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  1. The Hechuang brand who thought it would be expected, after experiencing the May new brand conference, used six months to polish a pure electric SUV model called “Hycan007”. I did not expect that the combination of GAC New Energy LX Weilai ES8 was actually the first model given to users by the Hechuang brand. IQ Tax> Products itself, Hycan007 is not passing.
    The end of Weilai at the end of December was a bit busy. After the release of the new GAC Weilai new product on the 27th, he also rushed to the 28th Nioday on the 28th. GAC Weilai’s cooperation project is also a new joint venture with GAC after the foundry and qualification acquisition model after the foundry and qualification acquisition model.
    How GAC Weilai does not think that he is a traditional joint venture company, which should be called “Hechuang Company”. The joint venture referred to here refers to sharing resources and allocate together; the literal meaning of the creation brand is better to understand it as a joint establishment, creation, and innovation.
    I I would like to create the significance behind the brand name, but from the current first -mass production model Hycan007, it exists together, but it may take some time to create and innovate.
    is more exciting than the cooperation model of Weilai and Jianghuai and Changan, GAC and Weilai. After all, compared with Jianghuai and Changan, GAC Yang is famous.
    On April 10, 2018, GAC Weilai New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in the Nansha Free Trade Zone in Guangzhou, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The total investment of the project plan is 1.28 billion yuan, and is committed to the research and development, sales and services of intelligent networking new energy vehicles.
    Perhaps the real reason why it is ordered to be “Hechuang Company” is that GAC Group accounts for 22.5%of the shares, GAC New Energy accounts for 22.5%of the shares, and Weilai co -operates 45%. 10%of the shares. A balanced and mutually beneficial relationship allows it to truly reach the original intention of common entrepreneurship.
    2018 Guangqi Collection has reached a net profit of about 10.786 billion yuan, an increase of 75.37%year -on -year; and Weilai ES8’s first model of breaking 300,000 yuan in the new power of car construction has also advanced all the way. Under the premise of good market forms, the cooperation between GAC and Weilai seems to be more inferior to the industry.
    Is when everyone thinks that cooperation with GAC is just a preparation for Weilai to find the next foundry factory, their new model was born: GAC is responsible for the development and production of products, and Weilai provides a smart network with the intelligent network. In the joint technology and energy support system, GAC Weilai is also interestingly named “Light Model” for it, which is intended to take the strengths of both parties and make money together. From this division of labor, GAC’s right to speak is greater than Weilai.
    In this “light mode”, GAC Weilai has an independent management and operation team. They will be directly responsible for all the brand development. In terms of executive team, Wei Lai’s Li Bin is the chairman. Wang Qiujing, Dean of the Academy, is the vice chairman, Zhang Yang, general manager of GAC New Energy Gu Huinan and the vice president of Weilai Industrial Development, as the director, and Liao Bing, a assistant to the dean of the GAC Research Institute, is the director and general manager of GAC Weilai.
    This brand will also launch a travel ecosystem formed by “car pan -pan products” involving the definition of modeling products, battery rental, charging piles, charging vehicles, etc. Things.
    GAC New Energy has always been creating a “25 -hour experience living circle”, and Weilai is also deploying super charging stations, and there is a strange work with the travel ecosystem to be promoted by the Innovation Institute, but if you think about it, Hechuang will be created. The brand does not seem to have much self -characteristic brand idea. Even the most critical production and marketing is the strengths of the two. It is inevitable that it will be criticized to become a “fast -selling product” under the doctrine.
    In the press conference, the Hechuang brand did not do too much in -depth analysis of the channel layout. In the current state, perhaps the connection relationship between GAC Weilai is the fastest -fired hot -fired brand. Way.
    If this is the “biggest difference between light model and traditional joint venture” that GAC has been emphasizing. It seems that some soup does not change the medicine, how much will it produce market effects? Hard to say.
    Caping numbers 7
    It can’t remember the English name of the first pure electric SUV Hycan, remembering the suffix 007 is not difficult.
    The first pure electric provides 5 new options. The pre-sale price range is 260,000 to 400,000 yuan, the NEDC battery life can reach 643 kilometers, and users are delivered to users in the first half of 2020. A bit surprising is a brand new brand that does not have too many brands to propagate momentum. As soon as it comes to the ranks of 260,000 pre -sale prices, it is really a posture of “back to the big tree and good.”
    hycan007 seems to be preparing to follow the high-end positioning of GAC New Energy LX and Weilai ES8 brand. The pre-selling price is 260,000-400,000 yuan, filling the gap of 300,000 yuan in China’s independent brands. On the network, “Lithium Smart Travel” also found a more detailed media evaluation of the new travel He Lei for Hycan007.
