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  1. What is the color dyeing color popular in 2020? A good -looking color is very important. Every beautiful young lady hopes that her hairstyle can be paired with a trendy and fashionable color. Not only can we modify the fluffyness and transparency of the hairstyle, but also the skin tone of our skin. So, the new year is coming. What color is popular in 2020? As a senior hairstyle, the trend of contact is relatively advanced. Here is a few most popular colors in 2020.
    The vanilla brown as the recommended color, full of texture and very fashionable elements.
    The cold color, suitable for all skin tone, versatile hairstyle. Recommended young ladies aged 18 to 35 can be used as the focus of inspection. The shades of the color are also more moderate, and the background color floating up and down five degrees can be. The softened young lady can ignore the presence of the background.
    The most popular air cushion in 2020 must be matched with the most popular color. Honey tea brown is the latest color launched in 2020. This is a very textured and warm warm color hair color, which is very suitable for this year’s warm winter season. The most important thing about this color is the low -key and high -level sense of this color. This kind of big -name color is already a shock, and it will be amazing.
    The black tea color is the color of the king’s color in the second half of 2019. The color of the best appearance rate is loved by the young ladies and sisters, and it is also an excessive color of the new year. Carrying the important role of inheritance, with the most popular styling in 2020, it is also a very Beautiful. In the new year, it can also be used as one of the necessary colors.
    Speaking of popularity, this super white and fairy milk tea color is also an indispensable popular element in 2020. This color can be matched with various hairstyles at will, which is also suitable for various skin tones, which is very lined with the skin tone of the ladies and sisters. It is recommended that young ladies who like popular elements can consider starting, fashion trend, and fairy Fan.
    The texture brown, this color is the threshold color of the popular element in 2020. In other words, a young lady who wants to dye for the first time or try hair dye can consider this color. This color is naturally casual, can be matched with hairstyles at will, and also lined with skin tone. You don’t have to worry about the colors dyed for the first time, which is particularly unacceptable. The effect of the dyed is very healthy and shiny.
    The tea color is very suitable for young ladies, natural, gentle. The color of the color is very low -key and high -level, suitable for the restrained young lady.

    2020 What are the super good -looking popular hair color recommendations?
    The first one, cold tea color
    , as one of the most advanced colors in the cold color system, cold tea colors combine gray -black and ultra -cherished blue. In the sun, the blue tone is enough to appear fashionable. In addition, the effect of her bright color is also great
    lavender ash
    This hair color is the latest sharing of hair color in 2020, and it also follows the trend of 2020 color. The special temperament has a hair color, and the clever fusion of gray and lavender purple can easily stand out in the crowd.
    orange brown
    If the spring and summer of this year, a little bright color can be considered in the popular orange system first. Among them It will not be exaggerated, but also exactly the temperament
    pink purple
    pink hair color in spring and summer is still very eye -catching, but in all pink hair color, pink purple arms are raised, very eye -catching, girl powder and dreams The fusion of purple is indeed even more observed
    blond hair
    The young lady holding a blonde is eye -catching everywhere, but in addition to solid color in 2020, the gradient gold is more and more popular. The fashionable gradient hair color, very eye -catching
    Introduction: The hair color has always been a tangled point of a beautiful girl. After all, there are so many good hair color, but because the skin tone is not suitable, it can only be counterproductive in the end. Both young people and middle -aged and elderly people will dye their hair. I want to make ourselves younger through external dressing. We know that hair dyeing can not only enhance the complexion, but also make ourselves look younger and more fashionable. As a professional hairstyle, use rationality and professionalism The perspective of the 2020 popular hair dyeing trend. I believe that most people have a re -definition of the popular word: many popular elements are a cycle.

    If in our basic aesthetic view, popularity does not necessarily represent suitable for color, and the same is true for colors. It is the key to finding the skin tone suitable for your skin. Intersection So what kind of hair color is the fashion trend? Jun Bo explained from several directions. Let ’s take a look at
    The definition of popular hair color For the public, the definition of popularity is very popular, understanding as popular, and interpretation from the trend of popularity, often with the current trend people Leading has a certain inevitable connection, and the so -called popular hair color is changing rapidly. Whenever a TV series or movie comes out, many trend girls will be attracted by the female lead’s hairstyle and hair color. Various fresh names have been puzzled. I believe everyone is no stranger to the trendy hair color of “grandma gray”, “Arctic Star Green” and “Dirty Orange”

    . For the annual popular hairstyles and hair color, there are always Several surprising people will come back with familiar popularity. What kind of hair color will be popular in 2020? At present, there are two keywords. Cold tone: The point of “cold tone” is -showing white. There is a matching theory about hair color and complexion: “Warm skin tone will show fair and shiny in cold hair color.” For the so -called popular hair color, not everyone is suitable for everyone. Only when we understand our skin tone accurately, can we not step on the thunder. Let’s take a look at our skin tone.
    Is to understand the difference between the difference between warm and cold skin tone and judgment method. In addition to the popularity, we must first consider the complexity of the skin tone to determine what kind of skin color is? We use two test methods to answer.
    The first type: vascular judgment method

    The second type: jewelry judgment method

    We can only choose the hair color after we clearly clarify our skin tone. In a word, we will summarize: cold skin selection warm, warm skin selection cold tone! For our Asian brown, it is versatile.

