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  1. As the saying goes, the position of the fund manager is already very high -end as soon as the position of the fund manager is heard. It can be in charge of huge amounts of funds, vertical stocks, bonds and other investments. Do you also want to be a fund manager? So how do you become a fund manager and how can you become a fund manager?
    First, you must start from a securities dealer to develop stock research, and the threshold for stock research is basically a master’s doctor
    second. In this way, it will be seen by the fund company
    third. When you enter the fund company, you do n’t say that you are the fund manager. You have to start with the product manager and assistant. .
    If the fund manager surnamed Wang, do you know what other departments are called? President Wang! Let me tell you that the position of the fund manager is very high in the fund company
    It wants to enter the industry, it is difficult to go after the wrong at first
    1, very regrettable, as if becoming the president’s no fixed journey Similarly, becoming a fund manager does not have a fixed step.
    , but even so, there is still a career plan. This career plan may be your so -called “step”. Your career plan is to be a fund manager. For this reason, we must improve their education (more important, more importantly to improve academic power).
    If of the 45 fund managers of more than ten fund companies investigated by Taihe Consulting, 100%are bachelor’s degree or above, including 73.3%of the master’s degree and 11.1%of doctors and above.
    As for the academic power, it is one of the main points that all walks of life are paying attention to when hiring talents. Jeff Cardon, the president of Vasic, Vasic, Utah, Utah Vasic, said that he was a graduate of the University of Utah, who said that he was applying for. When I arrived at the company, there was only a “bland resume”. However, he had extremely brilliant performance: its fund performance was excellent in the past ten years than the small market value growth fund of 92% -a lot of “more clever cleverness is much more clever “It is difficult for the guys to do this.
    The academic qualifications are important, but an MBA who has just graduated from Harvard Business School may not be favored by fund companies because his qualifications may be shallow, work experience is even more Can’t talk about it.
    The work experience of fund managers in the fund or investment industry is also a very valuable wealth. Generally, fund managers have 6-10 years of securities or investment experience.
    2. As for the course, the important job of fund managers is to analyze the financial statements of the enterprise, and find the company’s investment value in the complicated assets, rights, profit, and cash flow data. Around this work, corporate accounting, financial figures, business statistics, and company finance Management is a basic course.
    The main course in the financial industry is also the foundation. Monetary banking, financial markets and financial institutions, international finance, securities investment analysis, financial law, corporate finance, financial derivative products, etc. You must also master.
    From this point of view, you already know the courses that should be involved in the industry. It can be said that related courses are mostly involved. Moreover, other courses are even more involved, for example, you invest in communication and communication Plates, such as Datang Telecom and China Unicom, require basic communication knowledge, such as 3G, TD-SCDMA, and CDMA2000 technology. Companies investing in biological constraints must understand some biological knowledge. Of course, the key points It should be placed on the knowledge of financial curriculum.
    3, certificate:
    It simply say: I should have the securities industry qualification certificate (specifically “strong analysis ability, sufficient knowledge and experience, network resources, network resources It can’t be bad (ah, it can be done in line with these conditions), the personality is noble and responsible (o your own ideas, it depends on what kind of fund manager you do). The closed industry can be said to be difficult to enter the industry. There are not too many public recruitment opportunities (analysts may still be). Basically, fund managers start with analysts. You can go to the domestic and foreign fund company webpages to see Look at the relevant requirements.
    Why do fund managers always change jobs
    since the bull market began last year, the fund practitioners have stepped into the wealthy people step by step. At the end of 2006, the fund generally sent a huge red envelope to the backbone employees, but the talent of talents, but the talents are The shortage situation makes it difficult for the fund manager to maintain loyalty.
    In the Spring Festival, careful investors will discover in the three major securities newspapers, and the recruitment advertisements of fund companies and securities companies will appear one after another. The increase in scale In addition, the fund company
    has felt the desire for researchers at any time. If you are a researcher at a brokerage firm, your annual income is hundreds of thousands of yuan, but once it is dug by a fund company as a fund manager, the annual salary may easily exceed one million yuan.
    The net asset value of the stock direction of the stock direction was 735.37 billion yuan, which was almost tripled from 2005. They have enough management fees to provide support for attracting talents.
    2007 years ago, nearly 50 funds have changed the manager, and every news of departure and job change can make the fund holders who heard the news “panic and depression”. (“Beijing Morning News” 3.26)
    Fund managers must take slowly
    “Getting Started” Conditional Fund Manager (Assistant) Participate in the Fund Manager to meet the following conditions:
    Carians to educate the background or above of college;
    R n has a work experience of engaging in securities investment or related work for more than 3 years;
    The qualifications for fund practitioners;
    has never received any punishment from competent authorities, industry associations, and units where they are located;
    With a clear investment concept and operating style, familiar with the operating characteristics of the securities market;
    The spirit of good psychological quality and the spirit of daring to work hard and aggressive. R n has worked for more than 1 year in the company and has been engaged in related tasks such as research, financial engineering, investment, and transaction.
    The law does not require the conditions of the fund manager assistant. For example, if your college is excellent in other aspects, it is also possible
    It simply saying ~ everything is smooth ~
    Securities Qualification Certificate (5 of the 5 of them get one certificate and 5 books and 5 are admitted to the four certificates of securities basic knowledge other 4 books are a certificate)
    3 years in the securities company ~ and then take a fund to take a fund again The qualification certificate ~ go to the fund for 3 years ~ You are qualified to go to the assistant fund manager assistant
    . If your performance is good for 3 consecutive years to help the fund manager profit, then you can go to the fund management company (usually banks Trust is established) to apply for the real fund manager
    m or you have 300 million ~ together with the other (at least one with more than 300 million) partnerships to apply to the securities industry association Become a fund manager.
    Reviews -Choose it yourself.
    The first step, read the laws, regulations, regulations and policy documents of the fund;
    Step 2, use the rules, processes, points, etc. of the fund’s practical operation;
    The third step, make funds for marketing, signing, trading, customer service, and so on.
    In short, the most effective indirect experience the most effective direct experience.
    It, take a look at the writings written.
    In general, it should be a researcher, a doctor, at least a master’s degree. The income depends on the performance of the funds he is responsible for. In the industry, researchers and assistants can finally become fund managers.
    It seems to be a fund manager, but it is not so easy. If you decide, you will be persistent if you decide to enter the industry. Maybe you will become the next obvious fund manager who is supported by thousands of foundations. Come on!
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    Team out

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