    He Lei pointed out that 1: Hycan007 and GAC AIONLX are very similar, which can be described as twin brothers models, LX’s background small change of the interior learning and using some Weilai services and ecology; 2: The interior design is too simple, there is no design aesthetic pile screen, no connotation; 3: and LX models come from the same platform, with a battery life of 500km, which is relatively solid; 4: Internal design adds smart assistants who imitate NOMI, mountain competition, and the sense of mountain competition. Strong, the overall materials are not high; 5: The pre -sale price routine is similar to LX, and the official price may overlap LX.
    Per maybe friends who have seen the real car will issue similar questions. Whether the creation brand is too anxious to launch the Hycan007 model, it has not given the creation brand too much good accumulation in the consumption layer. It does not look like GAC as GAC The new energy LX has a gradual step -by -step product, and it is not like the high -end products created by Weilai at the beginning, just like the “airborne soldiers”, and the debut without warning, under the free advertisements of GAC and Weilai, squeezed into the hard squeezed into the free admission. A legion with a price of 300,000 yuan in independent brands. This seems to be an IQ Tax> Product itself, Hycan007 has not given much goodwill from the beginning.
    It GAC Research Institute In terms of product development, the attributes of “007” are interested in the appearance and interior of the model. The full -touch trio screen is not a straight line, but a 150.48 degree angle, which also forms the effect of digital 7. But even so, I can’t avoid a group of melon group asking questions, “What is the concept of this 007?” Weilai, who has always told the story, has not given “007” a beautiful and longing explanation. It is just called called “007”, a code.
    lycan007 is based on the new generation of GAPP’s new generation of pure electricity. The wheelbase is 2819mm, the highest NEDC comprehensive operating condition is 643 kilometers, and the body is a steel aluminum mixed cage structure. Is this large -scale familiar analysis that make everyone feel a little acquaintance and feel AionlX; and the small Can robot that can interact with the interior of the car through the screen of the car does it really look like Weilai’s NOMI. Draw the show.
    Agenal pride
    For GAC New Energy, realizing the ox that has been boasted should be a small pride. According to the announced data of the China Union, from January to November 2019, GAC New Energy’s new energy passenger vehicles sold a total of 34,510 units, an increase of 103.7%year-on-year.
    The saying that the new energy vehicle market encounters the cold current, when GAC New Energy has become the same as “Guangzhou’s failure to enter the winter again this year”. The warm winter day in Guangzhou forms a positive formation of their sales. GAC New Energy not only did not have
    The influence of subsidies and the downward landscape of the auto market, but went up all the way. In November, it ranked third in the sales list.
    AIONLX, which sells for 250,000 yuan, also has 323 wholesale sales in the month. In November, 508 units were sold, an increase of 57.3%. It is second only to the same model Weilai ES6. As Gu Huinan said, “their products can speak, consumers will recognize their vision, and their products will definitely have amazing market feedback.”
    Sure enough, GAC New Energy gradually began To achieve high -end brand, its AIONS sales ranked among the top three in November with 5,538 new energy models. Although the sales volume is mostly large orders, it has not affected AIONS’s strong post -developer.
    In the “World -Class Car Silicon Valley”, GAC New Energy Industrial Park has been watched. The investment is expected to be 45 billion yuan. Create. Such prospects and control of intelligence have also made GAC’s further firm on the road of new energy.
    cannot deny that under the shelter of GAC, the Hechuang brand will definitely have a more confidence than other start -up brands. The “big collision” of traditional auto companies and new forces of car manufacturing can give GAC Weilai the opportunity to make full use of effective resources.
    but at the same time, Liao Bing (Director and General Manager of GAC Weilai) did not avoid the problems that the two car companies could occur after the collision. The collision of the thinking logic pattern is inevitable. It is not easy to get past in a short time. It takes a lot of time. “
    The Hechuang brand is the” newcomer “of the new energy industry. They should take out a unique thing to make the industry shine. After all, GAC Weilai. These two industries have a big IP, which is enough to get on the hot list.
    In the face of the delivery of the upcoming opening in April, Hycan007 must be fast. New car production in the GAC New Energy factory also ensures the absolute quality of Hycan007.
    but “Lithium Smart Travel” believes that the next but channel construction issues seem to be in a embarrassing position. It is reported that the current channel will be in Hycan GAC Weilai experience center or delivery. For the center, users can also enjoy the services and resources provided by GAC and Weilai at the same time. In this link, the creation brand is too good at relying on GAC and Weilai. It may not be a good thing.
    The creation brand without too much self -brand characteristics, how far can it go, is it really a subversion? You also need to get a question mark.
    This comes from the authors of the car home car, which does not represent the point of view of the car home.

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