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  1. In the usual life or work and study, we often have some ideas for some things or people, so that we can write a word to record it. Many people have a headache how to write a wonderful speech. Below is the gratitude of the retirement of the group for everyone, for reference only, welcome everyone to read.
    The words of gratitude to the word retirement group 1 because of personal emotions, it blocked a cluster of a long month. The system prompts the message: “You are disqualified from the group management.”
    The first thought was that this identity was really a furnishings for me, because I really never did my responsibility of management. Even if I immediately received the news from newcomers, I never clicked on “Agree”. Intersection
    The subconsciousness seems to have nothing to do with me, let alone “clearing” some long -term diving group members like other management.
    In think about it now. Exit should be the best choice. It may be because everyone is an acquaintance, so I gave me my face and never moved me out of the group.
    Here; thanks to the owner of a group, thank you for canceling my management qualifications, thank you for not moving me out of the group, thank you for giving me the opportunity to let me choose to withdraw.
    In I wish you the size of the group is getting larger and larger, all activities are smooth and successful!
    This group of words of gratitude words 2 I retired almost all groups, the reason? I don’t think it is necessary, why? I think there is no relationship, as for? I think no matter where it is, the feeling is gone, but it is gone
    has been used. I was played. As a result, I know that nothing is important. What is important is whether you go away according to their trap. I do n’t know if these people ’s thoughts. The reason for leaving, they don’t need to know, this is just my own choice, isn’t it? It’s time to leave, and touch your conscience.
    The hard work alone is useless. No one cooperates with the team. Such a team will never succeed. I didn’t treat such a collective as a team, because he was not a team, but he had no taste of home. The cold dialogue here, then he has no value, so the so -called home is just the case. Five years ago, it was still ridiculous!
    I retired, cleaning, all of which are friendship. One place where I do n’t have to worry about running to operate. of. I like this, I hope …
    20xx I made the first decision. I think I am very worth it. At least we are still there, at least we still have tacit understanding. I advise some people to remember everything you do, because when you really lose in the future, you will find that the original one will be the best …

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