In 2022, the China Fund Industry Development Forum was held in Shanghai. What are the information worthy of attention?

5 thoughts on “In 2022, the China Fund Industry Development Forum was held in Shanghai. What are the information worthy of attention?”

  1. The first is to improve the policy guidance environment and provide regulatory framework and guidelines for expanding investment in sustainable development. The realization of the Age of Sustainable Development in 2030 is inseparable from the cooperation and participation of the country, industry and industries, including public and private sectors. It is expected that more investors, policy makers and beneficiaries will participate in promoting China’s sustainable development investment. Of course, in sustainable development, not only pursue economic benefits, but also strive to achieve social value.
    Ip is to innovate the development of the fund industry. On the one hand, the strength of institutional investors has been strengthened. On the other hand, through public fundraising, it has played a role in improving the governance structure of listed companies. Provide a good platform for people in the fund industry to discuss the development of the future industry and plan the product innovation of the Chinese fund industry in the new era. There are many stories behind each product of innovation, and they have paid a lot of effort and sweat. More importantly, it reflects the professional ability of the fund company and the innovation spirit of the fund company.
    It is that the supervision is weak, and the project withdraws is not many. As far as the situation is concerned, the laws and regulations of my country’s private equity fund industry are constantly improving, which has led to many private equity companies in private equity industries when they carry out business many violations. Stress is not enough to cause these things. If market investors and the masses find problems in a timely manner, regulatory authorities will stop these illegal discipline in time, investors will decrease, and the market atmosphere will be more clean.
    It what is to know is the accelerated growth of investment, and the future development space is expected. Product innovation may be the key to standing out in industry competition. The pilot work of the public fund investment consultant was officially launched. The full power commission mode is conducive to differentiation layout. Public fund equity product research and allocation capabilities are the leading capabilities. The new investment consultant model needs to improve its professionalism. Bank wealth management subsidiaries will compete in the large asset management market, and it is expected to form fierce competition with public funds in the future.

  2. The guests from the regulatory authorities, public offering, banking, insurance, securities firms and other institutions, as well as guests from the people’s government of Shanghai Hongkou District, Shanghai, gathered together to discuss the new pattern of the development of China’s asset management industry. Mission and opportunities in the fund industry. As of July this year, the scale of asset management of Chinese public fund -raising funds reached 27 trillion yuan, the products exceeded 10,000, the scale of private equity management assets was close to 20 trillion yuan, and the total management scale of public and private equity was close to 5.5 trillion yuan. The A -share market has a strong right to speak.

  3. In 2022, the China Fund Industry Development Forum was held in Shanghai. There are many focus of attention. The most important thing is the classification of forum topics and content.

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