How to chat and find topics? Are there any skills?

Sometimes I feel very stuffy. I am boring to talk and always talk to the topic to speak. I feel embarrassed. Is there a way to change this situation and make myself active exterior?

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  1. Choose a safety topic chat.
    Is when facing strangers, you want to talk happily, chatting and finding topics can start with a topic of safety, that is, the topic of relaxation, respect, and life, so that the other party can talk and want to chat.
    Chat chat can also find people familiar to everyone, such as talking about exercise, work, talking about diet, talking about life pressure, etc., and even a certain social phenomenon, talk about someone’s opinion.

  2. Essence Start from the other party’s knowledge, such as the other party’s hobbies. Only by understanding the hobbies of the other party first can we find the topic further. 2. You can ask some open questions for the other party to answer. The questioning skills are: to ask the open question. For example: Don’t ask “what are you”. Such questions often enter a state of silence when others answered or not in the future. So ask: “What do you think”, such a question, when the other party can express his own opinions, you can say something, and you can also know the other party’s view of something, so as to find your sense of common sense Topics of interest. 3. Properly reveal your interests and preferences. You want to chat with others, and at the same time, others will talk to the topic you like, so you can say what you like appropriately. In this case, while you are looking for the topic, others will cooperate with you, and you will also find you like you like it. The topic of communicating with you.

  3. From those who can be, where to be the beginning of the topic, and then try to find topics that are interested in both parties, such as football! Movies! Wait! With a smile, give people a feeling of affinity, so The conversation between you will be very pleasant. Before the conversation, you must observe the situation of the conversation objects. Try to guess, such as age, occupation, etc.! At the time of grasping, when you have the desire to talk, the topic is better to find. One book and a pen can lead the topic. You also have to observe the desire to talk about the other party.

  4. This is related to personal hobbies. If your hobbies can be widespread, pay more attention to media news, etc. The topic of chatting with it may be more. Such as gatherings, K songs, etc., gradually cultivate your social ability. It may be a bit difficult at first, just start with your friends around you.

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