    In the depth of the hair color according to the hair volume. There is also a difference between the thickness of the color thickness, because the light hair color component is lighter and more highlighting the facial features. Therefore, the small facial features will be relatively more suitable, such as the shallow hair representing Jin Taeyeon. However, most of the time, the lighter hair color will look lighter, lively, soft, and girl. And it is interesting that light hair color appears more visually than the deep hair.

    We we understand the knowledge corresponding to different skin tones. I believe that everyone can easily grasp the test method. For people of different people and people of different ages If you are a trendy girl with youthful vitality, in order to show your own personality, we can choose some to express ourselves through the color of bleaching.

    If you are a professional white -collar worker, because of the nature of the work, we can choose some of the hair color to match. In short, the so -called popularity must be interpreted according to its own situation. Let’s take a look at the popular hair color this year, and everyone can get a seat according to their skin tone.

    1 versatile but timeless hair brown
    has always been one of the popular hair color, And no controversy. The versatile and high applicability. The fog brown hair color is sweet to listen to the name. Among them, people with warm color skin color are even more beautiful! This hair color is really shiny in the sun, this hair color can make you instantly become very fashionable and cut -off!
    For us Asians, brown is a safe card with a universal yellow skin. Compared with ordinary red and purple hair colors, a gray -tone mocha color will make the skin appear more. Transparent, whitening is like a beauty filter! Not exaggerated and more foreign than black, and it will look good, the soft feeling is very cute, the “chop male color” in the hair industry and various makeup and style of dressing are also high. Royal, salt or sweet, quite versatile!
    2 Fashionable and durable hair color honey tea brown

    The dense tea color combines brown, gold and red, compared to various high -profile hair colors. Its color will be more natural, orange -tone color, very vibrant, and a good helper to enhance the complexion. Throughout the year, the satisfactory black -haired girl is better to try honey tea brown, not afraid of stepping on the thunder, let you instantly distinguish between passers -by!
    The peach brown is a very non -skin color, and the cold and warm skin can be easily controlled. And the color is close to our pupils, so it will be very suitable for dyeing. The contrast between Zhang Ye’s black hair and peach brown, obviously the latter makes her look younger and more energetic.
    3 Low -key texture Recommended black tea color

    Speaking of black tea color, I believe that many girls are no stranger, and it has been very fashionable since 2018. By 2020, the black tea color is still very popular and popular! Many young women like black tea hair. They are very durable whether they are paired with short hair long hair or straight hair curly hair, especially with a long curly hair. They look really beautiful and atmospheric, and they are not too exaggerated.
    For people who are not good or not dyed because of the nature of the work, we choose the black tea color, because this black tea color is tuned from brown, so there will be some brown brown brown With the black tone, it will not be too beautiful, nor a very public hair color, and it will not look old -fashioned. It can be said You can easily control it.
    4 trendy versatile cold blue black

    blue tone hair color began in 2019, but the pure blue hair color is too exaggerated, so You can choose blue and black ~ In 2020, the popular blue and black hair color, it looks really restrained and cold and dreamy. This hair color looks very two -dimensional. Too exaggerated! Whether it is short or long hair, you can try blue and black. This hair color will look particularly beautiful even after fading.
    5 Trendy white hair color Recommended linen blue gray

    Sl linen green gray has always been one of the more popular hair colors. If you want to change a little bit, then green linen Gray, the premise is that the skin color should be white. If this hair color will look very decaying, it can still be used to make makeup to set off the linen ash!
    Slin blue gray is a gray line in linen color. For the brown hair color, the color loss is more serious. It will be disappeared for about two weeks to a month of linen gray tone, and the linen remains basically unchanged! If you like the color of the blue and gray system, it is recommended that you still experience it, because it is too white
    6 high -grade hair color recommended linen blue brown

