditional architecture or SaaS model, is it you need;
    3, the function of the cash register system, the system is good, the function is the most reflected. After all, is it complete and powerful? , Explain that the strength of the system itself is strong enough;
    4, the service team of the enterprise, the cashier system is a software. In the process of using These are not big problems;
    5, choose a very good cash register system on the market, after using the experience, choose the most suitable one.

    The above content is derived from the Schun -Tiangian cash register system, for reference only!

  4. Different industries are also different from the required cashier system. The most important one is after -sales service and functions. In terms of functions, there are many such as: product management, inventory management, membership management, promotional discounts, employee management, sales analysis report forms, WeChat binding, computer -end plus mobile terminals, and so on.

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