Fund plummeting young people can not be cut off. Do most people buy the fund really understand or follow the trend?

4 thoughts on “Fund plummeting young people can not be cut off. Do most people buy the fund really understand or follow the trend?”

  1. Most people who buy funds follow the trend, because people who really know how to invest in buying stocks. Let me engage in the psychology of many people buying funds. On Monday, I opened Alipay at 9:30 in the morning to see the situation of the broader market. Oh! Gao Kai, yes. Then go to the fund exchange group to discuss. I took a look at it at ten o’clock, good guy, go high and walk, let me play this, it will definitely call back in the afternoon. At 2:30 in the afternoon, I watched my God. All the valuations of my choice of funds plummeted. I want to refund the money! In fact, this is the idea of ​​many people in recent days. The plunge has caused many people to be dizzy. The benefits of many people have shifted from positive, and they can’t see it. Today is another day. Some people start to cut the meat and run away, and they can indeed understand that they have fallen more than ten points. Who can accept this? We come to invest in funds to make money, not here to lose money.
    In from this period, many people do not understand the fund. They did not make their own investment and financial planning planning, but they heard that the fund made money and the heat was high, so they swarmed in. In the end, I left the scene after losing more than ten points, and I didn’t do it. Today, liquor pharmaceutical stocks have plummeted. I didn’t worry about it, and I even added a position. Although I don’t understand it very much, I can only be cut off in this festival, so I decided to stay, unless I lost to forty points, I would consider cutting the meat to leave the field.
    The investment funds are completely copied. Pay attention to the big V of those investment funds on the Internet, and then listen to their opinions. Following their operations, some big V prompts to combine their own situation. But some people who buy funds are impulsive, and often do the shuttle things, and in the end they will only make them lose more. The fund is a long -term investment, and the shock in the short term is normal. It is necessary to consider how many principal you have, to build a scientific and reasonable warehouse and add positions. Instead of copying homework without brains, it can be speculated that many people do not understand the fund.

  2. I think most people just follow the trend, not particularly understanding. I am, I buy a fund to see others buying and making money, so I try it. I do n’t know the fund very well.

  3. Follow the trend. Because in life, many people have no concept of financial management, and they lack the foundation of financial management, so most people follow the trend.

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