    It is a high -level hair color. The most important thing is that without drifting, you can directly color the white linen, blue brown is the combination of two colors of gray and green. There are both linen softness, as well as gray and green high -cold texture. It can be said that fish and bear’s paws fade slowly. The most important texture will not fade into small yellow hair, and it is particularly temperament.
    The skin color: girl with yellow skin is dark and normal, and the girl with white skin tone and white complexion will definitely make you white several degrees. It is suitable for style: high cold, fashionable, temperament, and the above skin tone are very suitable, which will make the whole more even more more more than the whole. Miss who is full of high -level like cold colors and does not want to drift here, or you can refer to a green brown is green and cold linen, which is not so cold and neutral. It will not be too exaggerated, it belongs to the durable hair color, nor is it very popular.
    This trendy hair color is recommended for dirty orange

    dirty orange is divided into two styles, one is dark orange that does not require bleaching, and the other is to drift. The light orange color, maybe many little fairy thinks that this color is too exaggerated, and should be more skinny. In fact, this warm orange color is white, and the yellow skin and orange honey of Asians are very good, so if it is very good, if you If you want this hair color, it is recommended to try it.

    S dirty orange color is also divided into dark and light colors, more red tones and orange tones. Relatively speaking, not so picky. However, the light and dirty orange with more orange tone is high, and the lightness and saturation are high, and it is a disaster for yellow skin. Light dirty orange needs to be drifted. If you want to try dirty orange and do not want to drift, you can choose the dark orange color of brown -tone. Add more orange and more lively, but pay attention, you must make makeup, if you are usually used to plain face, you still choose the brown feeling is more secure.

    Conclusion: No matter what hair color is popular in 2020, our most important point is to understand your skin tone. If your skin is fair, then congratulations can be matched at will, and for yellow skin In terms of choosing hair color, there is a small skill that try not to dye too light hair color. The lighter hair color will make the yellow skin look more spiritual, and the hair color of brown is close to your skin color. It is white, and it is more harmonious to yellow skin.
    The New Year’s Eve will be in less than a month! All fairy color in 2020! Be the most beautiful fairy in the new year!
    shallow gold orange
    visually give people a lively and pure feeling, which can set off the skin white
    The medium and long hair of the model is white
    chocolate color
    is suitable for a suitable hair color in the four seasons. The skin can hold the luster and look good, and it is also a color that is versatile that will not make mistakes
    reddish brown
    is suitable for girls with darker skin tone. Good
    Deep grape purple
    is unique and not rotten. After coloring, it will vaguely emit purple luster and looming. White, low -key but very high -level feeling, than black hair
    Mocha brown
    It the dark brown system if the skin is dark yellow. Although the color is natural, it will not be monotonous
    N bitter linen is high -cold and exquisite, more suitable for cold white skin, but the requirements for makeup and clothing will be higher
    aka linen ash
    . Although the color is not particularly light People are more agile and lively
    honey tea color
    many cute girls like this color. After dyeing, it feels super sweet, well -behaved and immortal
    cool! The strong sense of air is also very layered. Black tea, pencil ash, linen brown, cyan ash blue, chocolate, thin vine, maroon, stuffy green, gray purple
    white: light color removal pink is white (yellow black skin must be carefully selected pink Except for makeup)
    It the fading: as long as it is a tide color system, it is basically a tide color system that needs to be faded
    long hair friendly color system: brown
    Short hair friendly color system: gray (super goddess! ) Black tea (white and very young girl)
    A related issues related to drift
    It if the hair quality is not good, do not drift. I have been raised for a long time to drift again for a long time.
    It hair drifting hair is best not to use curly hair rods.
    Stin -dyeing follow -up care fixing color:
    The hairy rate of hair is 5 times that of ordinary hair. Do not ignore care. The goat milk in Queen Mi was specifically repaired for dyeing and hot. I have never been flickered through the card for so many years in and out of the barber shop. I have no split hair so far with its shampooing.
    The choice of two choices of conditioner and hair mask
    Prepass normally, the hair care must be used every time I washed my hair, and the hair mask once a week. For hair mask and silk protein repair power, it is equivalent to giving the essence on the scalp. Basically, the hair will not be tied when the hair is used. Once a week, you do n’t need to use the conditioner
    When washing your hair, you can mix the shampoo and the hair mask 1: 1, then rub the bubbles and massage your hair. Do not rub it with a towel when rubbing.
    A haircut essential oil
    Choose a repair -type essential oil like Morocco and grab the hair ends and hair. Grab it when wet hair can reduce the damage caused by the hair dryer. Static electrostatic and frizzy, don’t blow it completely, let the hair absorb water by yourself, and finally spray the nutritional water of the Schwarn blue bottle!
    The principle of complementary color and complement of the color:
    The cold skin selection
    This leather selection of cold tone
    n The principles of light and fat, dark and thin are also applicable on the hair:
    The choice of dark colors
    The choice of light color system
    I am still afraid that Teacher Tony can’t dye the color you want? 2020 must be beautiful from the “head”.
    The most popular colors in 2020, super white, age -reducing, no longer beautiful will be celebrated!

