How to quickly integrate into colleagues in the workplace?

I just found a job after graduating from college. How should I quickly integrate into my colleagues as a small white?

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  1. Find the best fit point to integrate into the work

    The job after graduating from university. As a workplace, although there is no lack of theoretical and knowledge, it really needs more practical baptism and exercise. So, how can Xiaobai quickly integrate into colleagues after graduation?
    The first, politeness.
    If want to quickly integrate into the colleagues around you, you must first show an open -minded side. Treating colleagues is very respectful. In the office, what you can do with your strength must be rushed to do it. For example: half an hour earlier every morning and noon than others, and then carefully sweep the floor, mop the floor, wipe the table, open the water dispenser, try to treat each item in the office, try to treat the family Treat every colleague.
    second, enthusiastic and wink.
    It work, be eye -catching. For example, the office should change the barrel water, and to take the initiative to take the initiative to complete the relevant replacement characters. Regarding the sanitary cleaning in the office, regardless of whether the person in charge of the office is arranged, it is necessary to actively grab it to do it. Only in this way can we leave a good impression on everyone.
    Is to meet large -scale inspection work, we must actively apply for urgent and dangerous work, and strive to do every task of the unit and company arrangement arrangement. Evaluation and appreciation.
    third, active.
    In independent thinking is the bud of creativity! At work, you ca n’t wait for your own, as long as you can do what you do or have basic experience, you must take the initiative to try to complete independence. From the perspective of the entire company or unit, to examine the development of every activity in the work, work hard to complete, and strive for a large and better response.

  2. As a newcomer, first learn to ask more. You have to do a good relationship with your predecessors and understand some of the interpersonal relationships in the company so that you can work in the future.

  3. Remember the names of colleagues in a short period of time, call out their name when meeting, and their impression of themselves will also increase. When going out for dinner, you can ask colleagues if he should help with it. Try to help as much as possible.

  4. To lower your posture, colleagues have difficulty in time to help in time; understand politeness, and usually collect more topics that everyone is interested in before you can join their circle.

  5. I remember that I had just entered the workplace, and I really lived an aggrieved day. At the beginning, the small command of my colleagues basically came to lingering. His affinity, as much as possible with colleagues!

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