1 thought on “Short -retreating speech The short group of retirement and recommendation recommendation”

  1. 1. I feel that everything is getting farther and farther away from myself. Before being eliminated by you, I deleted the mobile phone number of all of your people, deleted the QQ of all of your people, and exited your group.

    2. I do n’t want to be distracted by an unreasonable concern, and I do n’t want to hurt my self -esteem all over the body because of a goodwill reminder. After leaving, I walked gently. At the time of zero, even if this old day was over, I left, I want to forget you, so please don’t remember me.

    3. Please do not contact me anymore, and don’t worry about me. My way, I will continue, my way, I have always been alone.

    4. I am gone, getting farther and farther away from you, and finally disappearing in your vision, taking away all my blessings and concerns, no longer miss who, no longer care about anyone, no, no, no, no, no Wishes who will not be assured of anyone.

    5. Goodbye, once very important for me.

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