    1. Cold gold tea color
    2. Ink blue
    3. Linen color
    4. Small blue color
    5. Hazel chocolate
    does not know what color of hair should be dyed!
    The sorted some beautiful and white brown hair color!
    It still wants to dye in spring, warm and temperament, and ten years old, full of first love!
    Chocolate brown (Figure 2)
    milk tea brown (Figure 3)
    black tea brown (Figure 4)
    pink brown (Figure 5)
    Manchard rice rice (Figure 7)
    This hair care
    oil control shampoo (queen of Mi) n This shampoo is fluffy oil control, which is very suitable for dyeing girls. After trying the hair, the hair is not dry, it is quite smooth, the hair does become more air, and it seems that the amount of hair is significantly more ~ ​​
    After dyeing, it will become more fragile than before, so it is better to take care of it. The texture of this hair mask is similar to moisturizing milk, a faint fragrance, and is used as a conditioner. It is smooth and smooth after blowing. The hair will be more moisturizing and not so frizzy.r
    Ocean Well Care oil
    This oil is a brand of Deguo. Pregnant women can also use it with confidence. Refreshing, not greasy, wipe on the hair, the hair becomes smoother, but the small expensive
    negative ion hair dryer
    because of the face value into a hair dryer, not only the face value, but also full of strength. There are 20 million negative ions, and the hair will not dry and astringent after blowing. It turned out that the right hair dryer can also improve hair quality!
    This is bright in spring, and birds are full of vitality!
    What color is popular in 2020? Just the main color version of the next year comes out. Let ’s take a look at
    . Recently, I was bored at home. The elf hair color, all the fairy can be supported!

    If feel that the brown hair color is too monotonous and ordinary, let’s see if these hair colors have you like.

    silver gray:
    The hair color of daily points. Although it is not daily, as long as you dare to dye a hair color, and then draw a delicate makeup, even if you walk in Sanlitun, Beijing, you can also Will win the return rate.

    Silver pink:
    The unicorn hair color of the super immortal. In winter, it may look a bit cold. Summer dyeing is a pretty girl everywhere, just like the beautiful girl from the comic.

    Pink purple:
    The newer color number is relatively new. I want to dye pink and afraid that the girl’s paper can be dyed with this. It is really a fairy.

    Dark blue:
    The hair color of a slight conservative point, does not pick the skin color, the indoor view is a faint blue, the outdoor is brighter blue, but the salt or sweet!

    Ne King Red:
    The really who is dyed! The indoor is like a deep wine red, and the outdoor is brighter red. Anyway, no matter what light is, it looks good!

    Thisy color:
    The color of the little devil, super white, even black and yellow skin will not be black, this red is more biased towards the berry plum color, except for red clothes, it is easy to use Essence

    This tea brown:
    The new hair color of autumn and winter, whether it is straight hair curly hair or black skin and white skin, dyed is a gentle and gentle young lady.

    hair care skills
    1. Select more mild and skinny shampoos, such as shampoo containing goat milk, strong cleaning power can also protect the scalp.
    2. Do not rub your hair thickly when rubbing your hair. It is easy to damage the hair scales of the hair. You should use a towel to press the water and dry it, and then let it dry naturally.
    3. A moderate amount of exercise and exercise can increase the elasticity of the hair and reduce the generation of dandruff.
    4. Properly massage the scalp to make the capillaries on the scalp expand into thicker, blood circulation is strong, and the hair is metabolized faster.
    5. For sisters who want to keep their bodies and make their hair shine, they can eat high -quality and low -energy protein such as yogurt, protein, fish, shrimp and other high -quality proteins.

    This hair care
    1. The queen of Mi Queen is shampoo
    The big green bottle produced by rods contains good hair such as goat milk, He Shouwu, etc. The repair ability of the hair is relatively strong, the hair is very fluffy, smooth, and it will not knot at all.
    . Queen Mi Hair Mask
    In shampoo, a faint flower fragrance, every time it is used with shampoo, the hair can not be tied the next day. Go down.
    3. Robin sea salt scalp clean cream
    In the lid is a paste -like texture, mixed with a large sea salt, fragrant, each time the foam net is used to make a foam and wipe it on the scalp, Can clean the scalp deeply.
    4. Oceanwell care oil
    This is more niche in Germany, a faint flower fragrance, and it will be ginger flavor. Although it is oil, it is not sticky at all. , Reduce the hair split.
    5. Panasonic hair dryer
    This can be used with Dyson hair dryer. You can use this. It has a negative ion function. It is smooth without combing hair after blowing.

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