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What is the reason why the catering business is getting worse and why the business is poor. – europuppyblog

What is the reason why the catering business is getting worse and why the business is poor.

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  1. When it comes to increasingly worse the business of catering, everyone knows what to do if some people ask the hotel business to get worse. In addition, some people want to ask why the catering business has begun to be bad? Do you know what’s going on? In fact, why many restaurants have just started business and soon closed down, what … Let’s take a look at the poor business of the catering industry. Hope to help everyone!
    What is the reason why the catering business is worse and worse
    The is reluctant to cost too much huge profits
    Why many restaurants have just begun the business is good and soon closed. What is the reason?
    . The reason why the business is good at opening is the poor business in March each year.
    1. The newly opened store, the big fan of the decoration period, attracts the attention of people, seized the psychological psychology of people’s early adopters
    2. New opening generally does some promotion and publicity. Dishes, free trials, discounts, full delivery, etc. Has grasping people’s consumption psychology, and customers are naturally profitable.
    3. The owner of the newly opened store should have aware of the dishes that run the restaurant around the surrounding restaurants. So you can surprise the victory, launch your own special dishes, and start to attract customers naturally. 2021 Catering business is bleak.
    4. In the early days of the opening of the catering restaurant, because of catching customers’ early adopters, wanting to benefit, adding a big publicity, and understanding of the surrounding competitors, I caught a surprise and attracted a lot of attraction. customer.
    . The reason for closing soon after opening
    1. High cost, difficult to operate in March and April.
    Why do many restaurants at the beginning of the business are very good and soon closed down. What … the biggest pressure of catering now comes from rent, labor, and ordinary shops with good land. Chef’s hire costs are getting higher and higher. Dining business suddenly worse.
    The rise in ingredients has also brought a lot of operating pressure to many restaurants. The overall operating cost is high. Many entrepreneurs alone rely on a cavity of blood. After entering, they can only choose to give up.
    3. Mass competition, management difficulty
    The dining company, no matter what explosive dishes you operate, as long as you have eaten it once, the basically imitations will be “different.” Therefore, the continuous innovation of the dishes can retain customers’ stomach.
    The training in the catering industry is now important, because the waiter’s industry is the industry with the largest traffic volume. Generally, there are no young people who want to engage in this industry for a long time, and they are young and not well managed.
    is very hard to run a restaurant. It seems that it seems as simple as the layman. There are also many entrepreneurs who can’t bear to choose to give up after starting a business. Why do you do n’t do catering for a long time.
    , but the market is changing and the operation method needs to be changed. Under the market where traditional e -commerce and physical stores are difficult to operate, the emergence of new retail has also brought new vitality.
    Couns can build online malls through multiple small programs. Compared with physical stores, small program malls have low production costs and low operating difficulty. It is a very good new way of business.

    The is the increasingly worse and worse reasons for the restaurant business: What should I do if the hotel business is getting worse and worse. First, you have to investigate the bad reason. Why is it not good for diet this year?
    . Is the ground corner you chose? The fundamental reason for the instability of the restaurant is.
    . What is the consumer group of your restaurant? Mainly there are many guests in that class. You have to make your own restaurant.
    . The quality of meals is very important. You must have your own signature dishes and special dishes, so that you can attract more returned guests. Why is the catering business so bad recently?
    . The restaurant is particularly particular about hygiene. Therefore, to create a good dining environment, first pay attention to the health management in the store so that diners can feel that the meals you eat for your restaurant are safer and secure.
    . Price is also more concerned about consumers. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring costs and a certain level of profitability, do not set the price too high. At the same time, it can also guarantee your own interests. The catering business is better one day.
    6. The quality of service. Since the catering industry itself is a kind of service industry in the tertiary industry, the quality of service is particularly critical. In the past, the couplet often posted at the door is: laughs and welcome the Quartet, households, households, households, households, households, households, households, households, households, households, and households Nahaba Cai, of which the “laugh” of Shanghai Union refers to a service attitude of doing business. Of course, it is not possible to meet the guests with a smile. It is necessary to make the service in detail and implement it. Serve consumers.
    7. Food safety, pay attention to the safety of various raw materials and auxiliary materials, can be deceived, but cannot be deceived. This is a conscience. Maybe consumers can not see your raw materials procurement and processing links. You What kind of materials and how to process it, if you only want to charge the secondary, reduce the process and reduce costs, maybe your restaurant cannot achieve sustainable operation, and it becomes a “one hammer to buy and sell”. Why is catering in the off -season in March and April.
    8. You can do publicity and promotion at a necessary time. During the sewing holiday or shop celebration, you can attract more guests by doing publicity or promotion.
    . The new dishes are often allowed to taste more taste and avoid the monotonous of the dishes] and a single situation.
    In short, there are many factors that affect the business of the hotel. I just just cited the common influencing factors. I also need to analyze according to your situation. I hope my answer will be helpful to you.
    The above is the poor business in the catering industry. The relevant content is what to do about the increasingly bad business of hotel business. After watching the catering business is getting worse and worse, I hope this will help everyone!

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